Give Me Your Milk
by Lana

Nursing my lover had always been a fantasy of mine since adolescence. Unfortunately, when I married and had children, I discovered to my dismay  that my husband had no interest in my bountiful milk. Several years later, when my youngest child was 5, my husband and I divorced. I dated several men, but no one held my interest until Bill came along. One night we found ourselves discussing various "fetishes," if you will, and I shyly mentioned my longing to be suckled. His widened eyes and his bulging jeans left no doubt as to his thoughts on the matter!!! Even though I had stopped nursing 4 years ago, I knew I could still express a single drop on demand. I had done this every so often through the years, just out of curiosity I guess; that and the pleasure of seeing my body still able to respond. When I told him of my ability, he eagerly began relating information on relactating that he had read from your site. With the two of us giggling like little kids in a candy store, we immediately began plotting how to bring my milk back in full force.

Though he had originally decided to keep his apartment till things got more definite, we decided that with the nursing commitment it would be necessary for him to move in  with me. Since we both had somewhat flexible work hours, we set up a schedule as follows: each session would entail 15 minutes of sucking at each breast.... not a lot possibly to some... but that was all that I had nursed my children for, and my milk had been quite copious. We figured the 15 minutes each would be good to start... if more was necessary, we would add on as time went by. We then broke the day down by nursing sessions... he would take the early morning "feeding," in addition to his lunch break, suppertime, bedtime and a middle of the night session. I would pump on my mid morning break. Luckily we both worked close enough to my apartment that the trip home on breaks was feasible.

To my amazement, after only 4 days of this schedule, large drops  began to appear at my nipples whenever they were stimulated. We were so excited to say the least!!! This was all the encouragement Bill needed! His enthusiasm for my breasts, which had already been in high gear, took off in overdrive!   The quick response of my breasts had me thinking this would be a piece of cake, but by the end of week two, when it seemed the quantity of the drops was lower, not higher, I was getting pretty discouraged. The color had changed somewhat  to a creamy white from the original yellowish hue, but other than that not much seemed to be different.

Then came the turning point!!! Though we discussed nursing several times a day, (in fact sometimes it seemed like all we wanted to talk about!!) we had never really discussed it as he stimulated my nipples. One evening as I lay on my side, with his lips occasionally caressing my nipples  as we spoke, he started to really get into telling me about how he felt when I suckled him, both physically and mentally. He described (in between sucking! ) the closeness he felt, as well as the erotic impulses that it awakened in him. I began to become more and more aroused, and seeing so he started to coax me.  "Yes that's it... fill my mouth," As he urged, "yes... give me your milk" my breasts started to ache with a long forgotten sensation, and I felt my milk ducts open up and my milk let down for him. My moan of pleasure must have been heard a block away, only equaled by his moan of delight as my milk gushed into his mouth for the first time. His greedy sucking and smacking were then the only sounds for the next few minutes, as he drained the small yet oh so satisfying portion from my breasts.

That was the start of many delightful nursing experiences that we two have shared. My milk is now as abundant as in the old days, and each morning as I awaken, my full aching breasts remind me of their need for him. He loves for me to offer my breast to him... supporting its creamy heaviness in one hand as my other hand guides his head to me. I watch as his eager tongue prods my large nipples, teasing them till they begin to leak. If he's not quick enough, he often gets sprayed in the face as he tries to latch on!! (sometimes I think he's slow on purpose!!) When his mouth finally clamps down and begins to suck in earnest, the warm sweet milk flows so quickly it often trickles out the side of his mouth as he gulps and swallows, trying to keep up. As his hungry mouth draws on my furiously squirting nipples, my pleasure is exquisite beyond belief, and the feelings of release and contentment are unsurpassed.

Being a nursing couple has bonded us in ways we could never have dreamed of previously. It is often just a peaceful relaxing time for the two of us, often an intense time of deep emotions, and often an erotic passionate prelude to making love.  And to this day... to his immense pleasure... his whisper of "give me your milk" triggers an immediate uncontrollable let down response in me, soaking my nursing bra regardless of where we are.





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