New Arrivals! 
by Summer


So, what’s happened since I was last in touch?  Well – I’m certainly not fat anymore!  I am back to my normal shape.  But I sure am still ripe and lush?

I have just been measured for nursing bras (as I couldn’t find any to fit me anywhere!) and they rated me as – wait for it – 48KK.  Woweeeeeeeeeeee!  Mark’s in heaven – and that’s official!

I can guarantee that you have never seen anything like them.  I am back to being really slender but my tits are truly huge (as you know, they have always been large) but nothing compared to this.  Absolutely nothing fits anymore – all my shirts and cardigans just do up making them look even bigger.  My tits (which are always full and hard as footballs) come around a corner at least 5 minutes before the rest of me!  They just stick out all the time but as I am always feeding someone – be it the girls, Mark, Gary, Shelley (remember – my radiographer lover) or Merry (yes, she still comes for a feed once or twice a week) – it is really not a problem.  I just love it!  What a tit slut I am!

My two little angels – Hope and Faith – made their appearance on November 10th. It all happened rather unexpectedly as they weren’t actually due until the end of November.  I awoke on the morning of the 10th feeling slightly uncomfortable and mentioned this to Mark.  He was just settling in for his usual 8am suckling and fucking before going to work. After watching me wince my way through the feed and fuck session, he decided to stay at home that day and did the school run for me.

By the time Mark returned, I knew I was in early labour with the girls and told him so.  We decided (well, he decided!) to not call the hospital yet but to manage the situation at home.  He led me back to the bedroom, stripped me off naked and laid me on our bed.

Mark then proceeded to fuck me senseless for the next three hours (remember how I loved being fucked during the labour of my youngest - now almost 8 years ago?).  He rode me hard during the contractions and suckled constantly at my swollen, milk-filled breasts!

We were so engrossed in our intense lovemaking that before we knew it my waters broke!  I then stopped him fucking me in my pussy because of the risk of infection.  So, totally undaunted, he just turned me over onto all fours (like a dog) and with my enormous baby filled belly and enormous, milk-dripping tits hanging down and my ass sticking up, proceeded to fuck me in that instead!

After a couple more hours, I said that I thought I could feel the babies moving down.  So, Mark pushed his hand up inside my cum-filled pussy and feeling around agreed that he could indeed feel a head.  How awesome is that!

I began to squat on the floor (which felt natural to me, whilst holding onto the side of the bed) and, with Mark’s patent encouragement, started to push hard and eventually out plopped the first baby (at 3.12pm) – we named her Hope.  After a bit of a rest, I again started to push in the same squatting position and after a few more minutes out plopped baby number two (at 3.32pm) – Faith! 

Mark cut the cords and whilst he cleaned up our two beautiful, perfect little girls - I again squatted and pushed out the afterbirth (yuk - very messy!) and left it on the floor!

By now I was absolutely exhausted.  Remember, I had been fucked and suckled for the best part of six hours and had now given birth to two babies at the grand old age of almost 48!  I rolled onto the bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

When I awoke, both babies were at my breasts and the midwife was cleaning me up down there (Mark had finally decided to call her!).  She had already cleaned and checked the babies.  She pronounced us all well and healthy and informed us that the babies were 6lb 4oz and 6lb 1oz respectively – very healthy weights indeed for twins, and early ones at that!

She said that as we obviously needed no further help (both babies had already latched on and were feeding at my truly huge tits) she would be on her way and wished us all the luck in the world.

Before leaving, however, she mentioned that she had never seen such a relaxed and happy new mother of twins (especially given my advanced age!) and would now recommend sex during early labour to all her ante-natal classes!  She had obviously also cleaned up all the dried cum on the inside of my legs!

After she left, Mark then began filming the girls’ first ever  breast-feed at my humungous, stretched, tight, full, enormous-nippled, dripping, milk-filled tits.  And whilst he was filming, I could see his growing erection through his thin tracksuit trousers.  I had never breast-fed my two sons – only Mark – but I could see the effect it was having on him!  And I knew that it would not be long before my body would again be subjected to his very tangible sexual desires!

And, sure enough, that very night (even though I was exhausted and still bleeding copiously from the births!) Mark fucked me hard in my pussy.  He told me of his desire to see me fat and pregnant and swollen once more – all the while the talk was getting him more and more aroused and he fucked me again and again!

And since then, he has been fucking me constantly (often whilst the girls are tandem feeding at my humungous breasts) in the hope that his seed will plant another baby (or even two!) in my fertile womb and get me “with child” again.  It is all he talks about, all he dreams of, all he wants!

The other thing Mark absolutely adores is to see me feeding the girls out in public.  At every opportunity at weekends, he has us out and about at feeding time.  When the girls start wailing, he insists that I sit on the nearest park/town/street bench to feed them.

I then have to get out both my truly humungous breasts (from the 48KK nursing bras that I am now wearing – my breasts are just too heavy not to wear them now!) and feed the girls whenever and wherever in full view of everyone walking past!

My breasts really are huge, bigger than anything you can ever imagine or have ever seen and both of them out at once is just mind-blowing!  Sometimes, people just stand and stare – even women!   They are so mesmerised that they can’t even walk past!

Mark gets a really obvious, hard, erection when this happens and when we get home he will take me hard and fast on the stairs immediately!

As we all know, Mark has always loved my tits.  And he truly does love other people sharing them too - again as we all know!  So, I now regularly breast-feed my two little darlings, Hope and Faith (daily), Mark (also daily of course), Gary (a couple of times a week), Shelley (a couple of times a week) and Meredith – whenever.  These tits of mine sure do see some action guys!

As we all know, Mark is desperate to get my belly full again – and who knows?  Perhaps it already is!  The girls were born almost two months ago now and my periods haven’t restarted!  So maybe……… here’s hoping guys!

 A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to You All!

 Take care and love always,


 Summer © 2008

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Reprinted with Permission. 





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