Sexuality and Lactation

The following are sharings from Joan E. Lloyd's website "Secret for Lovers". 

Please note that all advice comes from visitors and I can't speak for the safety or validity of any of information in letters posted here. Check with your doctor for a final verdict before attempting ANY of the regimens. JEL

Posted 3/06 [F 42] I am a 42 y/o female who is in the fourth week of inducing lactation. Although I do not have a partner yet, I am absolutely thrilled to be able to include breast feeding as a perk, if you will, into the relationship. A perk for both of us. The changes to my body have been amazing but the changes to my mental state even more remarkable. I feel healthier and sexier than I have felt in quite some time. Although
I began inducing because I wanted to encourage lengthier time my partner will spend on my breasts, I now look forward to the more intimate moments we'll share as he suckles from my breast. I am so glad men continue to write in about their feelings toward the women they share a breast feeding relationship with because it helps me become more aware of the male perspective which I find not only educational but enlightening with respect to their ability to share, give, and take joy in something so incredibly natural.

So, breast feeding men, please continue to share; it's a delicate but important subject close to my heart and I want to know, need to know, how best to enhance the adult breast feeding relationship I will soon have. (Yes, that is optimism.)

Posted 2/06 [M 80s] I'm a man in my 80's, widowed. am intimate with a woman who is 56, heavy & taller than me which arouses me no end. she has finally had induced lactation work for her. god, is it ever wonderful that I can breastfeed from her even though she never gave birth. After suckling her warm sweet milk, I kiss & suck her soaking genitals. her milk has made me feel so strong & virile. thanks.

[M 23] Let me start by saying when nursing their is this special magnetism u feel toward ur baby/husband that keeps the luv alive I am not married yet, but will introduce lactating to my wife. I love sucking breast milk it makes me happy

Posted 1/06 [F] I am a female aged 22 years and really admire you for putting up such a website and I am glad to know that "adult nursing" isn't considered to be a taboo anymore. well I have got a wonderful husband who just loves to suckle my breast. he is more in love with me since our first child was born. its amazing to have both my baby and my husband lactating simultaneously. it is not only erotic but also makes my husband more close to me. he gets kinda excited when he sees me nursing the baby and he winks at me as if saying "baby I am next". usually when I am in a deep sleep, he just pulls down the strap of my nightie and starts to suckle. as he sucks I give out deep moans and he makes sure all this results in an intercourse and I am gonna make sure my milk never dries up and I can provide him with it all my life

[F] One of the articles I found (I don't remember which) was excellent on lactation development techniques, describing gently drawing circles round the breast, from the bone to the nipple. I have been doing this on my left and noticeably smaller breast over the last 2 days - and have had 3 surprising results :1 the breast's and nipple's sensitivity are both considerably increased : 2 the breast is fuller - how do I know? my left bra cup is tight! (as my left breast is smaller, the left cup has always been loose) : 3 each time I do this circle stroke, I am literally awash with juices.

Another article on breast pumps was excellent - giving details of the Ameda and Medela pumps - explaining that a pump needs to be at 200 - 230mm Hg negative pressure and cycles about once every second, the simultaneous double pump, and the Medela Symphony and the Ameda Purely Yours well recommended.

Posted 11/05 [F] I am currently trying to relactate. My husband and I have always enjoyed the closeness of having him "nurse" after our children were born. Foolishly we let the milk dry up for over 2 years now and I am thrilled to find that many other people find that "nursing" a partner as erotic as we do. Just pumping many times a day has sent our sex life through the roof! I feel so excited all the time and it's taken our once a week sex life to sometimes many times a day! I'm not producing much milk but we're having much fun trying

Posted 10/05 Interesting Yahoo group The Society of Nursing Couples email list celebrating loving relationships between adult partners that involve lactation and breastfeeding. We offer support, encouragement, discussion, and information related to adult nursing.

NO ADVERTISING FOR NURSING PARTNERS IS ALLOWED. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. SNCLIST is NOT a place to look for nursing partners. Other groups (such as SSNR) exist for that.

SNCLIST is a place for mature and responsible adults to discuss adult nursing among other adults who share this passion. Mature and respectful behavior is expected and required. SNCLIST began as a couples' list, and tries to be couple-friendly; singles are more than welcome to join so long as they respect the rule against asking for nursing partners.

Posted 9/05 [F] Hi I am the mother of three wonderful children 2 of them are still nursing. I enjoy nursing my children as well as my husband. On an average day I nurse between 20-24 times between the children and my husband. There are days that I don't leave the bed or the couch the whole day, because I'm nursing someone around the clock. At night my breasts belong strictly to my husband sometimes he falls asleep at the breast and wakes up at the breast, we both love it. On the weekends he nurses pretty much around the clock except when the kids want to nurse then he takes a quick break. I never thought I could produce so much milk, but I do. everyone is satisfied at all times. Two weeks ago we went away for three days all by ourselves. We had planned to do so much while we were away, but instead we stayed in the hotel the whole time and had crazy wild sex three or four times a day. My breasts never got a break, but it was great fun. I don't remember ever being so tired but it was amazing, every time my husband nursed I had lots of milk, he nursed all day and all night he hardly ate, I on the other hand had room service four times a day and lots of snacks. I enjoyed every minute of our little vacation I'm looking forward to doing it again. My husband is so excited about planning a whole week next time. I don't know if I can have that much sex every day. Having sex every time after my husband nurses is a great way to do it. We both really enjoy it. He loves to fall asleep at the breast every night after we have sex, he latches right away and starts to suck drinking all my milk we both fall asleep like that, If I try to remove him from the breast in the middle of the night he wakes up right away, we have sex or just fondle each other and then he resumes his nursing. In the morning when he wakes up he continues to nurse while I'm waking up (that is the way he wakes me up every day). After I wake up I begin to caress his cock while he is playing with my clitoris and nursing at the same time. He hardly ever lets go of the breast while we are in bed. It is a great turn on for me. All the fondling and touching leads to a great session of love making before we start our day. After we are done it is now time to tend to the children which involves nursing a 3 year old and a 4 year old. My husband hates to leave for work. But he knows that once he comes home there will be more milk waiting for him.

Posted 5/05 [M] My lovely wife has been letting me suckle her breasts for about a month now. She has really gotten into it over the last week or so even telling me she wants me to nurse on them. She hasn't started lactating and that is ok with both of us as she has never had a child but wants one. She kinda treats me like her little boy when I do nurse on them and that is cool with me too. I do have one question for you however, I have felt so safe, warm and I love my wife more deeply over the last month since this has started happening and I can tell she is more in love with me now than ever. Is this normal and the way it should be?

Posted 4/05 [M] My favorite way to wake up in the morning is when my beautiful wife of 9 years has a good night sleep (We have two young children so this does not always happen) and is not quite awake yet. I roll over and snuggle in nice and close and I can feel the warmth of her body from my head to my toes. I begin by massaging whatever body part I have easy access too, hopefully her thighs. My wife has beautiful long legs as she is nearly 6 feet tall and often times wraps her legs around me during sex but that is another story.

As I am rubbing and massaging her firm yet feminine legs I listen to her breathing and perhaps a slight moan under her breath might indicate that she is warming to my touch. As I brush over her clitoris with my forearm ever so gently while I am reaching down and massaging between her thighs she begins to become aroused. Then her legs ease open as I move up the silky skin of her inner thigh towards her moist and waiting vagina and begin to rub ever so softly through her panties.

By this point I am becoming hard and she is obviously enjoying herself, but this is just the prelude. A handshake, a greeting, a welcome to the morning. She knows what I truly want and I know what she enjoys very much. All the while this is going on my face is up alongside her beautifully firm B/C cup breasts that are now rising to attention. Her breasts are amazing how the react to arousal how they become so firm and ready for a good sucking. Her nipples respond as well by becoming erect and thick. What a vision it is to see her turning towards me as she unbuttons her top to expose her breast with a trickle of milk beginning down her swollen nipple.

We usually start on her left side and as her breast comes into view and she offers it to my hungry mouth, as she would to a child. I begin to suckle and she lets out a deep moan. At first I might play a little or just stare and take in the beautiful sight with the morning golden light dowsing her lovely white skin and dark pink nipple and her so feminine. Just a drop of her milk is now starting to form at the end of her nipple so I begin my latch. I take her full areola deep into my mouth and begin to suck and release, suck and release, I stroke the portion of the breast which is in my mouth with my tongue to coax even more milk out and when it comes it is like honey. When she lets down it is so warm and sweet.

She is holding the back of my head and stroking my hair and pulling my head harder into her breast, I can hardly breath but I like it that way and I know she does from her moans and the words that she uses like "Do you like that honey?", "You like the way I taste don't you." As the cadence of our closeness dictates she is usually the one who switches breasts and I begin again at length for another 20 minutes and we go back and forth as it pleases us. IT is a very intimate act and draws us very close together and sometimes we just start our day with me suckling at her breast, sometimes it may result in intercourse. But most times she will begin to stroke my cock and rub the head of it on her clitoris while I am suckling at her breast. She likes the feeling of the smoothness of the head of my penis as it strokes her clit and that coupled with the deep sucking that her breasts are enjoying always results in a mutual orgasm. She loves a good suck and has actually orgasmed from that alone.

That is a glorious morning and the start of a wonderful day. She is an amazing woman and we are both enjoying her body during these child bearing years as you can tell.

[F 41] I have always loved the feeling of suckling and feeding but have had not desire to have children. I was very excited to read on your web site that there was a chance that I could lactate. My husband is all for it and we bought a pump and can produce very little. Can you offer me any advise on how many times I should be pumping and will I ever become engorged so that I could actually feed my husband and boyfriend as well.

I also want to mention that I had breast augmentation (small C) 4 months ago but was pumping before with the same results.

[M]To have a woman with large breasts, big nipples and dark areola's and lactating is my ultimate fantasy. I have masturbated hundreds of times with a picture of that in my mind. Even when I was going out with someone, I would still masturbate. I have never told anyone of my desire. I get weak in the knees when I see a new mother with large breasts and imagine being her husband and knowing that I could be sucking on her nipples and drinking her milk.

I had a husband and wife live with me for a few years because they were having a hard time financially. She became pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl. The husband was in a band and was never home or didn't come home. So I had to help. I couldn't let her go thru this alone. We never did anything but she came to rely on me.

We would be home watching TV together. She would breast feed on her rocking chair that I bought for her. I would sit at the table and glance over at her nursing. I could see her breast all full and her areola was a very dark brown. I could not watch the TV. My eyes were glued to her breasts. My mind would just wander and I would get so rock hard that it even surprised me. I think she knew I was watching but would not say anything. When the baby fell asleep, she couldn't get out of the rocker so she would ask me to come get the baby from her.

I shook every time she called me to do this. She didn't close her shirt as the baby still had the nipple in her mouth. I saw her breast so big and full of milk. I would go over to her and reach under to cradle the baby in my hands. Many times I would position one hand at her head and curl my fingers so as to support her neck as I lifted her out of the mothers arms. Many times my hand would brush her breast as I lifted the baby and many times my fingers would touch her nipple still covered with breast milk or the milk that dripped slowly down her breast. I would take the baby and lay her in her crib and then lick my finger to taste the sweet nectar. It was incredible.

That is the closest I ever came to actually fulfilling my fantasy.
I have played that scene in my fantasy ever since and would love to meet a woman that is as willing as I am to suckle form her breasts as she is of having someone suckle her breast for her own pleasures.

[F 25] I am a 25 year old woman who has 2 children. I have stumbled across your page and found M 50 who asked the question "how does a woman who has never had children lactate with out drugs?" . I would like to respond. yes, I did say that I have kids BUT I also lactated before having them. My husband helped me discover this wonderful feeling.....,
So listen up.... first it is important to make sure that the woman is being pleasured. I'm not talking just about penile penetration, I mean One of those orgasms that soak his face. The mood is a good start, lights, music... find what gets you the most wet. MASTURBATION is a key element. Second, While she is being pleased caress the breasts. go slow and work one breast at a time. Take both hands and move your fingers in small soft circles from the bone to the nipple. This will awaken the mammary glands. As you are working on one breast suck as hard as you can on the other nipple. (MAKE SURE TO STIMULATE THE BREAST BEFORE ANY SUCKING HAPPENS). Now when I say suck as hard as you can I don't mean just the nipple. It is best to place the whole areola (dark area surrounding the nipple) as center and as far in the mouth as you can go. ( I do understand this will be harder as the bigger the breasts get). Slowly move your lips as to a comfortable position, when reached, suck as hard as you can. Now don't forget to still be playing with yourself while this is happening. Doing this several times a day will help but won't do any good if she is not relaxed and having orgasms. It will take some time, For me 7 months, so be patient. Hope this helps!

Posted 3/05 [F] I have visited your web site on lactation for sexual pleasure.

I am currently divorced but have always enjoyed lactation during sex with my ex husband. I now still find myself wanting to lactate and really miss being suckled on for hours. It is such a turn on and a beautiful warm feeling when that let down reflex kicks in. I now pump and suck my breasts as I find this to be a sexual excitement even as a do it yourself. But long for a male to suck me(the harder the better) and for him to enjoy drinking my milk, this is a pure sheer delight and I encourage all those male & females to go for induced lactation if the desire is there, many years of milking enjoyment.

[F] I am a divorced mother of two grown up girls. I breast fed my last daughter and although it was for feeding found the let down experience sensual. I am now single but breast pumping and nipple stimulation with sucking my own breast. Very sexual excitement, but seems to be working. I have started to lactate which turns me on so much. It's a shame I've no guy in my life to suckle and enjoy experience of adult nursing. I would love to find guy who wants to suck me dry, to fulfill both our enjoyment. Lactation is so horny and pleasurable, it's not to be missed.

Posted 1/05 [F] My husband and I were quite fascinated by your lactation page. As an experienced lactating couple I would like to advise all the younger couples who want to try this to give it a go. Our sex life is better than ever and my husband nurses several times a week. We are both in our late thirties now but I have been nursing my husband for the last 10 years. My advice to the last lady who wrote whose husband was worried about leaky breasts is just use breast pads and just be aware that they can (and do) leak so remember that you producing milk and be extra aware of your breasts.

I started nursing my husband after my first pregnancy after I stopped breastfeeding our first child (we have 3 now) and he expressed his desire for me to continue to lactate. My milk production slowed up a little but I made enough to satisfy my hubby and to express when I become engorged. We have a fantastic sex life now and I would recommend lactating to anyone who is remotely interested. Give it a go.

Posted 10/04 [F] I explained to my husband that I wanted him to suckle my breasts & that I wanted to re-lactate. He initially seemed shocked but agreed to try it. At first, his feeling was that if it made me happy and horny, it was all good. We had some incredible sex, 2 times in one day even! One day he said no, but later changed his mind. So far, I think he is on the fence, so to speak, he goes from wanting to & then says that he thinks it's weird. His excuses are, what if you leak? What if somebody notices how big your boobs are? What if I am not there to relieve you when you are engorged? I think when he realized that I was actually making milk, he got cold feet. He know how much I want this & I am much more sexual than I have been in a long time. I really want this & I love how my breasts look. They are round and firm and ache for him to suckle me. I wonder if I am wanting something I will never have {sigh}.

Posted 7/04 [F] I recently stumbled on your website and I especially liked the section on the Sexual Side to Lactation. I am 31 and 4 years ago my husband (Dan) confessed his desire for me to re-lactate. I must admit I did enjoy breast feeding our daughter (over 8 years ago now). I invested in a breast pump and within a month of using the pump just as and when I could, combined with a lot of nipple stimulation I got my first few drops of milk. It was amazing. I can now get between 5-8ozs from my breasts and my husband nurses daily. It has brought us much closer together.

Posted 6/04 [M] I have just been enthralled by your readers response to the subject of lactating breasts. I have always, for as long as I can remember, yearned to meet some one who could satisfy my need to suckle at her breasts. The thought of being awakened from a sleep, or just asked at any time if I want to be held and cradled to the breast and suckle is just the most exciting sexual turn on ever.

I see pictures of attractive larger women with big breasts and I start to salivate, I hope that one day, like some of your readers, I can meet someone who not only understands my needs to be mothered and nursed but has their own desire to breast feed me. I want to fall in love again.

Posted 8/03 [M 42] After watching any video and reading all the stories I could find on the net and ordering almost all the tapes I could afford. My wildest wish has come true. By complete accident I found Domperidone to use for stomach problems and ordered it for my wife. Only thing was she is on depression meds. and did not know her breasts were going to swell up 3 cup sizes and start to milk. After it started and she started to swell up I checked into it and became a very happy man. Now after over of year of sweet milk I want more volume but she won't let me suck more than 2 times a day. Wished my wife would let me put her on the internet like this site I found called Milking Honey I bet he is one happy sucker. Anybody out there know how to convince a wife to comply so we can enjoy even more of this fun play.

Posted 7/03 [F 35] I have wanted to lactate for a long time now. Our child is now 8 years old. I did not breast feed her but I wish I had. I have kicked myself for letting my milk dry up!! I think it would be very exciting to nurse my husband! My breasts are a D cup now but with them full of milk I would have bigger breasts without surgery. I would love to have milk flowing everyday but from what I have read at other sites it is not so easy to get the milk flowing unless you have the add of medicine. I just can't bring myself to go to the doctor and ask for medicine to make milk for my husband! I long for the ample milk supply I had when our child was born!!

Posted 6/03 [F 57] We are an older couple. my name is Victoria and I am soon to be 58 and my husband Ben will turn 63 this year. we have been a nursing couple for many years now. we never were able to have children. Ben has always paid special attention to my breasts. I'm top heavy to his delight and pleasure! years ago when we succeeded in induced lactation we were both stunned and pleased. supply and demand does indeed have a great deal to do with it, that and a lot of nipple stimulation. I never had to take any of the milk enhancing drugs like reglan. bens hungry mouth was all we needed. after all of the years together, we still sit on the sofa together, his head in my lap and my breasts right to his face. he holds them with both hands like a baby bottle! until we stumbled on your site a while back we had no idea anybody else was doing this besides us!! Ben as I mentioned is soon to turn 63 and he is as healthy as a horse. he is on no medications at all for any type of health problem at all! the wonders of breast feeding! to the younger couples who are trying to make milk, my advice is to stay with it, and give a lot of nipple stimulation. Ben teases me about my nipples being so long and thick but it is his doing! good luck to the couples just starting out with this.

Posted 4/03 [F 39] I have 2 teen kids and have not produced milk in 14 years. I am using Nipplettes (clamps) to make my nipples long, and now I am getting a tiny discharge from my nipples. I hope I may lactate soon..It would be lovely. Just a shame I am single and there is no guy to suckle.

Posted 11/02 [F 42] I'm 42 years old and been with Keith for 26 years. He's an angel for putting up with me and my sexual inhibitions for so long. No need for details suffice to say I've healed a large part of my life. I've thrown out negative and damaging attitudes to sex (through abuse/up-bringing) and finally discovering I have a mind of my own and it thinks differently! Very differently! I'm doing and thinking things I'd never dreamt possible for me and I love it so does hubby! I've recently started re-lactating by using "domperidon" and breast pump! I adore my milky tits and so does hubby. the feelings and sensations I get from this are truly wonderful just seeing my tits spraying milk is such a turn on and I can suck them too! Yummy! Hubby gets so excited when I pleasure myself with dildo/vibrator and suck on my tits! Oooh! our sex life has never been so good! I honor ALL my fantasies now with no guilt or shame it's so refreshing to be free I can't tell you how happy I am . I feel anger ,resentment and real sadness at times that I've denied myself (and my husband) so MUCH pleasure and happiness in the past, sexual repression is a terrible thing! But I keep reminding myself that better late than NEVER! I have so much catching up to do the rest of my life could be one big party how wonderful! A question posted on your web site asked if any women fantasize about sucking another woman's lactating breasts : Since re-lactating myself I know the pleasure of having your breasts sucked. the sensation of milk flowing is so wonderful and watching the receiver enjoy it is such a huge turn on. I often fantasize if being with another woman(or two) and my imagination runs riot when I think of sucking milk from another woman's tits especially if they are big( mine aren't big enough for me yet, I'm hoping as my milk increases so will my breasts) I especially love to spray my lover with my milk and I spray myself sometimes too! To imagine a woman spraying me with her milk all over my "hot" body sends me reeling.

I asked about domperidon and got the answer below. Please take care using any product - check with your doctor for any contra-indications JEL

Domperidone is available {in the UK} without prescription from these pharmacies - - The inhouse drugstore has sites in many other Countries for U.S.

The drug is used for treating digestive problems but was found to have the side effect of increasing levels of prolactin. for info on this see: In the U.K. it is available over the counter as Motilium(brand name) but obviosly the quantities are not enough for what we are using it for but it is handy whilst waiting for supplies to come via internet. The cost form "in-house" is e.g. Motilium 10mg 2 Packets GBP 31.56 each pack contains 100 tablets, delivery usually takes 7-14 days.

I started with a dose of 2x10mg four times a day but you can increase this, although I've found I get headaches if I take higher dose (occasionally I'd take an extra two or three a day) In addition to taking drug you need to pump! I started with a hospital grade pump which we hired for a month as it seemed the more powerful pumps you couldn't buy for home use. However we did find a pump from Ameda we purchased the Lactaline Breastpump 75.95 including overnight carrier service. For me , it took just a week (I think) to start to see results. It needs staying power because the more frequently you can stimulate the breasts (pump & sucking of course) the better. It really is the more you put in the more you get out! Not easy if your a mother with a family to take care of (where's mum gone? as I sneak off to the bedroom for pumping session) and the pumps can be quite noisy! Hubby took care of this by modifying unit to fit in the drawer, it helps!

I'm pleased with my results although I have been taking this drug since end of July I'm up to about four oz. and still going up. Ideally you should aim for at least eight pumping sessions of at least 15 mins. (each breast that's why the double pump is better!) Realistically, I average 6. Considering it's been just over ten years since I last breastfed I'm pleased.

To be quite honest I didn't think it could work so I'm very happy it is. How long I shall be taking the drug I'm not sure ,and I've not come across any info on this. I'm led to believe that once you're established it's only a matter of keeping going , supply and demand thing! I am aiming for at least double maybe triple what I get now. I do this not only for the pleasure it gives but as an added bonus an increase in breast size (without surgery) also of course the health benefits , it's been established that the longer you breastfeed the lower the risk of breast cancer. This is funny because as we started doing this the news was full of the health benefits, this just made things feel so right for me.)
Another indication that things are going well is when you can see the veins appearing across your breasts, I'm just getting that. Pain? Yes! initially it can be painful I guess this is the re- wiring so to speak but for me even this pain thing was pleasurable perhaps because it indicated things were working. ( or perhaps latent s&m thing!) I'm so glad to be able to tell you all this knowing that it will appear on your site for others' to see.

When hubby first confessed his desire for my re-lactating I thought he was strange, that it couldn't be done and I'd never associated it with enhancing sexual pleasure until he showed me the intenet - downloads of women lactating and not all were pregnant! I saw how excited he got, and I did too ,there was no going back then, I just prayed it would work and quickly! Forgot also should add, that after pumping I manually express to empty fully, then do a few more minutes pumping. It's surprising how much is expressed manually! Perhaps this is because without the" baby" we do not have enough oxytocin hormone for the "let down reflex" so we have to help nature a little. You can get oxytocin in a nasal spray but I've only seen it available on prescription. I prefer the natural way of making oxytocin flood my body which is through sexual activity. This explains the glorious sensations just prior to and during climax>It's wonderful for my partner too as he gets a full load as he's sucking it's a real turn on! Must mention that I've tried Fenugreek too, I used the capsules. you need to take huge quantity triple the recommended dose, unfortunately I did not notice any increase in milk supply.

[F 40's] I am a attractive women in my middle 40s, who when I was in the child bearing years breast fed both my children, although I still adore children I have no desire to have any more of my own, But I do desire to have milk again. Since this has been a strong feeling for about a year now, I have researched all the options involved.. What I am truly amazed to find, was the overwhelming erotic feeling from men, who it comes to lactation and the adult desire. I am looking forward to breast feeding.. but this time it wont be for the babies... Just my own desire and the man I love.

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