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Juliet and Richard

“Juliet ! Where are you going ? I said I am sorry, pardon me Richard apologised .. ” Sorry? I saw you dancing with that bitch, holding her waist ,by the time I came out of the rest room you were all over her, can you let go of my hands, I’m leaving… Juliet struggled […]

Busty Judge

MY BUSTY JUDGE When my neighbor asked me to drive her to the Family Court for a matter involving the custody of her son, I had hesitated, I came up with different excuses. Eventually, I agreed to go with her, after all we had been neighbors since she got divorced and she always shared her […]

Avery and Sarah

Avery and Sarah “Hey Avery, can you come here for a second?” “Yes Sarah, what’s wrong?” Responded Avery “My boobs are full of milk, can you do me a favor and suckle them for me to relieve the pressure?” She asked, groping her giant milky tits with pleasure. “Anything for you babe” Avery walked up […]

Mysterious Woman

I see a mysterious woman peeping at me could that be her, maybe? She obviously loves what she see’s she’s licking her lips, with one hand in her panties. Her other is caressing her nipples while it began to leak eyes rolling back, in pure relief she’s twitching as she stands there, and flipping her […]

Mirror Time

Mirror Time Posing in the mirror, body shaped like an hour glass let me make this clearer Perky tits, and a bubble ass. Tits so big and juicy There caressing each other what such beauty watching them smother. As if they are grinding like a p****y on top of another imagining, is reminding of the […]

Wet Nurse

Such a private wet nurse I am I get wet when shes says yes mam I know I am charge around this place, I’d even take control of her face stick my leaking nipple in her mouth, slowly making my way down south. Theres no words to explain the pleasure from teasingly going insain. body […]

Holy Sex

I hear that God is a merciful God, that he forgives all sins. However, of my sin I am not sure he will forgive. I have been on my kneels praying and asking for forgiveness ever since I got home. While I would like to think that God hears my prayers, I am forced to […]