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James and Betty

James and Betty Twenty-two year old Betty Shawn had always longed to be a mother. She had often fantasized about nursing her baby, feeling his warm tongue grazing her tender nipples. Her nipples had always been too sensitive and she often came from merely touching them. Her pussy creamed each time she thought of nursing, […]

Thomas and Angel

Thomas and Angel Thomas hated when his wife waited until the last minute to ask him to go to the grocery store. She had just found out she was pregnant with his child and was craving shrimp. He walked around the store picking up a few other things he wanted on the way to the […]

Theresa’s instinct

Theresa’s instinct Theresa gazed down tenderly at her friend Josh sucking gently at her nipple. She could feel the tug, tug, tug as he suckled, pulling milk from her full breast. She had never felt so content in her life. It had all begun when Josh developed a mystery illness. So many medical experts had […]

Cooper and Kimberley

Cooper and Kimberley Easton Cooper looked across the pool at his lovely pregnant wife, Kimberley, and he realised he had a massive problem. A massive problem which was causing his trousers to tighten and tent at his groin area. He gazed over at her, noticing her cute little baby bump and her gargantuan breasts which […]