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The Nanny’s Milk

THE NANNY’S MILK THE BABY Stan Quinlan was a good man. He was in his late-30s, single and a successful attorney with a promising career path within the firm he worked for. But that wasn’t what made him a good man. What defined him was his sense of loyalty and responsibility. That had been tested […]

Essie and Jacob

Essie and Jacob Work was long and tedious, and Essie was getting restless. She massaged her nipples and asked her boyfriend, Jacob, to suckle them for weeks, so she could produce breastmilk. It worked, as her boobs were now producing ounces and ounces of it, but it made her tits feel full and bloated by […]

Richard and Juliet

Richard and Juliet “Juliet ! Where are you going ? I said I am sorry, pardon me Richard apologised .. ” Sorry? I saw you dancing with that bitch, holding her waist ,by the time I came out of the rest room you were all over her, can you let go of my hands, I’m […]