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Penny and Carl

Penny and Carl It was the time that no one wanted, noon. It was the final flurry of paperwork for the morning staff who struggled with the patient cases and the multiple admissions and a clinical audit from the head of infection control. it was the first flurry of paperwork while the afternoon staff worked […]

Coffee time

Coffee time The swelter bit at Jane Franklin’s heels as it pushed her into the Sydney shopping centre. She looked around the grossly overlit storefronts of the modern bazaar with its overflow and discounted goods. She was reminded of the two hours she had to complete everything as she felt the vibration of her phone […]

Jessica and Kate

Jessica and Kate Jessica looked at the slab of paperwork which was haphazardly slapped on the nurses’ station. Leaning against the white laminate, she worked her way through the hospital checklists for her new admission. Carefully she weaved the paper together to reflect her patient’s health care records just so. Her cautious approach was thrown […]

Carrie and Lou

Carrie was 2 months postpartum, this was their first child for her and her boyfriend Lou.  One thing, Lou had discovered a new fetish shortly after Carrie gave birth to their son.  He was obsessed with her lactating big breasts.  He had never been so aroused by something in his entire life.  He loved to […]

Breast milk remedy

John Marshall was a thirty-six years-old bodybuilder with the body of a Greek god. He shaped his body to make each and every muscle stand out. He was 6ft 4in, 270-pounds and he maintained his physique with a strict eating regime and workout sessions. He was a pro bodybuilder, a model and he also owned […]

A couple in ANR

The subway ride home from work had never been so difficult before. I had to try so hard to avert my eyes from the woman across from me breast feeding her beautiful child. Every time that she caught my eye she looked so disgusted with me. If only she knew I wasn’t looking at her […]

Milk Maid

Milk Maid Susanna had grown up in the city’s largest orphanage. She thought she was so special the day Lord Robert himself came down from his castle to chose new servants. She was finally free from that life and away from the other girls who always made fun of her, comparing her to a cow […]


ON A COLD NIGHT It had rained heavily on the night it all began. Lesley could never forget. She lived in a quiet suburbia with her five-month old baby, having recently divorced from a wealthy artiste, and with a big settlement. She had never actively searched for love ever since the divorce, but in her […]

Empty Crib

Empty Crib Karen had once regarded herself as an exceptionally fortunate person. She met the love of her life in high school and he was strong and smart and kind. She landed her dream job right out of college. By the age of twenty-five she’d already become a sought after interior designer and Mark’s success […]

Finding Communion

Finding Communion ‘That’s a good boy,’ Janet said, stroking her fingers over Clark’s hair. He had such blonde hair, she thought – so fine. Just like a baby’s. The feelings he was giving her weren’t like a baby, though; very much the opposite. This gorgeous man was worshipping at her breast like he’d found the […]