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Nursing It was a quiet night in the ward, my supervisor had worried that I was coming back to work a little too soon after having my baby boy, but as a single mother I needed the money too badly to stay away. My mother would take good care of little John, and while night […]


Lullaby “She’s kicking!” Annabelle squealed excitedly and I leaned over to feel her pregnant belly. A motorbike accident had left me paralysed and unable to carry a baby. Heartbroken, we had looked for a suitable surrogate, which had been harder than we had ever anticipated, how do you choose the woman who will carry your […]

The trove

The Trove The same sickening nightmare again and again. Every sensation exploded as he lay asleep between the cotton sheets of the bed. He relived the car accident. He felt the car be hit from behind, the pain that tortured his body when he realised his wife’s heart would beat no more  and the blood […]