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The runner – part 2

  In the moment, she leant forward pulled him close to her with a splattering of milk spreading across their bodies. She threw her back, eyes flickering shut as he kissed her neck. The moment washed over her with peace. She only opened them as the afternoon sun peeked through the curtains and onto the […]

The runner

The runner The hot air smacked Janice’s body as she traced the streets which formed her daily running path. Trailing the traffic, she became cased in sweat as the world seemed to buzz around her as evidenced by the cars and the trucks, which found themselves moving in various configurations. Stopping on the red pedestrian […]


Tiffany’s Alex It had been a long night of tossing and turning for Tiffany.  Throughout the night she desired to be with someone, not for sexually reasons (or so she thought), but for more nurturing reasons.  Ever since she was in college, she has always felt a need to nurture someone.  One day she walked […]

The Boss

The Boss Hayley’s teeth glistened against her cheery cherry red lips muttering, ‘’Alright, I’m done for the day. I’m heading off.’’. Not that anyone seemed to care as evidenced by the lack of sound or general acknowledgement. It seemed a little disappointing seeing as Hayley bounced around the office today. Given the void of sound, […]