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Connie and Wil

The collection of candles on the chocolate wood writing desk combatted the falling afternoon light that streamed through the French window of Cornelia Essen’s chambers. Cornelia quickly flicked through a list of mail with anticipationand a hunger that could be statedby a sole source. Her delicate fingers found the one piece of writing she had […]


  Suzanne was the soon-to-be nurse, every expectant mother reached out to, when they needed any information about breastfeeding their infants.  Suzanne was sought after in her home town, and on the nearby college campus; where she attended.  She was affectionally known as the Nurse.  Ever since Suzanne began developing breasts, her interest in them […]


Nicky had a problem and her problem was her boobs. She had always had big boobs but pregnancy made her boobs go from a c-cup size to a D-cup. But that wasn’t all, her boobs were swollen with breast milk because her six-months-old daughter refused to suck her boobs. The baby would rather feed on […]