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Celine and Darren

Celine Tanner believed in many things, but herself was not one of them.  Growing up in a small community driven town in South Dakota had made her move to Chicago last month even harder.  She was used to nurturing and being nurtured, living somewhere everyone knew her name and would be willing to take a […]

Sean and Dana

Sean watched Dana from across the table. He hadn’t been expecting this date to actually happen; he hadn’t really believed that someone had really responded to his Craigslist ad, let alone that the person who had responded had actually been a real, flesh and blood woman who looked exactly like – no, prettier than – […]

Katlyn and Brendon

Katlyn had always been one to be a nurturer, she had taken as many babysitting jobs as she could through high school and even volunteered at her college’s nursery. She had however become confused when she had begun to crave having her breasts sucked on. She had always enjoyed the sensation when Brendon, her boyfriend […]