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Sophia and Alec

Sophia sat on the couch it was the second week of their new schedule. Alec had been adamant about doing it, about controlling her food and of course making sure that she was being properly stimulated. Even when he was at work, he made her stimulate herself every four hours, the only time that she […]

Sara and Nick

Things had been really stressful lately for Sara. Her firm was trying to land a contract with one of the biggest sportswear companies in the world to handle their marketing as part of a re-branding, and Sara was lead on the project. Not only did she have to manage her team and approve the final […]

Hannah and Luke

Hannah had never had a boyfriend before, so when she and Luke started dating, she went on The Pill. Her doctor explained that a hormonal birth control pill would likely have effects on her body, in varying levels of severity: her cramps could be lessened, her emotions may be unpredictable and hard to regulate for […]

Courtney and Dan

“Do you need any help with that?” Courtney turned around to see a young man, maybe only a few years younger than her, offer her a luggage trolley that she clearly needed. She smiled and thanked the man, even accepting his help to load her suitcases onto it. “I’m Dan. It’s nice to meet you.” […]

Intimate ANR

We sat across from each other and gently touched hands.  My urge to nurture him, to give him such gentle loving comfort engorged into my breasts and nipples.  I could feel them filling up and perking under my shirt as we stared into each other’s eyes.  I put my arms to my sides and leaned […]