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Davina and Elijah

Davina was surprised when her boyfriend Elijah began to prepare all of her meals for her, but she decided not to question it too much; she owned her own business after all and it was cheaper and better for her than going out to eat all the time. She didn’t know however just what Elijah […]

Brad and Georgie

“Of all the days in the year, it had to be this one. This. Fucking. Day.”, bellowed the voice as it boomed across a rows of people in suits and echoed back through the shoebox of a conference room. His eyes darted across the room, shooting daggers at all who were in the room. All […]

Lactation Intimacy

It was a chilly, rainy night and I was looking forward to an evening of snuggling up in my husband’s arms for a movie. Under the blanket he felt so warm and nice. I laid my head on his chest soaking up the feel of him against me as we got into a pretty good […]