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The Land of Milk and Christmas I planned a treat for Christmas. It was a special gift indeed. I spotted it online and thought: Ah! That’s just what I need. It didn’t come in wrapping paper, Nor wrapped up in a bow. The presentation for my gift, Is a little ‘need to know’. It’s sort […]

Sasha and David

Sasha was a young woman, in her mid-20s, of average height and weight, about to embark on a unique and strange journey. Sasha was dating David, a stockbroker in his early 30s, and everything felt perfect in their lives. They went on vacations together, spent the holidays with her family, even wore matching outfits on […]

Mary and Michael

Introduction: My name is Mary, and I am chronicling my journey with my husband as we explore adult breastfeeding and inducing lactation. I am excited to walk this path with him, and to share with all of you as I get there. I will be posting each day to keep a log of how this […]

Cody and Mary

Cody had been giving Mary special drinks for days, and though it tasted a little funny to her she never questioned it. They had talked about some things they were interested in, in the past and she had given her permission but she never expected that they would happen. So she just thought that he […]