A Guide to Finding a Fulfilling ANR Relationship

If you’re single and looking at exploring the world of ANR then you might be wondering how to go about finding a partner. Of course, the experience is a little different for everybody but here are a few things to keep in mind when making your introductions and inquiries.
  1. ANR is not usually about a single nursing session. It’s a practice that requires a lot of trust and in many cases some form of ongoing time commitment from both partners. Most women are not looking for a quick suck and fuck. If you’re just looking for a woman to fetishize then you might struggle with finding a partner.
  2. Don’t be too forward or vulgar. This means, gentleman, please do not ask for photos of breasts, nipples or any other body part unless given an indication that doing so would be appropriate. Again, this practice is about trust and communication not just living out a onetime fantasy. Treat your potential partners with the same respect you would give to any woman. If your idea of respect is asking for nudes straight off the bat then perhaps ANR is not for you.
  3. Don’t expect sex straight away. Some women might prefer to be in a sexual relationship before they begin nursing, others would prefer to start out with nursing and move on to sex as the bond progresses. Be patient and be considerate of the pace your partner seems comfortable with.
  4. It’s very unlikely that women looking for an ANR are interested in a quick fling. Many women find the experience rewarding because of the intimacy it helps them develop within their relationship. If you are looking to keep things casual ANR probably isn’t the best way to go about it.
  5. Treat your partner like a woman, not a bizarre conversation piece or some freaky experience to brag about. There is still a taboo around ANR relationships that sometimes attracts some dubious players to the game. Please don’t be one of those guys. Do not objectify someone who is willing to place their trust in you and share a wonderful experience with you.
  6. Let your partner lead you. This means that before diving in and getting too personal too quickly learn to read her tone. ANR is a very private experience but it doesn’t give you the right to dive in too deep too early. Ask questions as you find them both necessary and appropriate.
  7. One last thing: don’t be married, don’t lie and don’t be a douchebag. Do not try to convince your partner by saying that you are happily married but your wife won’t indulge you. Try communicating with your partner and being honest with everybody involved. If it’s that important to you maybe your wife will be willing to experiment or let you try it out elsewhere. If you really don’t think you can go without then revaluate your priorities in life and make an honest decision. Never undermine an ANR relationship by beginning it with a lie; you will not get the positive experience you are looking for.