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Jo and Jack

This was illegal. This was enough to cost Joanna her job as a nurse, and she did it anyway, pocketing the bottle of Motilium in the pocket of her scrubs while she assessed her final

A dream come true

It had been a dream come true, these last few weeks, answering an ad online for a wet nurse that was so desperately needed. At least, that was what the ad had said, used that

Ethan and Allison

Ethan and Allison Ethan noticed it first. A small pool of wetness collecting on Allison’s chest, right where her nipple would be. She was talking in between bites of her food, and it was clear


The Land of Milk and Christmas I planned a treat for Christmas. It was a special gift indeed. I spotted it online and thought: Ah! That’s just what I need. It didn’t come in wrapping

Sasha and David

Sasha was a young woman, in her mid-20s, of average height and weight, about to embark on a unique and strange journey. Sasha was dating David, a stockbroker in his early 30s, and everything felt

Mary and Michael

Introduction: My name is Mary, and I am chronicling my journey with my husband as we explore adult breastfeeding and inducing lactation. I am excited to walk this path with him, and to share with