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A Nurturing Woman

For something so eventful in her life, the morning after was completely stale, all things considered. Carmen woke up after the couple, sitting up to watch them groggily pacing around her room and looking for

A Special Lady

It was nerve-wracking, the wait, glancing over at her laptop, still on the last private message in a long line of messages. She felt her hands trembling in her lap, rereading it in her head,

Angie and Boyd

Angie and Boyd Angie Rogers walked into her office and suppressed the butterflies in her stomach. It was her first day back since she’d given birth. Little Abbey was in the company daycare center downstairs,

Amanda and Brian

Amanda and Brian Amanda cuddled her pillow in attempt to ease the aching of her encumbered tits but it was no use. Two damp spots deepened and spread across the floral pillow cases, but it

Nina and Mark

Nina and Mark Nina was browsing the dark web when she came across a very interesting ad. Someone was offering an exorbitant amount of money to purchase breast milk directly from the source and the