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    Hello everyone, I thought Id share my latch and suckle method that seems to bring a coo to most women I have suckled .
    The latch and suckle: I tend to take the entire areola into my mouth, not just the nipple itself. A good coo from her , I have found,is not the result of strong nipple sucking but a ” pulling” if you will of the areola. If done correctly you will find semi firm small ” sacks” just under the flesh of areola. I like to roll them across pursed lips as I pull the areola in then release the breast tissue to pull the sacks back across lips into their natural place. I think this is where the milk gathers before exiting the nip.;) As for the nipple , just let it go for the ride. It will be pulled along with the pulling of the areola. Heres what the women I have suckled like: while pulling the areolas, smash the nipple iteslf with the tongue agaist the roof of the mouth. If done correctly, it will seem like second nature and be effortless. Tip: the gentler the better………if I get too into it and get rough the coo’s tend to be few and far between. As soon as I focus and relax into a gentle soft pulling she’s cooing and content. Any ladies opinions on what I have shared? Do you like it strong and rough and or soft and gentle?

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