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    I also am new, and will be 50 in August… I currently am in a LDR and my SO has mentioned a few times how erotic he feels the milk that comes from me is… we talked at length about an ANR and decided we would try. Right now it will be just myself for the main portion and he will nurse when we are able to get together… until the time we can be together full time…We hope to bring another facet of closeness to our relationship as well as enhance an already exceptional sex life….

    I am trying to re-lactate after 20+ years since my last child – who I was only able to breast feed a couple of weeks. Despite all the time since then with basically no real regular breast stimulation (I was divorced by the time my youngest was 4) I have almost always been able to stimulate and express a few drops of clear to white milk and some with little blobs of milk fat as well…

    I only began trying about a week ago and realize I have some time to go… but after a couple days I could not bring the drops out with hand expressing, my breast were taut and hard and tender. I continued on my schedule for massaging and expressing and even have tried a manual pump, and my breasts got softer and less sensitive after expressing etc, even tho nothing comes out… I was getting concerned but after reading on the different sites I have found, I decided to try self-suckling and IT WORKED… I could taste the drops when they came out and feel the temp difference in my mouth… I even, thinking it might have been wishful thinking, hand expressed a couple of times and also had drops appear then as well…. YAY!! progress!!! Still a way to go, but feeling so accomplished by this little step!!! (Not to mention, tons more comfortable)….

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