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    There is something tremendously magical about living in tune with my body… allowing myself to live as I was meant to… having and maintaining the luscious gift that is lactation. Every blessed drop of white liquid gold is precious and valuable, and gives me as much as it is also a gift for my (future) beloved.

    Nearly 5 years ago, when I learned that such a thing existed as adult breastfeeding, and erotic lactation, I lost my mind! I immediately set about learning all I could, and induced on my own. It sang to my soul in ways that nothing every has… (and that was just learning about it… which is nothing compared to actually having it!) How is something so perfectly natural, wonderful, beautiful, connecting, bonding, unique and yet completely natural, unknown (let alone without commendation and recommendation? Literally EVERY couple that I have known that has induced together says it has saved their relationship an made it a million times better. Why are we not preaching it from the rooftops?!
    I have never been as alive and awakened within my own body as I am milky… more aroused, luscious, sensually aware… it is intoxicating. The drops and sprays of sweet white bliss… I will never be without it again.

    warrior princess

    Hi Milky,

    Lovely post. I am new to this, never knew it existed (lactation without pregnancy) until my boyfriend discovered it for me (i was blown away) I am in love with this now, and i am using a breast pump to try to induce more and get a milk supply. so far, only drops that have to be manually squeezed out. I am trying some teas to supplement. Do you mind sharing your technique for achieving those “sprays”? 🙂

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