The Land of Milk and Christmas

I planned a treat for Christmas.
It was a special gift indeed.
I spotted it online and thought:
Ah! That’s just what I need.
It didn’t come in wrapping paper,
Nor wrapped up in a bow.
The presentation for my gift,
Is a little ‘need to know’.
It’s sort of for my partner,
But it’s also just for me.
It isn’t quite the type of gift,
I can place under the tree.
It took some preparation,
Some effort to be sure.
A little bit more thought and time,
Than anything I gave before.
It’s not a gift for one time use,
We’ll be using it a while.
When I gave my gift to him,
My beloved smiled.
“For me?” He cried so joyously,
His face lit with delight.
“For us.” I said, smiling back,
And we enjoyed the gift all night.
My tender chest, my swollen breasts,
Were worth the work they took.
As he finds comfort suckling,
I wind down with a book.
My gift has brought us closer,
Than in my wildest dreams.
Try it and you might be surprised,
It’s more fulfilling than it seems.
Yes, I’m glad I came upon it,
While searching around online,
‘The Land of Milk and Honey’
Showed me a path divine.

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