Dave and Kim

Dave had always adored Kim’s breasts, even if they were slightly on the smaller side. He had thought they were cute ever since the day he had met her and had seen the outline of them through the thin cotton of her t-shirt. She hadn’t been wearing a bra, of course; as he had found out pretty much immediately during their first date when she had caught him staring at them over her lunch and straight-up asked if he liked them, Kim had a bit of a wild side. This notion was only confirmed for Dave over the course of their relationship and, having always liked the wild ones, he fell in love.

Now, four years later, they were married – and as Kim came bounding up to him as he walked in through the front door, Dave couldn’t help but think that the perky, orange-sized mounds fit his wife’s petite frame perfectly. He had always been a boob guy and when he was younger he could’ve never seen himself with a girl who had anything less than a C cup – however, the sight of Kim’s supple little tits bouncing pertly through her soft, worn t-shirt as she giddily came towards him was enough to convince him he had been wrong.

Dave tore his gaze away from his wife’s bouncing boobs to peer into her excited face. Something had to have his wife so riled up, and he thought he knew what it was.

“Did it…” he started, beginning to feel himself buzzing with excitement to mirror hers, “…did it come out positive?”

Kim squealed with glee and threw herself against him, and he felt the buds of her breasts squishing against his chest.

“It’s positive, Dave,” she said, breaking away from him with a smile, “we’re having a baby!”

Dave lifted Kim up in his arms and swung her around, not having too much trouble due to her petite size. The two of them landed on the couch, him on top of her, and he planted a kiss on her lips before breaking away and smiling. Kim quirked the corner of her lip up in that mischievous smirk she always gave him.

“You know what that means, honey,” she cooed coyly. “That means these things are going to swell up.” As if to emphasize her point, she pulled her t-shirt up and exposed her breasts, letting Dave get a good look at them.

Dave leaned down to nuzzle his face and lips against the sensitive skin of her tits.

“When do you start…” he paused, almost shy to say it. “When do you start lactating?”

“I don’t know, Dave,” Kim said. “With some women it starts to happen within a few weeks or months, but with others it doesn’t start until they’re about to give birth. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”

He must have looked slightly disappointed, because she added:

“That doesn’t mean you can’t suckle now, though, Dave… I know you want to, and it wouldn’t hurt to get in the swing of things.”

Dave didn’t need any further encouragement – his mouth immediately went to her closest nipple – the right one – and took the tight, brownish-pink nub in his mouth. He suckled on it tenderly. The slight suction immediately affected Kim, causing her to gasp with pleasure. Her lips parted with a sigh and she arched her back, pushing her bosom closer to Dave’s stubbly face. She liked the feeling of his stubble against the soft, olive skin of her chest.

Dave took this closeness as further motivation and began alternating between nibbling on her tight, hardened nipple and circling his tongue around it. With his other hand, he caressed Kim’s left tit – it was a perfect handful in his palm. He rubbed it gently, stopping only to pull on the nipple he wasn’t sucking, eliciting tiny gasps and moans from Kim. After some time, he felt her hands running through his hair and heard her breathing quicken – he sucked hard on her right nipple and she began to quiver underneath him, cumming from the stimulation.

After her orgasm subsided, the couple settled; Kim laid back across the couch and Dave lay his head on her chest. In the contentment of smelling the sweet scent of her skin and hearing her heart beat through her chest, Dave fell asleep.


As the weeks passed, Dave and Kim continued this routine nightly when they came home from work; suckling and then falling asleep against each other in a contented heap. One day, about eight or nine weeks from when Kim had announced her pregnancy to him, she woke him up in the night.

“Dave, honey. Look!”

Kim sat on top of him in the bed, illuminated softly by the warm lamplight. Her breasts, which had grown some since they had discovered she was pregnant, were now pushing on being classifiable as C cups. He rubbed his eyes, not believing what he was seeing, thinking it was his excitement playing tricks on him. But when he opened them again, he saw it was true.

Pearly beads of white liquid were forming on Kim’s nipples – her first milk. Dave was overjoyed.

“Come here, baby,” he said to her, wrapping his arms around her back and pulling her down to him.

Dave took her left breast in his mouth and sucked thirstily. His mouth filled with a warm, mild sweetness unlike anything he had ever tasted before. He rubbed his thumb over her other breast, which hung heavy and full to the side of his head. Her nipple was wet and warm against the pad of his thumb.

“I love you, baby,” she cooed to him as she leaned over him, dangling her breasts in his face. She kissed his forehead and ran her hands through his hair as he suckled. Dave closed his eyes and lost himself in the pleasure of having his wife embrace him like this in a moment of intimacy that was deeper than anything he had ever experienced.

“And just think, honey,” Kim whispered to him, “The baby isn’t coming for many more months. For now, my milk is yours – all yours.”

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