Davina and Elijah

Davina was surprised when her boyfriend Elijah began to prepare all of her meals for her, but she decided not to question it too much; she owned her own business after all and it was cheaper and better for her than going out to eat all the time. She didn’t know however just what Elijah was doing to her meals, and what he was putting into them.
In fact, she did not even realize what was happening when her breasts started to leak. It was not much at first and she decided to make an appointment with her doctor. She wasn’t too concerned about it; she had heard that it could sometimes happen, but she wanted to make sure that it was not something wrong with her that was causing it.
That was before Elijah got her into bed, however. She was a bit nervous, and when he tried to suck on her nipples like he usually did, she pushed him away. He obliged for a couple of minutes before he went back to them, again she tried to push him away but this time he didn’t listen. “Why do you not want me to play with your nipples?” He asked her.
Embarrassed, her cheeks turned red and she turned her eyes away from him. “I think there might be something wrong, they are… leaking,” she said, worried what he would think of her. It was good for Elijah that she was looking away as he was smiling brightly when told that news.
“I’m sure it’s nothing,” he said, but he had been planning it all along, it certainly wasn’t anything medically wrong with her. “But I don’t mind, I love you just the way you are, a little bit of milk isn’t going to hurt me,” he teased her, and his lips clamped back on to her nipple.
Her nipples were sensitive since her breasts had started to develop milk, but she didn’t mind so much since he carefully sucked on them. A loud moan left her lips as the first spurt of milk filled his mouth; it had leaked before but not it had become a stream. Elijah began to suck harder, he knew that at first, she wouldn’t be developing too much milk, but he could wait, since he had already waited this long. Once that breast had emptied he moved on to the other one, and enjoyed the milk filling his mouth and the thoughts about how much more there would be in the future.

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