Drink my sweet milk

The evening had given way to a myriad of good times, by this point the couple had managed to stagger home in each other’s arms, standing on shaky legs as they unlocked their door and head inside, feeling the warmth of their house accept them back in their current state.

Over the course of the night, the two of them had become rather pent-up with their feelings, wanting to rip one another’s clothes off since the moment they got inside, but hastily make their way to the bedroom before delving into their depravity together.

“I need you right now!”

Her voice trembled against his ear as she began hastily taking off her clothes, letting her ample tits bounce free of her tight outfit, discarded onto the floor as they began grinding against each other, moaning idly as they undressed. Things slowly started devolving into the rhythmic thrustings of a couple lost in passion, the two of them soon naked on the bed, their bodies glistening with sweat as they inch closer to that final moment.

It finally happens, after an evening of hiding their desires, she feels his thick cock stretching her pussy, sliding its way inside as her wet hole accepts him eagerly. Her voice reflects this, whimpering out to his touch as she’s held down on the bed, a dim smile on her face as she rides out the pleasures.

He on the other hand had an intense throbbing between his legs, feeling her pussy squeeze down on his shaft with each shallow thrust of his hips, enticing him to fuck her harder, each moment giving way to further intensity as she began running her hands up his back. As he focuses on the warm pleasure of her hole, she can feel her own pleasure building.

Without thinking, she grabs the back of her husband’s head, gripping a fistful of his hair as she squeezes her arms around his back, forcing his face between her gorgeous tits. For a brief moment, he struggles and lets out a moan between them, until she manages to maneuver his lips to her nipple, lost in her own passion, she guides him to suckle on her tit.

It’s an odd feeling at first, a faint submissive act, yet the sudden rush of her rich milk flooding his mouth caused his eyes to widen. The shock of something so perverse being so enjoyable had him reeling, which she took note of as his body began trembling in her grasp, shaking on top of her as she began taking the lead, grinding her hips against his cock as he moaned. Not a moment went by that he wasn’t desperately sucking on her nipple, his eyes having shut as he savoured the taste, not wanting this moment to end as he suddenly felt his own pleasures reaching their pique.

It’s an incredibly intense rush, snapping him back to his senses as the sheer amount of orgasmic pleasure washing over his mind came all at once, sending him quaking over the edge as his cock began erupting inside of his wife. A thick, heavy load pours inside of her, causing her own orgasm to come crashing down on her as she feels his warm cum fill her whilst he moans into her tits.

The constant stimulation of both his cock throbbing inside of her, as well as his breathy moans against the skin of her breasts had sent her into a frenzy, urging her husband to continue his thrusting, despite the apparent exhaustion. Normally, he wouldn’t be able to keep going like that, but as her thick stream of milk continued flooding between his lips, he couldn’t help but oblige her silent request. Whilst he continued gently suckling down her milk, squeezing at her tits to increase the flow, greedily taking every drop, his wife was lost in ecstasy at the ruthless use of her body.

It was as if she was just a toy for him to use, pounding away at her hole as her tits were milked for all they were worth, flooding directly into his mouth until they needed time to rest, at which he would break his kiss on her skin for only a moment before returning to the other breasts, hungrily sating his lust on her body.

Things continue for what feels like hours, the couple completely lost to their carnal desires as they desperately writhe in their own bed. She could hardly take the constant assault on her senses, her mind wracking with the sheer intensity of the pleasure he brought onto her, sending her spiraling into an orgasmic cycle, cumming her brains out without rest, over and over as she screamed out to the ceiling.

This only urged him on further, listening to his wife succumb this intensely to his teasing, his own throbbing growing in intensity until he can feel his impending orgasm on the horizon, his cock tensing up with each thrust. He suckles hardon her nipple as he cums again, moaning right up until her milk practically drowns him, no longer forced there by her hand, but holding himself close to her chest as they are both overtaken by an explosive pleasure, melting them together in an utter fit of bliss.

As the husband pulls back, looking at his exhausted wife’s body, watching her chest rising and falling with her desperate breaths, he couldn’t help but smile to himself, admiring the fruition of their desires.

“We definitely have to do this again~”

Exhausted, they exchange a gentle kiss before slumping into the sheets, agreeing that this will have to become a regular thing.

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