Erotic lactation

Her top slowly gets pulled over her head, making her hair look wild and untamed as she reaches behind her back and unclips her bra. The sight of her toned body was one thing, but as her bra fell to the floor, a sly smirk across her face, he felt a surge of precum dribble down his dick. Her tits were firm and perky, bouncing and leaking slightly as she turned around, running her fingers around the hem of her skirt before bending at the waist, giving him an eyeful of her ass as she dropped it to the floor.

All that was left were her panties, a tight black thong that covered her crotch. As she straightened herself back out, running her hands down her body as she turned back to face him, the words that dripped seductively from her lips filled his mind.

“Take a seat.”

Despite the sultry call of her words, there was a part of his body that he couldn’t deny. The overwhelming cry out to taste what she knew she was hiding, to grasp at this gorgeous figure in front of him and dive between her breasts was too much to say no to. She had seen this look before all too much, it was the look of desperation.

She shattered his illusions of ‘taking’ her in an instant, she roughly grabbed at his waist, pulling him in against her skin before grabbing the back of his head before forcing him into a kiss. Her lips sealed around his mouth, her tongue battling with him in a show of control, finally beating him down until he was putty in her hands. His legs were shaky, making it easy for her as she broke the kiss and tossed him into the chair before she straddled his lap.

“I’m going to make you squeal tonight~”

Her words were like a threat, something so deep-rooted to be wrong in his mind that he simply couldn’t accept that he’d been anticipating this moment all morning. Despite his hesitations, those thoughts weren’t given much room to develop, as the sudden sound of the fabric of her panties being ripped from her skin grabbed his attention. She discarded the torn garment to one side, before giving him the first taste of her body. The warm, wet feeling of her pussy gliding across his cock was almost too much to bear, instantly sending a shiver of pleasure down his body.

She thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of him quivering already, just from a simple touch of her body, he was lost to it already. As she settled in her position, squeezing her thighs around his legs, forcing them together as she started to raise her hips. At this point he could no longer hold himself back, lunging his face forward and giving his first kiss to her tits, feeling the stream of milk grow with each kiss.

“Remember now…”

She lowered herself more, taking the tip of his dick inside of her, forcing a guttural moan from his lips as she continued on, despite his passionate making-out with her breasts.


More of his dick slid inside of her pussy, the feeling of her tight hole squeezing around his cock was intense, like she was trying to choke his dick.


She let her thighs rest, allowing her entire body to fall into his lap, spearing herself on his sizable cock in a single thrust. Whereas she was enjoying the feeling of being so suddenly stretched by him, he was struggling with the assault of warm pleasure forced onto him, her pussy milking his dick without even moving. Then it started, the gentle gyration of her hips as she gently moaned to herself, her eyes half-shut as she rides out the pleasure so easily, not even laying a hand on him, knowing he couldn’t take over if he wanted to.

“Mmhh… You feel so good~”

Her grinding continued, growing in intensity as she ignored his half-stifled moans. As if overtaken by a sudden wave of her own lust, she lunges forward and wraps her arms around his back, forcing him to meet her gaze as she moaned in front of him. Her soft lips, glistening as she let out each whimper, her beautiful face mere inches from his own, and her perky breasts bouncing in his grip were like scenes from a dream. Her pussy began tensing around his cock, her body spasming as she continued grinding him inside of her, all of which finally led to the first beautiful sight.

“Don’t… get any ideas… I haven’t had a loser like you walk in for a while…”

Despite her justification, it was still an amazing sight that’ll be burned into his brain. Such a gorgeous woman, still completely in control, began twitching on his lap, her eyes hazed over with arousal as her pleasure hit her like an earthquake. The room was filled with the sweet cries of ecstasy from her lips, her arms tightly squeezing around his neck as her pussy choked his cock with each subtle movement of her spasming body.

As her pleasure reached its pique, she couldn’t hold back the intense flow of milk spraying from her breasts, not only spraying into his mouth, but straight across his trembling body. It only lasted for a few moments, but for a moment he thought he had won their little bet, until she regained her composure, that smug smile returning to her face. Even as she continued twitching in the afterglow of her orgasm, she was able to give off the aura of just how in control she was.

Seeing his reluctance to give in, she increased her pace and pulled herself closer to him. In a single movement, the amazing sight of her body was taken away, his face smothered by her pert tits, muffling his moans as she continued pounding her body into his lap. He could still hear the sounds of their bodies slapping against one another, her ass bouncing in his lap as she held him between her breasts, clutching to the back of his head as he groaned between them.

Despite the audible encouragement, he was lost in the taste flooding his mouth, the torrent of her milk surging across his tongue as he eagerly suckled on her nipple. It was as if she was trying to drown him in her milk, forcing his lips against her skin as she continued whimpering.

Then, as she relentlessly rode him, her own pleasure began building again, another orgasm on her horizon. Moans and whimpers filled his ears, held so tightly to her chest, he was able to hear them straight from her body, as if she was moaning directly into his mind. That rhythmic sound echoing in his head, the slapping of their bodies, the wet sounds between their legs coming thrust after thrust, her sweet, delicate moans filling his head with each movement. It was too much, he couldn’t hold back any longer.

He succumbed to his built-up tension, his body going limp as his lips parted, and that sweet sound escaped them and was muffled by her tits.

The manic sucking of a broken man, urged on to the point that giving in to the insane amount of pleasure at the hands of a beautiful woman was all there was left for him. His cock tensed up inside of her, forcing her along to her own orgasm, mixing with the pleasure of finally hearing him snap, she let the haze overtake her mind and her entire body began trembling.

“Fffuck!! C-cum for me!”

Her pussy was flooded with his load, the tip of his dick giving way to a surge of his cum filling her, milked out of him as her own orgasm joined his. As her body caved to the pleasure, the flow of her milk within his mouth only increased, almost drowning him as both of her tits violently squirt against him, both covering his body and the inside of his mouth. She threw back her head and cried out, overwhelmed by orgasmic bliss as she held him tightly between her tits, listening to the muffled squeals of a man lost in ecstasy.

Their bodies continued to writhe against one another for what felt like an eternity, as if multiple orgasms melted together. She continued grinding for some time, feeling him slowly go limp inside of her before allowing him to slide out of her. Now the two of them rest against the chair, panting as they try to recover their senses whilst he continues idly suckling on her breast, massaging the other as he feels her milk trickling down his arm.

Despite his continued stimulation, it seems she had much less senses to recover, pushing herself off of him as he could still barely crane his head up to taste her milk again. As each piece of clothing slid across her body, he tried to savour the sight of her one last time before it disappeared, anticipating their next meeting together.

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