Her Nipple in My Hand (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Her Nipple in My Hand

A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

I didn’t have the courage to go to the same house like I do before. I knew if I ever near that house, Judith’s mother will tear me apart. One day, Judith came to our house. She was discussing with my mom and I was unaware of her presence. She smiled at me and I couldn’t smile back as I was ashamed to face her. She was looking at me now and then even though she was talking to my mom. When she stood up to leave, she told me to come to her house at nightfall as she and child alone are there in the house. 

My mom told that her mom is not well and has been admitted in the hospital. I was not fully confident and was dreading what will happen to me. I reached her house and she welcomed wholeheartedly.
She was in a funny mood and was teasing me with her looks, and with dialogues. I came to know that she didn’t take the incident seriously and slowly my fear and dread ebbed away. She seemed to be so friendly and I was starting to enjoy her company. She wore nighty which makes her to look gorgeous. With pretty cut breasts and figure, she was worth looking and I was sneaking at her chest and body. She arranged the supper and we ate together. Then I sat on the sofa and switched on the TV. As I was watching, Aunty Judith brought her child and sat on the sofa. She absentmindedly opened her nighty to feed her kid. She was not wearing a bra and I got the glimpse of her milky white breast and an electric wave went through me. She simply took her breast outside and pushed it to the mouth of the kid. I greedily looked at the lips of the kid which were around the pink nipple. Aunty Judith slightly opened her eyes and saw me looking at her breast. She didn’t show any movement to cover her breast. I pretended to be interested in the movie but actually wasn’t. I turned towards her every minute and is she slightly smiling??? Yes. She took this opportunity to tease me again. I turned away from her and didn’t look again.
I was restless. After 10 or more minutes, she hooked her breast and took her daughter into the bedroom. The kid was full and was sleeping calmly. Aunty Judith was watching me from the door and she knew that I was restless and she moved closer to me and sat next to me. I could smell her milk. She asked:” you want a sip?” I looked up. She smiled and continued:” The kid left much. So do you want it…my milk?? How could I reject it? I simply nodded. She spread her lap for me and said:” Come on my baby…come to mommy…”I quickly lay down and rested on her lap and moved my face towards her chest. She easily opened her nighty and moved it aside. What a marvelous sight… I adored her breasts. There was wet and elongated due to the sucking of the kid. I fondled her nipple with my hand and licked it. She was enjoying it and slowly I engulfed a major portion of her treasure box and started suckling. As my lips closed over her breast, she moaned and held me tightly to her chest. She was getting hot and I couldn’t control my desire as I madly vigorously sucked her. I gave some bites on her nipple and she moaned loud and begged not to eat them as she was needing them for her kids… 
Within 5 minutes, I emptied that breast. I pulled her breast hard and she knew that it has been dried up and she told me to let it go. But I was in a mood to hold it and she closed my nostrils. As I suffocated, I opened my mouth and she pulled out her breast from my mouth. I saw many teeth marks on the milky white breast. She took the breast and examined it. She was a little shy to have a stranger on her chest. She hooked the nighty and said the other breast cannot be lent to me as the child will cry in the night and she has to feed it. I accepted and she gave a very soft and lovely kiss on my cheeks. I climbed up and embraced her. My head was on her shoulder and her hands were on my back and head. On my touch, her body responded and milk leaked out from her full breast which started to damp my shirt. She caressed my hair and we spend minutes like that. She told me that she really enjoyed the session and loved me as her son. “Can I sleep on your chest?” I asked and she readily accepted it. I lowered my head onto her chest. She held my head and started to pat me to sleep. Her breast steadily leaked milk and both I and Aunty Judith were wet in milk. My shirt and Aunt’s nightgown were wet in milk. We slept in that position and when the child cried, she woke up, went to the bedroom, fed the kid and came back. She raised my head, placed my head on her chest, opened the gown and pushed the nipple into my mouth. I started suckling and went to sleep while suckling.

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