Jason and Susana (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Jason and Susana

A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

“Let me see if I understand you, Jason.” Susana said, trying to gain her bearings as she spoke. “You want me to breastfeed you?”

Jason smiled shyly, his own anxiety rising as he thought perhaps he had spoken too soon about this desire. “It’s not just about the breastfeeding,” he explained. “Susana, I want to be close to you. I know some techniques, some herbal supplements that can be taken without any kind of harm or side effects, that will help produce milk. I want to share that with you. Will you trust me to get that close?” Jason’s blue eyes were intent and calm, belying the turmoil inside. If she turned him down and then spread the word of his interests to their friends… The cat was out of the bag now, though. He would have to just take it.

Susana’s expression changed to one of thoughtful contemplation. After a moment, she reached up and stroked Jason’s cheek. She pulled his face closer to hers, kissing his lips softly. “I would love to have that with you, Jason,” she whispered.

Over the following couple of weeks, Jason provided Susana with supplements and dietary restrictions to help instigate the production of milk. They researched the process together, discovered that physical stimulation was a major player in their endeavor.

While reading that beside her on the couch, Jason cautiously moved his hands up and over Susana’s shoulders to her breasts. Her nipples were slightly erect, and he pinched the right one gently. Susana let out a moan. She hadn’t realized how sensitive her breasts had become over the past few weeks. Jason took the laptop from her and moved to put his head in her lap, massaging her right breast with his thumb on her nipple. As he felt it stiffen, he moved his head slowly up, pushing her shirt as he went. He opened his eyes for a moment and saw the peaks of both nipples pushing against the silky linen of her tank top.

He caressed up the right breast, kissing with sweet softness as he went. As he reached the crest, he wrapped the tip of his tongue around it, twisting and swirling to stimulate it further. Susana drew in a sharp breath, and then shuddered as she let it out. Jason chuckled at the sensation and his nose nuzzled against the soft mound of flesh. Susana giggled and leaned her head back while Jason began suckling. He would increase the suction for a moment, then back off slightly, varying the tension and stimulation as he went. While he did this, he was massaging and coaxing the left breast as well. Susana could feel him getting hard against her leg as he manipulated and encouraged her breasts to produce. After about 30 minutes, he switched and began suckling on her left side. She arched her back as Jason’s touch grew stronger, her whole body aching.

When he was finished, they lay back on the couch, both breathing hard. Jason nuzzled up to her neck and breathed in her scent as he relaxed. After a while, they sat up and agreed to a twice-daily session to speed up the process. Susana’s body was responding well to the supplements and diet, but this would really jump-start their fantasies.

After several weeks of this, Susana’s breasts were becoming tender and swollen. It was clear that something was happening; they just had to coax it to the surface. Jason had purchased a nursing bra for her to wear during their sessions, so she didn’t have to struggle with getting a regular bra on and off every time. When he came over on this particular day, however, he noticed something different about her. Susana looked like she was positively glowing! Jason commented on it, and Susana blushed.

“I do feel a little different, but I can’t put my finger on it. I have more energy today, I guess.” She shrugged, taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom. This time she was determined that their session would be a little different. When Jason gave her a quizzical look, she just smiled. “I want us to be more intimate. The couch is nice, but it feels so clinical now. I want to be with you, Jason.”

Jason felt himself grow stiff at the thought of being with this beautiful woman in a more intimate way, something he had been hoping for but didn’t want to push her on. They reached the bedroom and she sat him down on the bed, standing before him. She pulled off her shirt and freed her bosom from its confining garments. As she stood there, naked from the waist up, he almost couldn’t contain himself.

She was so majestic, like a mother goddess. Her breasts had definitely grown over the time they’d spent together, and they framed her taut but soft stomach nicely. He put his hands to her hips and pulled her to him. Those hips swayed as she moved, and he felt every muscle under her skirt as she walked. Every part of him hardened like steel at that sensation and his mouth went to her cleavage. This time, though, it was for pleasure—not for progress. His nose nuzzled between her orbs, feeling her velvety soft skin against his cheeks.

Jason started to suckle, then stopped suddenly and looked up at her in surprise. Susana was beaming down at him in such happiness and joy, he knew she already knew.

“When did it start?” he asked in wonder as he moved his hands lightly around the swollen flesh of her full breasts.

“This morning. I noticed when I woke up, the sheets were nearly soaked.” She laughed softly and took his head in her hand, pulling it back to her nipple. He suckled, drawing in the sweetness of her milk, her essence, her womanhood.

Susana gently pushed him back on the bed and moved up beside him, his mouth still latched on to her. She stroked his hair and kissed the top of his head sweetly. Jason moaned as he felt her touch like liquid fire on his skin and hair. His whole body ached to be filled, to have that emptiness he felt completely coated in her love, her milk. He felt himself grow turgid with lust, and then felt her hand reach down to his pants and stroke him through the fabric. She wriggled down a little so she could get a better grip and milked his cock, slowly at first and then more rapidly. He matched her pace with his mouth on her right breast, moaning and gasping.

“I suppose we’re milking each other now, aren’t we?” she asked in a breathless whisper, and he exploded. He moved to her other nipple and clamped on, suckling hard and trying to drink her in completely. He had never felt so close to anyone before, so intertwined with another soul. As her left breast released its bounty, Susana gasped and put her head back, her spine going rigid as she was momentarily lost in the ecstasy of their intimate embrace.

As they both came back down to earth, Susana smiled at Jason, wiping a small dribble of breast milk from his lip and chin, then kissing him in exhausted afterglow. This was the start of something agonizingly beautiful.

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