Jo and Jack

This was illegal. This was enough to cost Joanna her job as a nurse, and she did it anyway, pocketing the bottle of Motilium in the pocket of her scrubs while she assessed her final patient of the day.

Her heart was racing with fear… and excitement, listening to the new mother comment on how she was so ready to go home soon with her new baby, finally lactating after failing to do so throughout her pregnancy with the help of a prescription to the Motilium. It’d worked wonders, and it was the perfect opportunity for Joanna to set in motion her greatest desire.

As she wrote in her notes that she’d disposed of the lactation medication using a distiller, the nurse swam in the thought of having another human being fed from her body, to be nurtured by her machinations at the suckling of her breast. Maybe it was selfish, but Joanna craved the sensation.

Since middle school, she’d developed quickly, enough so that by the end of her seventh grade, she was permanently wearing pullover hoodies to hide her body. It helped a little with her self-consciousness, but as she grew and grew with the years until she looked down to see a 40DDD-sized bra that finally fit her just out of high school, it had become so much more difficult to hide her double-rounded chest behind any reasonable amount of clothing articles.

That was just the first issue. Joanna had been festering a desire that had been sparked since the first time she laid eyes on a nursing woman sitting on a bench at the park. She’d been there with her friends to just loiter as teenagers do and smoke some grass, and she froze as the visage of this stranger feeding another human being came into view.

It wasn’t the baby that caught her attention, but the very picture of being more than just a person, of being a vessel for love and care to anyone else with the simple act of allowing a grateful mouth to suckle upon a breast, that struck a chord with the budding teenager… and it struck like lightning, burning itself into Joanna’s psyche all throughout her college classes and her medical training.

Joanna sat in her car in the dark, silent and breathing hard as her shaky hands undid the cap of the Motilium and she took a tablet, swallowing it with the help of her thermos full of still coffee. Instinctively, her hand felt her large breast, one after the other, and she waited.

Day after day, pill after pill, for a little less than a week, Joanna waited as she read up on how to stimulate the lactate from her breast. So many people, online experts, suggested enlisting the help of another person to… manually stimulate the nipple with their mouths, effectively suckling like a babe.

It felt like a dream come true. The path had finally been laid out for her, and with the help of a hospital-grade pump she’d borrowed from her place of work for no charge, she was left with one final missing ingredient to start filling bottles by the end of the month.

Jack was sort of an underachiever. He wasn’t a loser, he just… never tried to live up to his full potential, working a job at a guitar shop to pay for his share of the rent with some friends and to score some weed with his guy.

Joanna met him from a friend, and the two had hit it off pretty well, all platonic and laid back as they played videogames and occasionally unwinded with a drink to many conversations of the future and of career plans that never came to fruition… at least for Jack.

“Jo..! What’s up, dude?” He asked as she appeared in the crack of his bedroom door, having been let in by one of his roommates. The door opened more and Joanna walked into the living abode, smelling the marijuana in the air and the permeated delicate scent of sweat that came from a bachelor that owned only a car and a laptop.

“I probably should’ve called, huh..? Give you time to clean up,” Joanna joked, hugging Jack kindly as the door shut. The man returned the hug, if a little cautiously, since he’d always tried to be courteous about Joanna’s breasts pressing against his body.

Jack laughed along with her, even if it was a little sarcastic, “Ha… Yeah, I mean… Nah, cuz then you’d know I was putting on airs.”

“… Sure,” Joanna responded, raising her brow like she wasn’t believing a word out of his mouth, but in a joking manner, taking a seat on his unmade bed, “Can I talk to you about something..?”

It sounded serious, and even Joanna had wished she hadn’t changed tone so quickly, but Jack knew when to stop joking and when to get down to business, taking his seat close to Joanna with about a foot of space between the two, “Uh, yeah, dude… What’s up?”

“Do you know what… Motilium is..?” Joanna followed up, and it was clear Jack had no idea what she was talking about, pretending his very best to think about it for a second before shrugging.

“Is it like a… like a drug or something?”

Joanna nodded, stating, “It’s a drug, yeah… It’s used for… you know, partly to help with vomiting and stuff… but it’s got a bit of a secondary effect in releasing prolactin in the body, which helps with lactating…”

She was hoping Jack was following, but by the look of things, he really wasn’t, politely making a sound like he understood but didn’t really know where she was taking things. Jack cleared his throat, “So why are you telling me..? You’re the nurse, dude, you tell me, ha…”

He was getting nervous, and Joanna was getting moreso, knowing she needed to drop the hammer before she scared him off, “I’m… taking Motilium, an- I’ve been taking it for a week and it’s not working completely… I looked it up, an- and people say I might need outside help to… to stimulate the lactation.”

It was impressive that Jack didn’t run away. He sat there dumbfounded, and she could catch his quick glances at her breasts just underneath the thin black shirt that separated her chest from the world. Slowly, he asked, “Outside help like… like a doctor, or..?”

“Like someone putting their mouth on my nipple,” Joanna corrected immediately, staring directly at the man across from her now, temporarily adamant in her resolve as he processed things.

It finally clicked, and Jack’s eyes widened at the realization as they fell on her tits once more, “Oh..! Y- You’re asking me to…”

Joanna nodded to him, and the man’s mouth opened to speak, slowly shaking his head before continuing, “Oh, no, c- Jo, I’m… That’s not weird or something? You want me to s- suck your tits..?”

“My nipples. Not my tits, Jack,” Joanna explained calmly, finding her footing in this maternal desire with this underachieving man, and her arm went round his shoulder as she scooted closer, “I’m asking you, as a friend, to…”

Her eyes drifted downwards to her own heaving breasts, barely supported by the pushup bra underneath his shirt, and continuing, “… to lay your head down on my lap, right..? And…”

She felt guilty for doing this. It felt like she was attacking his very masculinity, practically flirting to get what she wanted from her friend, taking advantage of his sex’s predisposition to do anything a big-breasted woman told him to do, “And let me put my nipples in your mouth… All you have to do is suck…”

It was like a nightmare for Jack, alone in his room with a woman asking him to suck on her nipples, and he was frozen for a few moments before finally saying, “Till you… lactate..?”

Joanna shrugged shortly, her head bobbing left to right as she made an answer for him, “Till… and after, too… And maybe a few days after as well…”

A recurring thing. Jack hadn’t even thought of that till she mentioned it, but before he could reply, Joanna lifted her shirt slowly over her giant breasts until the slack of the shirt was coiled atop her mounds and nothing was stopping his eyes from looking at the two heaving tits just begging to be suckled.

Her hand guided his head down to her lap, an act he didn’t fight at all, lying and looking up at the woman’s eyes as she lifted the bra and allowed herself some freedom.

It was time. This was what she had been waiting for all her life, the purpose of her gift come to bear fruit as she felt Jack’s mouth open to accept her erect virgin nub.

Joanna’s eyes closed as she took in the feeling of this new sensation, harkening back to the woman in the park, her arm pulling Jack slightly upwards to cradle his upper body on her lap and just… letting him suck… and suck… and Jack held her large breast in both hands to drink like a baby from his mother, taking of her warmth.

Nothing came out, but it had been close to half an hour before Joanna realized she needed to switch nipple. Jack had been lost in a sense of euphoria, eyes closed but not sleeping, mouth and cheeks and tongue working in automatic unison to suckle in a loving rhythm that had done wonders for Joanna.

When she nudged him to her other breast, he seemed to almost panic, like he didn’t want to lose her. The second nipple was hardly ready for his technique, but it worked perfectly for the woman, sighing out as she felt the cool air of her first wet and raw nipple exposed freely.

This time felt like more than an hour. It felt almost like time didn’t matter, just her and him and his mouth on her nipples, sharing this perfect moment in their lives to just exist together and be one.

Joanna didn’t even remember falling asleep, but she had, and she woke up to Jack resting his head on her soft breasts as the time read close to ten in the evening. She roused her friend from his nap, and he apologized groggily as he handed her the shirt she’d brought with her.

“Sorry, I-… Man, I was so beat… You fell asleep and I j-”

“It’s okay, Jack… That was… Thank you,” Joanna interrupted him, giving him a friendly hug as they sat up. She thanked him for the help, thanked him for giving her this dream she’d had for the longest time.

“Yeah, no problem… So… are we doing this again..?” He asked, still unsure of what she’d meant.

Joanna nodded slowly, “Yes… I’ll be back tomorrow… Text me your schedule…”

And the night ended, and a new day began, a new chapter in Joanna’s life that included a double daily feeding during lunch and after work. It became like a custom for the next few days, watching Jack hungrily suck and suck on her nipples, with still no essence coming forth.

Joanna didn’t panic. She knew time would give her what she wanted, and it helped that the experience itself was so pleasurable to sit through, the pair even developing a system of pillows that best suited their comfortability on Jack’s bed. For three days, he didn’t move those pillows, eagerly waiting for Joanna to arrive so that they could get to pulling her breasts out from her bra and put his mouth to them.

Finally, Joanna asked him to just… move in with her, for the time being. She’d give him money for his rent, just so he didn’t leave his friends high and dry without a roommate, if he just stayed at her apartment and helped her.

There was no argument. Jack was packed and followed her to her place that very hour, where they resumed their ritual. The pillow adjustment came, too, and Joanna couldn’t even concentrate on the television one night as she cradled Jack in her arms while he sucked and then… stopped, giving her some confusion as she looked down at him to see what the problem was.

Her nipples had become so accustomed to their incessant use, feeling permanently raw and aching so pleasantly throughout the day until Jack had his mouth round them again. Even their sessions had increased in time, with hours and hours being spent on her breasts now that they had the entire place to themselves.

“It j- I just tasted it… I think you’re..,” he looked up at Joanna, and both of them went from stunned silence to cheerful celebration, though it didn’t last long as Joanna bid Jack to keep going throughout the night until it was certain that she was finally lactating from both nipples. He would suck and he would squeeze her breast, watching as a milky droplet culminated forward from her nipple, putting his mouth on it to drink and feed off her.

Bliss was the only word Joanna could describe the feeling as. Bliss when he drank her body’s labor, when the pump began to fill the little bottles she’d bought to keep her excess in… and there was a lot of excess.

It was like her breasts were on overtime. They ached with milk during the day, enough so that she needed to wear a cloth pad in her bra to absorb her lactation, to pump away on her break in her car just to get some relief.

But being home, she had Jack, and he was more than compliant, more than grateful to have his dark hair stroked as his mouth greedily drank and suckled more of Joanna’s delectable milk from her nipples, one after the other, for hours and hours on end. Nothing seemed to matter when it was just the two of them, alone in the dark and illuminated only by the mute television, surrounded by the simple sounds of whispered groans and timid constant suction on her lap.

And though she’d never wanted children, a thought occurred to her, looking up an ad for a wet nurse that was needed locally. A woman with twins, barely able to keep up with just one suckling child, needing help with her duties. Joanna sent in an application.

Joanna could see no end in sight for the dream she’d created for herself. Even when her Motilium began to run low, she had already started procuring herbs and homeopathic routines to keep her flow going, wondering if Jack felt the same about continuing their ritual.

Whatever happened next, she’d see it through to the end.

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