Kara and Michael (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Kara and Michael (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)e

Kara Jacely was the most radiant person Michael Hyatt had ever known. She emitted an almost tangible happiness and beauty on a regular basis. The smile that she frequently displayed, to Michael’s enjoyment, seemed to increase her radiance exponentially.

Her likable personality was something that any person could be easily attracted to; however, it was Kara’s body that Michael’s thoughts always returned to. It was undeniable that she was attractive. She was by no means a professional athlete, but she did live a lifestyle in which she ate and exercised properly. Effort had been rewarded with a toned figure and a healthy complexion. In fact, the curves she had were now quite visible without the obstruction of any unnecessary weight. Without a doubt the curves that were most significant were the ones sloping down her chest.

Kara had been blessed with full breasts that tended to rest beneath an assortment of tank tops and camisoles on almost a daily basis. This made it practically impossible for Michael to resist acknowledging their presence. The full breasts and their natural tan made it easy for him to decide she was the perfect living embodiment of health and attractiveness.

Michael was unable to act upon the urge to place palms upon the slopes she shamelessly shared in low-cut clothes. He knew that she only did this out of comfort and confidence, but how was he supposed to appreciate them fully from afar? She was a wonderful person but he had no doubt she would let her best friend of nearly nine years explore his urge to gently suckle from her breasts.

The urge had come upon Michael while watching Kara breastfeed at his house recently. She had never been interested in getting married. She did, however, want kids. To fulfill this motherly desire a child had been adopted. Michael was supportive of this decision. She was 25, three years his senior, but he felt she had a warm enough heart to care for anyone.

As the child had accepted the milk from her breast he began to crave the closeness that the child was experiencing. Michael had always loved Kara. It was not purely sexual in nature. They were close friends but had never been lovers. With her clear defiance to be in a relationship with any man who approached her, he had refrained from the temptation.

It was convenient then that he was a professional photographer. Preserving the image of her for his own admiration was a benefit of the friendship. The photographers were all professional; he refrained from any lude work.

“Michael, why are staring at me like that?” Kara asked politely. They were sitting in Michael’s sectional couch in his house. Business had taken off for him with a starting portfolio of pictures of Kara. He never could decide if it was her or his work that caused the successful start of his career.

“Oh, sorry, I was lost in thought,” he fumbled out awkwardly. With the room mostly quiet it wasn’t difficult to get lost in thought. Only the two of them were there tonight. Kara’s child was with the babysitter for tonight. She did this once a week to give herself a break.

“Is something wrong?” she prodded. Her focus had left the television and was now completely on him.

“Absolutely not, I’m actually having a great night,” he lied. The night would be better if he was closer to her.

“Sorry, but I don’t believe you,” she said. “Maybe if you took some pictures it would cheer you up,” she suggested.

“Of what,” he responded with hopeful interest.

“I can help you set up some props around the house. I could also use a new picture of the sunset for my house,” she offered with a hint of hesitation.

“Sure, I’d love to get you something new you can frame,” he replied.

The two of them proceeded to walk around the interior of the house looking for the one picture that both of them could appreciate.

Michael watched Kara move the curtain of his bedroom window aside with ease. The setting light was blocked by her body. The siloutte of her breasts were now traced by fiery reds and deep purples. Without even considering the consequences he framed the silloutte of her breasts in his lens and immortalized them.

“Did you get one already?” she asked surprised.

“I did, and I think this one is perfect, but you probably can’t frame it,” he said honestly.

“Let me look at it and I’ll decide for myself,” she said with confidence.

Michael handed her the camera and watched her reaction. As Kara took in the picture her eyes initially widened. Without emitting any sound she continued to study the picture. Her expression was now much more relaxed.

“The think you appreciated most was my breasts?” she asked him.

“I don’t want to lie to you,” he said. “They are always on my mind. It just so happened that this time they were highlighted by something of only half their beauty,” he finished.

Kara stared at him with a neutral expression. Finally she placed the camera on the nightstand next to her. Neither Kara nor Michael made a sound as Kara removed her tank top. Both breasts waited for his attention. The nipples were already stiff.

Kara removed her jeans, too. Beneath them was a pair of black lacy boyshorts. Michael found their appearance to compliment her hips well.

After removing her jeans she placed her hands upon Michael’s chest and pushed him back onto the bed. He did not resist the slight force she had applied to him. Almost in one motion she had straddled him, leaned over, and positioned his face directly in front of her breasts.

It was up to Michael to decide if he would finally fulfill his urge. He did. The next half hour was filled with his passionate appreciation of her body. She had verbalized her desire to have him stimulate her chest. Kissing the breasts had resulted in him eventually suckling the milk from them. Her motherly instincts and the longing to be truly loved pushed her to the first climax of her life.

The feeling of closeness that she now had with the man she had loved for nine years was finally maximized by her ability to offer him the milk of her own creation. Intimacy was at its fullest in this moment.

As Kara arched back with a silent gasp she held her hands firmly upon his cheeks. Michael had removed his clothes and had been inside of Kara during his suckling. At the moment her hands touched his face, and when he had to extend his neck to continue suckling, he reached completion, too. Their combined climaxes paused time for a shuttering moment of bliss.

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