Lovely Lucy 4 – Trading Offices (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Lovely Lucy 4 – Trading Offices

A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

Sneaking through the hospital’s corridors, Lucy made her way to lock her new goods away. She knew that if she was caught, she would not be able to explain why and get away with it. Although she was a padiatric professional, she knew her limits. She wanted to pump all day and let the milk flow like white rivers of goodness.

Explaining this to the hospital’s board would be painful and embarrassing. She realised that her lactation was a source of delight for her and Kenny, but beyond that she would never utter a word to a soul.

Stumbling into her office, she buried herself in paperwork for several hours. She quickly padded her breasts to stop them from exposing her secret. She looked at the walls coated in the pictures that her patients drew. She loved the colours and creativity. She fought to have these pictures surround her. She fought for everything.

Kenny was no exception; she would fight for him. Although, she realised that he wanted her more than what she wanted him. This was a strange quirk. He’d always looked at her with some sort of longing. It wasn’t purely lustful. It was a slow burning desire.

Despite the urge to fight, she recognised her feelings as often lustful. She liked him, but she questioned for how long. She drew up lists of what to do to prolong the thing that drew her and Kenny together. She didn’t have time to really sneak off and do this on the sly.

“DR BRAIDS-MOREE!”, bellowed Tom, the senior nurse..

Tom was a 5 foot 6 inch pain nagging, self absorbed twat. His blue eyes squinted and his pale body scrambled into her office.

He screeched, “Why haven’t you done your rounds? Dr Nguyen is always looking for you. He’s so pissed off with you. Are you sleeping with him?’’

Lucy sighed with exasperation, “Tom, I’m in the middle of paperwork and I’m not sure why you drag Dr Nguyen into this conversation. If he’s pissed off with me, he knows where my office is. I acknowledge that I’m running late and truththfully, I’ll be out soon. I’ve spent adequate time with the patients and of course I need to know any urgent matters, however in order to see the patients and do my final rounds sooner, I need to complete my paperwork.’’

She looked at Tom, looked at the door and at her paperwork. Tom snorted and scrunched his face and muttered, ‘’You useless bitch, Lucy.’’

Kenny heard this sneaking behind Tom to deliver paperwork to Lucy. This off the cuff comment drove Kenny to yell.

He yelled, ‘’Blackstein. I want a word with you. In my office. You do not address anyone like that. Dr Braids-Moree is my colleague, like yourself. We will talk about this. My patients will wait while I have a word with you.’’ Tom scuttled away.

Kenny walked over to Lucy and explained that needed to swap paperwork. Nothing too uncommon.

In the haste to talk with Tom, Kenny placed a hand written note in her scrubs’ shirt pocket. He made sure to caress her swollen breast, especially as it was the one true thing that brought them together. On the way out, he blew her a kiss.

She smirked at him and together they read each other’s minds and knew that later tonight, they would be together once more. She couldn’t wait that more.

She ticked off her to do list in 4 hours of mind draining speed. Home time.

She quietly packed up her things and closed the door to her office in a milky sweat. She had realised that every thought of Kenny, milk poured out. Five wards later and she quickly ducked into Kenny’s office, closed his door and made herself comfortable. Quite comfortable. She felt the leather chair melt into her skin and rejoice in his scent.

She heard the door open. Kenny’s eyes widened when he saw her at his desk. Scrubs shirt and underwear. Sheer white cotton. His eyes only. He broke out into a sweat. He had to have her.

He pulled her out from his chair. He scooped her up and she clung to him. He gently placed her on the desk and pulled aside her boyshorts that lay in the way. All it took was an index finger, before he licked his lips and she leant back, while peeling off her top, breathing deeply and anticipating this time together.

She smoothed back her hair and tugged at his black scrubs. He followed suit and he slowly climbed onto his black desk.

Droplets of milk started to pool on and around her. She was so coated in milk, she looked as if she had been sprayed.

HE scrambled to lap up every morsel up. It lead him to latch onto her and suckling, as if he depended on it. Lucy moaned and played with his hair. He in turn once trailed his index finger to find where her underwear once lay.

She moaned, ‘’Kenny, keep going.’’

Spluttering, his lips and fingers worked in unison. He moved to be on all fours to get better access to her. All of her. He once again lapped up the sticky sweet milk that he wanted to swallow so much. As he shifted his head to get better access, he shifted his fingers and replaced it with his shaft. She couldn’t withstand the moment, as he swayed his hips back and forth to a silent sway that only they would ever entertain.

As he looked up, the sweat and the milk cover them both in a mix of amazing melting moment of longing and lactation.

He wouldn’t stop unless she said so. He continued to lap up her milk and she in return would lap him up as well, from the inside out. They had to be careful, as not to get caught.

He secretly cried out and disregard his fears of getting caught.

He gently moved off the desk and made sure to kiss every inch of her, before reclining on his chair. He softly clasped her hand and encouraged her to sit on his lap.

She did just that and hazily, he kissed her shoulders, while they recounted their time in his office.

Clearly Tom’s wild ideas meant nothing to them… as they clung to each other as if the world would end.

Holly L. Skarsgård


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