Mabel and Barry (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Mabel and Barry

A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

On a fine cold winter morning, Barry parked his bicycle after an early morning ride and as he was about entering their apartment, he called out Mrs. Robert’s just to say hello but he heard nothing. He slipped inside her front door and called out to her again. “Mabel! Are you here?” Still no response, but he knew that she might be putting Josh down for a nap, or changing his diaper. So he in and sat down in the drawing waiting for he to appear. The house was quiet, like a church on a week day. Barry done thought it will be a good chance for him to clean the sweat on his body so he took his towel that was stocked around his neck to do that gently leaving his eyes closed. It was a small sound that caught his ear. Upstairs, he was sure, a little cry came forth. It sounded like Mrs. Robert’s voice; it seemed to come from the bathroom.
Barry hurried up his seat and climbed the stairs, pausing to listen for another cry to be sure of what he was up to. The cry came, a quiet, agonizing wail and this made him realize Mabel was in pain. He hesitated at the bathroom door, unsure what to do. She let out another moan, and he knocked gingerly at the door. “Mabel; are you alright in there?” he asked.
The moan was muffled quickly. “Oh my! Barry is that you?” She cried out, when he replied that it was, she had him open the bathroom door.
“What can I do, Mabel?” He looked in, but just as quickly looked away. Mabel was standing naked in the shower and could see she was in pain.
“Come in here, Barry. I can’t take it anymore. Barry stepped inside the bathroom; he kept his eyes averted like a gentleman.
“Sam, I know this is weird, but Josh isn’t feeling well, and so he isn’t breast-feeding enough. I think I am going to need some help and you are my last option” She gasped in pain.
Barry looking confused and at the same time interested in taking the offer as he had always desired to feel Mrs. Robert perfect body, she is a young lady with a curvy body, nice legs and her boobs are something every guy will want to handle.
“What can I do to help” He asked in a shaking voice.
“I need you to get in the shower with me and help me squeeze out my milk”. She replied with a big smile. Barry took his clothes off slowly. He could feel a part of him getting hard just because of what he was doing.

Once he was naked, he jumped into the shower with her “Come close now, Sam. Don’t be afraid. I just need you to squeeze my breasts slowly and let my milk flow out.
He held her large breasts and squeezed them gently. After few strokes, Mabel noticed it wasn’t doing the work so she urges Barry to suck directly on her nipples. She leaned against the wall making a position that made it easy for him to such her breasts, with her head nestled next to his, Sam had a clear view of entire body, not only her breasts and sucked with enticement. Mabel moans out load each thing he sucks out milk from her breast and immediately she felt relieved.
She reached out for Barry’s cock and started stroking it, increasing the pace each time he bit the tip of her brown nipples. After about 10 minutes, Barry had exhausted the entire milk and was taking his time to enjoy the sensation been sent through his body. Soon he reached orgasm and shot his load all over her legs. They both took a warm bath and Barry hurried home asking her to give him a call next time.

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