Moving Day (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

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A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

“Mrs Winton?” the burly man at the front door smiled at the middle-aged woman as she answered her front door, “We are here from the removals company”
“Ah” Alex Winton was unable to keep the smile from her face as she realised that the removals men had finally arrived at her home, even if they were several hours late.
Stepping back, she gestured for the large man to enter, smiling first at him and then at the lean, muscular black man that followed behind him. They stopped halfway up her hallway, turning their heads as they surveyed the countless piles of boxes that seemed to fill every available space, and then the large white guy turned back to smile at her, “Is everything ready to go?” “Nearly” she nodded, “I have just got some last things to box up in the spare bedroom and then that’s the lot” “Excellent” the large man nodded, his broken nose, shaven head and tattoos at odds with his friendly manner, “Well while you finish that we will begin loading up the lorry if that’s OK with you?” “Sure” she nodded, feeling slightly awkward standing alone in her home with the two muscular young men.
The man grinned, “Excellent, my name is Brett and this is Chubb, if you need our help with anything just ask”
Alex Winton smiled again, and then the men began lifting the first of the boxes, carrying them back out of the house towards the lorry at the end of the driveway.
For a moment, Alex stood watching the two men, her stomach lurching as she saw the firm muscles of their arms but then she shook her head and turned away.
The last thing she needed to be doing was pining after men that were younger than her. At forty years of age and having had a baby just four months before the last person on earth they would be interested in was her.
She paused as she entered the spare bedroom, catching sight of her reflection in the tall mirror upon the wall, one of the few items that were staying in the house. She was actually a lot more attractive than she gave herself credit for; her long black hair hung down past her shoulders and her big brown eyes complimented an attractive face. Add to that, her figure was back in shape after her childbirth and her breasts were heavy and full.
Yet she could not see the beauty that she actually was. In her mind, her breasts were obese and swollen with milk, and if she had anything good about her then her husband would not have run off with his secretary just two months after the birth of their young son.
That was why she was selling the house and moving to the other end of the country to start a brand new life.
Her son was with her mother, and once this day of removals was over she would collect him to drive South. Taking a shaky deep breath as she tried to control the anger that washed over her at the thought of her soon to be ex-husband, Alex knelt on the floor beside the single mattress that she had slept upon the night before, her bed having been dismantled, and began to pack away the last of her belongings into a packing crate.
Time lost all meaning as she knelt there, placing her stuff in the crate, until finally finished, she rose and strode through to the bathroom to use the toilet.
Lifting the thin white cotton dress that she was wearing, Alex lowered her panties and sat down on the toilet, sighing as the heat of the summer day washed over her.
Beyond the open window behind the toilet, she could hear the faint hum of traffic in the distance away from her quiet residential street, and then the voice of the two removals men reached her, voices loud as they worked.
“So Chub” the deep voice of the man named Brett rose up to where she was sitting listening, “How old do you think this Mrs Winton is?”
There was a brief silence then the voice of the black man replied, “Maybe twenty-nine…thirty at the very most!” 5

Stunned by his inaccuracy, Alex smiled and shook her head, then gasped as the voice of the large white guy answered, “Maybe…she has got a great tits though!”
“Yeah” she could picture the black guy nodding as he enthused, “You’re not wrong man, full of milk too!”
“Yeah?” “Sure man” Chubb answered chuckling, my ex had a pair of titties like that when our daughter was born…big and fucking juicy. You ever tried breast milk man?” “Nah” Brett answered, followed by a laugh from Chubb. “Try it…nothing better than sucking warm milk from a woman’s tits while you are giving her some cock!”
“Maybe, Mrs Winton will let me suck on her tits!” Brett chuckled, “I wouldn’t mind a shot at that ass either!”
“Yeah, you can get her ready for me” the black man added, “They call me Chubb for a reason you know!”
As the two men erupted into a roar of laughter, Alex rose on shaky legs and peered out through the window, barely able to make out the men through the tree that 6

grew outside. Her stomach flipped as they began to talk about her tits again, and she shook her head, mind reeling as she imagined what would happen if she went downstairs and offered herself to the pair off them.
She would get fucked that’s what!
Groaning, she stayed at the window, watching as Brett turned to Chubb, “Let’s get some lunch man” She flinched as he walked towards the house and then his voice sounded loud as he shouted up the stairs, “Mrs Winton…me and Chubb are heading to get some food!” “OK” she called back, hating her shaky her voice was. “We will shut the door while we are gone OK” “Sure” she replied and then listened as the door shut.
Racing back to the bathroom, she watched as they shut the back of the lorry and drove away down her driveway.
On shaky legs, she headed back through to the spare bedroom and dropped down to lie on her back on the single mattress in the middle of the wooden floor. 7

What had just happened? Would the men really fuck her if they had a chance? Sighing, she lifted her arse from the mattress and raised her dress around her waist, fingers dragging her panties off and casting them on the wooden floor beside her.
Closing her eyes, she reached down with the fingers of her right hand, moaning as she touched her centre.
She was wet, wetter than she had ever been before and groaning, she trailed her fingertips around her clit for several seconds before pushing a finger inside herself.
She groaned aloud as it slid in with ease, her pussy literally dripping with her juices and licking her lips, she pushed another in beside the first, working them slowly.
The stunned voice from the doorway of the bedroom made Alex gasp, her eyes widening as she lifted her head and stared down her body to see the two removal men standing in the doorway, their eyes on her fingers. 8

“Oh my God!” she gasped, wanting to rise but her legs refused to obey, “I thought you went out?” “We changed our minds!” Chubb muttered, licking his lips, “We came in the back door…it was open…” Again, Alex tried to rise but this time Brett stepped forwards, waving his hands, “Hey don’t stop…go on!” “I can’t…” she shook her head, cheeks flushed with colour, “You shouldn’t see me like this…get out!”
“Is that really what you want?” Brett stepped into the room, one hand reaching down to rub at a sizable lump in the front of his trousers, “Maybe me and Chubb should stay and keep you company…” “Oh” the gasp of excitement escaped her before she could stop it and grinning, Brett reached down and dragged his tee shirt off over his head to reveal a body corded with muscle, his hands reaching down to unfasten his trousers while beside him, the black man Chubb also began to strip off his clothes in a hurry. 9

Mind reeling, Alex stayed on her back, her fingers once again delving in and out of her wet pussy as she watched them get their clothes off their muscled bodies.
In moments, they were naked and Alex groaned again as she saw their hard cocks swaying before her, each one much bigger than that of her husband, her only lover.
Blinking hard in disbelief, she studied the cock of the white guy as he knelt on her right, judging it to be easily eight inches long and fat, then turned her eyes upon the cock of Chubb as he lay down on her left, a grunt of shock escaping her as she saw that it was perhaps two inches bigger than Brett’s and impossibly fat at the base.
That was what he had meant about being called Chubb.
Without waiting for an invitation, Brett leaned in against her body, dragging her dress off over her head and removing her bra so that she was now as naked as them.
Then he leaned over her, smothering her moans with his mouth as his big tongue pushed between her lips. 10

She moaned as it filled her mouth, her thighs widening as she felt him push a big finger inside her pussy, replacing her own digits as he began to finger fuck her.
Removing his mouth from hers, Brett knelt up, his fingers still deep inside her and on instinct she reached out and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, repeating the process as Chubb knelt up on her left.
Fingers gliding, eyes wide as she was frigged off by Brett, she watched each of the big cocks in turn as she wanked them slowly, an orgasm shaking through her body as her excitement got the better of her.
Then Chubb grinned across at Brett, “You ready for some of that gorgeous titty milk brother?” “Hell yeah” Without another word, the black man leaned forwards and cupped a large tit in his hands, holding it up to his mouth as he sucked the hard nipple between his lips. 11

Alex cried out in lust as she felt the milk flow from her teat into his mouth as his black fingers held her big pale flesh steady, his lips suckling hungrily on her large tit.
On the other side of her, Brett also lowered his mouth, sucking on her other tit, hands mauling her flesh as he tried to get as much of the breast into his mouth as he could. Mind reeling; Alex lay on her back, hands leaving the cocks of the men as she reached up to caress the backs of their heads, holding them tight against her tits.
The minutes dragged by as the men fed hungrily, then without warning, they rose as one, Brett moving down between her legs, big hands pushing her thighs open and Alex grunted as she felt the head of his cock push against her wet entrance, “Oh God…oh put it in!” “Yeah!” Brett grunted, leaning forwards to take his weight on his powerful arms and Alex grunted as his cock pushed inside her, big and deep, her wet pussy latching to him as he began to fuck her with fast strokes. 12

Eyes rolling in her head, she turned to watch as Chubb knelt beside her head, one hand stroking his big cock as he pointed it at her mouth, “Open up, mama, you better get this big old dick wet before it goes in your pussy!” Moaning like a thing possessed, Alex spread her lips wide; the flat blade of her tongue extending as the black man began to slap the weighty meat of his cock on it.
Then he pushed it inside her mouth, and moaning around the meat filling her airway, nostrils flaring, Alex began to bob her head back and forth, sucking him off.
With a moan, Brett suddenly pulled out of Alex, one hand wanking himself off as he came and with a nod, Chubb pulled out of her mouth and took his place. “Are you ready baby?” he asked her, the large dome of his cock pushing against her dripping entrance, “You really want me to fuck you with this big black dick?” “Oh yes!” she moaned, pleading now, “Please fuck me!” He grinned, knowing that she was his, “OK but I want some more of that titty milk…you got some for me?” 13

Instantly, her hands cupper her large tits, holding them up and with a grin, Chubb pushed inside her, filling her in ways that she had never known before as his hungry mouth latched onto her milk covered nipples, “Damn!” Sobbing with delirium, Alex raised her legs high, allowing the big cock that was ploughing into her pussy to slide deeper, her mind threatening to tip into insanity as she stared down to see the black man sucking on her tits, his heavy balls slapping against her arse, “Oh God!” “You like that?” Chubb asked, raising his milky lips to grin at her, “You like my cock?” “Oh God, I love your big black cock…oh…oh…do me…!” With a snarl of lust, Chubb raised himself up, smothering her sobs of lust with his mouth, his tongue fighting with hers as he fucked her with long, deep, slow strokes.
Trapped beneath the muscled young black man, Alex orgasmed for what felt like the hundredth time and Chubb snarled into her ear, “Oh yeah baby, come on my cock…do it…I am gonna spunk in your belly!” 14

“Oh!” she sobbed, weakly shaking her head, “Oh no!” “Mmmm” he kissed her, slamming his cock into her now, “I am gonna give you a black baby, get them big titties full of milk again…then me and my crew are gonna come and gangbang you while we suck that milk!”
“Oh” “You want that?” his tongue trailed up her neck, then down to suck her nipples quickly before he kissed her again, letting her taste her own milk, “You want that?” “OH!” “Say it!” “Oh God YES!” she screamed, pushed over the edge as another orgasm crashed through her body, milk splashing from her tits as she thrashed about, “I need more black cock…oh spunk in me…I need it…I NEED IT!”
With a roar, Chubb thrust deep, bracing his weight on his hands and Alex lost consciousness for a second as she felt his wave of hot spunk splashing up inside her. 15

Blinking hard, she reopened her eyes to find Chubb pulling out of her, a grin on his face, “So, pretty mama, where is your bathroom?” “Bathroom?” she asked, still not fully recovered. He grinned, “Me, you and Brett need a shower. Then when those titties are clean I want some more milk!”

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