Nicky had a problem and her problem was her boobs. She had always had big boobs but pregnancy made her boobs go from a c-cup size to a D-cup. But that wasn’t all, her boobs were swollen with breast milk because her six-months-old daughter refused to suck her boobs. The baby would rather feed on the bottle and this made her boobs swell painfully with milk. Even though she milked her boobs every morning and wore padded bra her breast milk soaked through her blouses, leaving embarrassing wet patches on her blouses. She was often in pain and this affected her work.

One morning, her boss called her into his office. Nicky was scared because she knew that whatever her boss called her for had to do with the excessive breast milk dripping from her boobs. Sometimes she went to work with an extra blouse which she could change into when the one she had on was soiled. Mr. Adams Richardson was seated at his desk and he gave her a sympathetic look as she walked in. He was in his late forties but he still had a great body and she secretly crushed on him. She wasn’t married and her boyfriend had walked out of her life as soon as she had their baby. Her boss wasn’t married either but she didn’t know if he was seeing someone.

“Please sit down Nicky,” He said, “Your work performance has really dropped in the past weeks and I’d like to know if you’re in any kind of trouble.”

She broke down in tears and related everything to him. Her boobs were aching terribly at that moment so she couldn’t pull herself together. He got up and placed an arm around her shoulders comfortingly.

“I can help you out,” he told her.

“How?” She asked.

Gently, he lifted up her blouse and pulled it off her head. Then he unclasped her bra and her milk filled boobs sprang out. Her nipples were hard and tiny squirts of milk was on the tips. Her boobs were distended and there were visible green veins on them.

“Poor baby,” He murmured.

Heran the pad of his thumb over Nicky’s pebbled nipples and she cried out. He gently rolled her nipples between his fingers and a stream of milk shot into his face. He cupped her boobs and lowered his head. He started to lick her nipples as he twirled his tongue around the hard sensitive tips. He licked the milk on the tips of her nipples and gently nibbled on them. She groaned and pushed a nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard on her nipple and warm, tangy breast milk filled his mouth. He moaned and hungrily sucked on both nipples, gulping down the tasty milk. His hands traveled up her legs and he slipped a finger into her cunt. Nicky moaned as he ran his finger along the fleshy length of her pussy lips. He took both of her nipples into his mouth, sucking, licking and nibbling on them. She began to sob with pleasure as the pain in her boobs lessened. He continued to suck her boobs, drinking her milk like his life depended on it. He pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to stroke her slippery wet pussy walls. She shuddered as a wave of pleasure surged through her. He scraped his tongue on the tips of her nipples and then took them out of his mouth.

He grabbed her nipples with a hand and gently squeezed them, spurting breast milk into his mouth. Her breast milk dribbled down his chin, staining his white shirt but he didn’t care.

He trailed his tongue along the sides of her boobs as he drank her milk. Nicky’s belly tightened and a sob caught in her throat. Tears rolled down her cheeks as her orgasm exploded. He squeezed the sides of her breasts and more tasty milk flowed into his mouth. The sensation was too much for her and she started to cum again. Mr. Richardson was also groaning and moaning as his cock hardened in his pants. He widened her legs, pushed her panties to the sides of her thighs and shoved his tongue into her cunt. She shivered as he ran his tongue over her clit and sucked it into his mouth. He flicked his tongue on her clit and then began to finger fuck her. She had another orgasm before he dragged his mouth back to her breasts.

Her once swollen breasts became flat even though her nipples were still sore. He continued to slurp noisily on her nipples until his own orgasm exploded. They looked at each other and began to giggle like kids, he had cum in his pants but he wasn’t ashamed of it.

“Thank you, sir,” She said, “You’re the best boss a girl can ever have,”

He grinned at her.

“I’ll be glad to always be of help,”

“My boobs fill up quickly,” She said, “I’ll be needing your help again before the close of work,”

“I’ll be glad to help again,” He told her.

She thanked him and went back to her desk, looking forward to his help again.



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