Nina and Mark

Nina and Mark

Nina was browsing the dark web when she came across a very interesting ad. Someone was offering an exorbitant amount of money to purchase breast milk directly from the source and the ad was worded as, “human dairy for 10,000 dollars a month.”

That was a one in a million chance, Nina knew it and being a single mother, Nina could really use the money. She didn’t even think twice before applying for the position and the buyer messaged her instantly with an address after they came to an agreement.

Nina was at the buyer’s residence in an hours, with her breasts swollen with milk and ready to be milked and when she was let into the house, she was handed a uniform to put on before meeting the buyer.

“Ah.. you have shown up.” The buyer said when a servant let Nina into his huge bedroom that was twice the size of her own place.

“Yes sir.” Nina replied meekly.

“Call me Mark. So Nina, are your breasts full and ready to be emptied?” Mark asked Nina who nodded. “Good. Very good. Now free them.” Mark commanded and Nina unbuttoned her short maid outfit and left her huge breasts hanging outside.

“Very luscious. I bet the milk tastes really good. Come here!” Mark beckoned Nina who stepped closer to Mark who was seated on a chair in the middle of his bedroom.

Mark patted his lap and Nina went ahead and straddled him then proceeded to push her breasts in his face. Mark quickly grabbed then and began kneading and squeezing then while pinching her sensitive nipples that ached so bad.

Nina’s breasts were so full and she needed them emptied as soon as possible and when she felt Mark’s tongue on her nipple, Nina hissed as if she’d been bit before she started moaning wantonly.

Mark used his tongue to lick the dark pink nipples while playfully nibbling them with his teeth making Nina go crazy and beg him for more so desperate and he took pleasure in spending his time on her majestic breasts that were filled with milk.

“Oh please suck my breasts and stop being a damn tease.” Nina cried out in anguish with a husky voice that made Mark’s cock twitch. Oh how badly he wanted her, too bad the rest of her body wasn’t part of the package

“But I haven’t even began yet.” Mark replied playfully and retrieved a cupcake from a packet he had a servant bring up earlier. He then scooped up some of the frosting decorating the cake and smeared it all over Nina’s nipples that were now leaking with milk droplets.

Mark went on slathering cake frost all over her breasts while pinching her nipples which brought her immense pain and pleasure that felt so right. “Oh God yes… keep doing that please.” Nina cried shamelessly as Mark’s wicked hands kept teasing her tender breasts.

“Ready?” Mark asked Nina with a husky voice that made her body shiver.

“Yes. Yes please.” She whispered and Mark lowered his head and covered one of her frosting coated nipples with his hot mouth then started sucking her breasts with determination while her milk flowed freely and it was a heavenly combination of milk and frosting.

Mark greedily drunk Nina’s tasty milk and the naughty act felt so sinful and he really wanted to latch onto her breasts for eternity.

“Aah yes… oh God… suck me harder.” The lady cried while Mark enjoyed the delicious mix of the sweet sugary cake frosting and her creamy milk which made him greedy for more and suck even harder.

“Oh God please…” Nina screamed at the top of her lungs. She could not shut up and Mark loved it. Her moans woke something within him and naturally, his male pride wanted him to hear her cry and beg until she was hoarse.

He applied pressure to suckle her tasty milk and when her breast finally emptied, Mark lifted his face which had a huge smile on it before he moved on to the other breast where he used his sinful tongue to lick the delicious frosting and revealed a dangerously swollen pink nipple that looked very enticing. He swirled his tongue around the sensitive nub and ignored her pleas begging him to stop.

“Fuck yeah, so fucking juicy.” Mark growled. He was greedy for more and the truth was, he was never going to get enough of the tasty cream that was breast milk.

He latched onto Nina’s nipple and bit it hard until her pleas turned into screams and that was when he started sucking them, gently while leisurely licking the bruised nipple with his tongue and Nina’s loud screams soon turned into shameless moans as she begged Mark to give her more.

“Oh Mark… I fucking love your mouth.” Nina kept sobbing over and over.

“And I’m fucking obsessed with your breasts.” Mark said then got back to suckling her tasty milk. He couldn’t get enough of her breasts and he teased and tortured her until the satisfying moans and cries that told him that she was orgasming hit his ears.

“Oh God yes Mark… I’m coming…” Mark heard her cries with satisfaction as his mouth emptied her milk right about then and even trying her other breast did not net him more than a few drops.

“That was..” Nina began but stopped mid-sentence. She was speechless.

“You are fantastic.” Mark murmured completing her words as he kissed all over her breasts before handing her a thick envelope. “Here you go beautiful. You earned every cent of it.” Mark said to Nina as he squeezed her breasts.

“Thanks Mark. I definitely needed that.” Nina panted then reluctantly pulled away and began putting her clothes.

“My driver will drive you home but I promise that you will hear from me very soon.” Mark said then got up from his seat and strode into the bathroom with a huge bulge pushing against his zipper.

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