Rick and Ariel- Introduction to nurturing

Rick and Ariel

Part 1 The Introduction to Nurturing

When Rick first stumbled upon a new taboo genre he did not think it would be his cup of tea. He only was brought to the section by his love for big breasts. It was unexpected when he came during his first video. Rick was not typically so quick to bust during masturbation to porn. That was even rare when he was having sex with his big boobed girlfriend, Ariel.

The next couple of jerk sessions were accompanied by a video from his growing fetish for the genre. Rick did not know which part of the videos were doing it for him until he learned more about the fetish. He had been getting into nurturing women breastfeeding porn. Something about the category had captured Rick in the fetish. It took him a while to realize he loved the naturalness of this type of porn.

After the man accepted his new fetish in porn, he started to wonder about the act in real life. Rich was curious if his girlfriend would be into trying it out with him. He thought about how perfect her massive white tits would sucking on. It aroused him just to think about the times he sucked her breasts without the element of this new fetish. This made him think of a way to get her into nurturing him with her supple breasts.

Rick waited until the next night during sex to introduce Ariel to the fetish. She came into the room in her normal night look, a big t-shirt, and a pair of cute panties. Ariel gave her boyfriend a sexual stare while walking to the bed where he was laying in his boxers. Then she crawled into bed with him. Her body mounted over his legs to have a seat on his lap.

Her warm mound radiated heat onto his while she leaned in close to kiss him. Rick was immediately aroused when Ariel’s big boobs pressed against his chest. He started to imagine getting to suck on them tonight. The boyfriend could not wait to try to get her to bond with him during the nurturing moment. Their lips pressed together as the passion grew between them.

She let her tongue slip into his mouth to tease him further. Her hips began to rock back and forth on Rick’s lap. The girlfriend knew typically what got him going but not tonight. When she noticed he was not hard yet, Ariel leaned back from the kiss. Rick asked, “What is wrong?” His girlfriend looked confused while looking back at him. “I am trying to get you up,” she said in a sweet voice.

He laughed while pulling her back down for one last quick kiss. Then he said, “Don’t worry about that.” Rick wrapped his arms around her back. He used his hold on her to move her onto the bed. Before laying her down, he slowly took off her white shirt. Her breast looked even more attractive than normal. Now Rick was noticing them for their natural ability and beauty.

Ariel rubbed her hands down her 34DD boobs hanging down from her chest perfectly. She was still young and perky. Her tits looked heavy to Rick. He could only imagine the amount of milk that she would be able to hold inside of her jugs. The skin was pasty white like milk on her untanned breasts. She was the type of woman to try to hide her massive mounds in public, only showing them to her boyfriend.

The gentle caressing of her breasts made Rick get horny for more. He moved his hands to her tits to feel the voluptuous milk bags. Her bottom lip was bitten down on when her boyfriend squeezed them in his hands. She had always had sensitive breasts since first growing them back in high school. Even then she had to keep them covered to keep the men away. She did not want that kind of attention.

Her breasts mushed in between his hands as he played with her chest. Ariel watched her boyfriend with those big brown eyes. She knew that he was enjoying himself and did not want to interrupt. Then as he started to carefully tease her nipples, she started to get turned on. The naughty girlfriend sucked on her index finger while watching him. Rick now knew just how to play with the breasts to drive women wild.

His technique was great for twisting at the nipples. Rick knew where to apply pressure to get the nipples harder. He was carefully mixing the moves into his normal tit play. There was no reason for him to risk having to explain himself to early in the session. Rick moved his mouth down to her breast to suck on the nipple again. This time with a grip on the breasts about to admit more pleasure for her. It would also help to milk her.

The boyfriend was hopeful at his girlfriend’s ability to produce milk for him. He could not wait to make her start lactating. This man craved to taste her natural juice. Rick was determined to find out. His tight grip while suckling at her breasts made his girlfriend moan out. Ariel asked with a moan, “What are you doing to me?” Rick was too into her boob to answer.

She was getting aroused more than she normally would from having her tits sucked on. It was the usual start of sex but never lasted too much longer than a few minutes. Now Rick was working on the other nipple while massaging both breasts in his hand. She tilted her head back, feeling more relaxed with his playfulness. Ariel felt a warmness in her core that trickled down to her womanhood. There was a deep craving for her nipple bonded boyfriend.

When she tried to move him away to get to his boxers, Rick stuck to her breasts. He was not ready to move on. “Rick my nipples are getting a sensitive stop,” she said while starting to feel the intensity of his suckling. Her boyfriend was working hard to get milk from her breasts. He knew that it was not going to happen soon enough. Rick leaned back from her stiff nub to see them now darker pink. He knew he was close but not tonight. The boyfriend reluctantly moved onto having sex with his heavy boobed girlfriend, Ariel.

Part 2 Getting Production Started

A couple of nights passed before Ariel was ready to have sex with her boyfriend again. The last time was great after getting him off of her tits. She did not seem to notice his real fondness for her breasts yet. His girlfriend was used to men giving her big chest the most attention. Tonight she came into the bedroom with Rick in only a pair of basketball shorts on the bed.

He quickly noticed her tight top upon entering. Ariel was wearing a grey tank top that held tightly to her torso, squeezing in her big braless boobs underneath. Rick could see her nipples pushing through the soft fabric. He could not wait to get ahold of them tonight. The boobs looked so good that he barely noticed the white thong on her hips below. She had put in a little extra effort to look sexy for him tonight.

Rick grabbed her arm when she got to the bedside, snatching her down onto of him. Ariel laughed while jumping over his body. She loved to straddle her boyfriend while kissing. It made the couple feel closer to each other. Her big boobs hung down to just brushing against his chest. Each movement would tease the man with her pokies. Ariel’s sweet lips met his for another passionate kiss.

The couple started making out on the bed to get the night started. Rick let the kissing go on for a few minutes before wanting to move on. He was still excited to try to get milk from his stacked girlfriend. When it was time, his arms moved her from his lap like the night before. This time he tried another position for trying to get her to produce. Rick pushed her back against the headboard in an upright position.

With Ariel sitting up on the bed he started to kiss her again. His lips did not stick around long. He started to move his kissed down her neck to her cleavage in the tight grey tank. She ad the massive mounds spilling out of her top as his lips pressed against the soft boobs. Rick did not waste any time pulling the top down under her breasts. The heavy bags held the top underneath with ease for access to the nipples.

He was feeling hunger in his body for her breasts. Rick took the pink nipple into his mouth. Taking in her areola and all. The boyfriend’s lips began to suckle at her tit. His hand massaged the other breast while hooked to one with his mouth. Ariel felt that warmth in her body again as he started to try feed from her breasts. Rick had looked up techniques to get milk out of his girlfriend online since the last time.

The upright angle was a big one to get proper flow naturally. It let her boobs hang from her chest in the best way. Ariel was pleased by the boyfriend’s suckling mouth. It was a different feeling than she was used to. She was feeling her body react to the way his mouth pulled at her enlarged nipple. Then Ariel felt something else happening. This was another new feeling for the girl.

Ariel was feeling herself starting to lactate for the first time. Rick had gotten it out of her. He did not say anything until she mentioned it. His tongue could taste the tiny drop of breast milk that leaked into his mouth. It took her a moment to react after being momentarily frozen by the lactation. She did not know what her feelings were about the situation yet. Then she pushed Rick’s head back from her leaking nipple. His mouth was left with the only trace of milk hidden inside.

The taste was sweet but nothing like normal milk from the store. She tasted like nectar on Rick’s tongue. He knew at that moment he needed more. Ariel brought him from the fantasy by asking, “What are you doing Ricky?” He was caught off guard but recovered smoothly. The boyfriend replied, “I was just sucking your nipple, what do you mean?”

“It just felt like something else was happening is all,” the girlfriend says with a confused stare. She was not sure what she felt but was turned on by the warm internal feeling it gave her. Ariel was hot inside for Rick. He moved his mouth back to her breasts. He knew now that she was able to produce for him. His hands went back to the heavy sacks while his lips returned to suckling at her udders.

She leaned her head back to let him please her body. Ariel trusted her boyfriend to not get too wild with her during sex. It did not take long for her to get adjusted to his normal moves to perform. The breast play seemed to be getting him off the last few times so she let it continue a little longer. Naturally, her hand moved down to cradle his head sucking on her nipple below.

Rick felt something changing about the situation when she started to support his head. He knew that she did not do it purposefully. She was letting her instincts take over in the heat of the moment. It felt like she was starting to accept him. The moment felt more passionate by her needy boyfriend suckling at her nipple. He was feeling her hand caress his head gently, causing it to become tingly and tense on his scalp.

The boyfriend began to pull hard at the nipple. He could feel it getting larger in his mouth. Then he got the sweet milk from her breast again. This time it felt like more liquid leaking out onto his waiting tongue. It also caused Ariel to catch onto what was happening. “Ricky! What just happened?” She asked while pushing away his head again.

“You are lactating baby,” he says to let her in on the secret. She did not believe him as she said, “No I am not. I am not pregnant Ricky.” Ariel was misinformed about female lactation. The young girl did not know that she could produce milk without having a baby. Rick explained, “It is normal to lactate Ariel, it is a natural production of the female body.” His voice sounded enthusiastic while speaking of the process.

Ariel did not seem to be understanding him completely with a strange look on her curled brow. “It feels great for you Ariel, I can tell you enjoy it,” the boyfriend said while trying to convince her to keep going. She did not know if he was serious or crazy. Ariel asked how he knew so much suddenly about her breasts. He knew that it was time to explain himself.

Rick started to tell his girlfriend about the purest sexual fetish that he had recently been drawn into. He described it as, “A wonderful moment between men and women to show true love, by nurturing and providing for one another.” The boyfriend had a natural charisma to his ability to convince Ariel into anything. She could feel the passion in his voice while telling her about the way it works.

Finally, Rick ended by telling Ariel how great it feels for both of them. She did not think it could feel pleasurable for him. Ariel did not think that her boyfriend was getting stimulation from the action. She asked softly, “So you are turned on from sucking on my tits now?” Ricks’s reply was stern and quick, “No Ariel. I am turned on by being held by you while feeding on your body’s natural reserves. I want you to be my nurturing woman Ariel. I need you to bed that woman. You have the perfect body for feeding me.” She said she needed time to think about it before wanting to end the moment for now.

Part 3 A Nurturing Goddess is Freed

Over a week past before Ariel mentioned the sexual fetish that her boyfriend taught her about. She had been through many different emotions about the moment. Ariel had felt awkward about producing milk, strange about her boyfriend’s new kink, and oddly aroused by the thought of the night’s recollection. The one thought she could not shake was how great it felt when he was sucking on her breasts. It was undesirable.

When the girlfriend finally accepted her feelings about the situation she went to her boyfriend with the decision. Ariel went into the living room to find her husband watching tv on the couch. She was fully naked this time. The girl did not plan on giving him much say in the situation.

Ariel snuck up behind her distracted boyfriend on the couch. Then she covered his eyes from behind with her soft hands. She ordered, “Ricky do not open your eyes or I will not give you your surprise.” Her voice sounded seductive as he agreed to obey the command. He did not know what she had planned but wanted to find out. Ricky squeezed his eyes shut tight before she removed her hands from the cover.

The boyfriend did not dare peek when he heard her feet walking around the couch on the floor. Then Rick felt his girlfriend sit down on the couch beside him. He could tell that she was on the middle cushion from the way the sofa moved. Ariel moved her hand over to his head to place her hand on the back of it. She moved him slowly down towards her lap. Rick felt excited while being moved downward.

She spoke softly, “Let me nurture you baby. I want to care for you, Ricky.” The words filled his ears while his head was propped up just under her breast. Ariel held his head up with her hand while beginning to rub her soft hands up and down his chest. Then she said in a sultry tone, “I want to feel you sucking on my nipple again. It has been all I could think about since you became the only man to ever milk me.” Ricky’s lips parted to accept her small nipple.

He started with his eyes still closed to suck at her nipple from below. The girl looked down at her feeding man while waiting for the warm feeling to overwhelm her body. She continued to rub down his torso to his stomach, now grazing her fingertips across his chest to the waistband of his shorts. It was not a sexual act, instead meant to gently relax the man.

Ariel watched as his hands moved to hold her breast in the grips of them. Rick latched onto the nipple harder. Then his hands started to massage at her breasts. His technique was getting better because it only took a few minutes of kneading her boob before he tasted the sweet flavor of her milk. The moment her tit started to leak out the nutrients for the boyfriend, Ariel felt that warm sensation flood through her body like a hurricane of pleasure. It was like nothing else experienced in sex.

Rick’s hands were pushed away from her boob as she said, “Let me get that for you baby.” Then his girlfriend watched his eyes open for the first time. He looked up at her beautiful brown eyes while feeding on her body. One of her hands caressed the back of his head. She ran her fingers across his scalp while using it to support his head. The other hand started to press down the round mound in Rick’s mouth.

He reached up slowly to guide her to correctly work the milk out of her nipple. The boyfriend gently moved her hand with his to the successful motion. Then when it started to lactate for him, he released his suction from the lips. Rick let his girl watch the white milk leak out of her large pink nipple. For the first time, they were able to watch a boob produce milk in person. It sent a powerful tingle down the spines of the bonding couple.

They began to move as one in a passionate moment. The room seemed to heat up for both of them on the couch. Ariel no longer needed to milk herself for the hungry boyfriend. She was now flowing naturally for him. He was able to get nearly mouthfuls of milk after a few minutes of suckling. The girl could not keep her eyes from watching his sensual feeding from her supple breast.

The boner in his shorts was only a sign of her being a wonderful provider for her man. He slipped his mouth from her nipple with the milk leaking down the round bottom fo her breasts. A white line of milk trailed down her flat stomach to between her thick thighs pressed together on the couch. Ariel was feeling the warmth of her body being given to her needy boyfriend.

She held his head gently while bonding with Rick. “Ohh Ricky you look so peaceful suckling at my nipple,” Ariel said while continuing to massage his head with her fingers. The warm breast milk had been slowly leaking down the same trail to her thighs for a while now. It created a wet spot on the couch cushion below. Rick needed more. He craved more. The well-nurtured man was going to get more.

His hand moved to her free nipple to get it ready for his mouth. Rick twisted and pulled at the nipple just right to get it to prepare for milking. Once he felt it was warmed up, the man moved his mouth to the other nipple. He needed to get more from the woman. Ariel ran her finger across the still lactating hard nipple to wipe off the extra drops of white nectar on the breast.

While her boyfriend was getting it from the source, she decided to get herself a taste. Her eyes lit up like Christmas when she tasted the sweetness of her natural juice. Ariel now understood why her man needed to take this from her body. She knew that it was too precious to go to waste. The girl got another taste before watching him work on the other tit.

This time Rick was working harder to force the milk from her body. It seemed like he was a starving man in need of food by the way he worked at her heavy bag. Then his lips popped hard from the suction being broken on her nipple. Rick squeezed around the areola with extra pressure as his mouth left the hard nub. White milk sprayed out elegant little streams of her milk across his face.

“Be careful, do not waste it, baby,” she said to her man getting a little reckless with her body’s milk. Ariel did enjoy watching her breast spray out the white milk to his face. It made her feel something more sexual down below as her womanhood heated up now. The couple continued to bond through the intense moment until she was no longer able to produce.

Ariel said in a soft tone, “Looks like I am all out for now Ricky. Going to need some time to rest before being able to feed you again.” Ricky was disappointed but knew that this would not be the last time with Ariel’s perfect breasts. He could not wait to be held gently while suckling for her sweet milk. The two were closer than ever as they both said, “I love you.” Ricky cuddled his head into her chest, nesting it between her soft drained breasts. They cuddled up on the couch without needing anything more from each other.

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