Sarah and Tia

It had been a while since the two girls settled into their depraved ways, likely being the reason things had reached such an intense climax this evening. Through a myriad of teasings and taunts, they had ended up in the bedroom, one on top of the other as they passionately made-out together.
“Enough talk, let’s see how much you can handle~”

With that said, Sarah focuses less on her taunts, and more on the person before her, quivering on their bed as she begins to regret giving up so much control so easily. Before she has a chance to fully run through her plan to regain leverage, Tia’s thoughts are snapped away by Sarah’s lips teasing at her nipples. Her tongue ran across each one in turns, eliciting a steady flow of milk onto her tongue, taking a few minutes teasing one before swapping. This left her free hand to tease the other, pinching and pulling at it without a care for her whimpers, only the sweet-tasting stream into her mouth
“Aww, don’t start squealing now, we’ve got a long way to go…”
That threat loomed over Tia’s head, a powerful warning that the rest of the night is going to be much worse for her to try and remain with her sanity. Sarah is likely planning to milk her dry.

As Tia begins sinking into the rhythm of having her breasts teased like this, feeling Sarah’s muffled moans against her skin and managing to stifle many of her own moans after a while. It’s soon broken by the beginning of Sarah’s plans for her. Instead of moving to tease her other nipple, her free hand sinks down between Tia’s legs, with no resistance as she struggles against her pent-up tension, idly grinding against her hand in response.

Her fingers were like a sudden relief for her aching pussy, but also a dreadful sentence into her impending evening. All the same, Tia couldn’t help from grinding forward onto Sarah’s hand as she began roughly fingering her, still licking and sucking at her breasts, forcing a heavier flow to start filling her mouth. It was mind-melting, having Sarah expertly suck on her tits like this whilst also having her pussy teased, the audible gulps from her throat as she savoured Tia’s taste. Her tongue flicked across her nipple, eliciting a faint spasm each time, and her lips felt so soft against her skin, urging her into her grasp even more.
It wasn’t long before Sarah felt Tia’s body begin to speed up, tensing up between kisses, an obvious sign of what’s to come. As soon as Sarah senses Tia was about to go over the edge, she pulls back her hand and watches her partner spasm in front of her. She almost felt cruel watching the disappointment on her face, but remembered what she had been subjected to at her hands so many times before, which rid herself of any guilt rather quickly. Instead, Sarah watches on with a distinct pride at her work, staring as Tia helplessly spasmed on the bed in front of her, unable to stop smiling as the girl gave in to the beginning of her evening of torture.

“Good girl~ Now, let’s see how many you can take!”

Once again, Tia saw the sadistic glint in Sarah’s eyes, flinching backwards at the prospect of continued humiliation, but still reeling from her orgasm, keeping her in place. Instead, Tia is held in place by her partner, forced to look up at her smug face as she relentlessly stimulates her breasts, pulling at them roughly whilst sucking on them, no mercy from Sarah’s fingers as her pussy is roughly pounded by her. She was clearly desperate for each dribble of milk against her tongue, moaning whenever a large amount spurted against it.

It’s a struggle to stay sane, the constant assault of mind-bending orgasms that leave her feeling unsatisfied, Sarah pulling back each time to watch as she helplessly writhes on the sheets, squealing to herself in a desperate attempt to elicit some kind of pity, but to no avail. Instead, Sarah continues watching all throughout the evening, forcing too many humiliating orgasms for either of them to count.

Finally, it seems as though Sarah is reaching her end, a glistening sweat across her skin, she works her fingers inside of Tia’s pussy, watching as her eyes roll up into her head for what she believes is the final time, feeling her orgasm build, but the stimulation still coming. Tia begins crying out in pure bliss, finally receiving pleasure beyond her orgasm, forced to something incredibly fulfilling as her body begins twitching madly.

“There you go, Tia! Cum for me!”
That was all the encouragement she needed, practically permission to let go and finally release the pent-up tension that had built within her. As if the floodgates had been opened, Tia feels every drop of pleasure surge out of her, what’s left of her mind wracking itself in an overwhelming sense of bliss, her pussy screaming out for more as she desperately grinds against Sarah’s hand. At this moment, Tia feels her body cave, and gives no effort to stop it. Her pussy squeezes around Sarah’s fingers, and she cries out even louder as she finally squirts her milk violently across Sarah’s skin, dripping down her entire body as she holds a distinct look of glee. It lasts several seconds, the pathetic screams and wails from her lips as Sarah does little but holds her hand in place for her to grind against, and smiles at how pathetic the usually-dominant one of them has become.

Tia’s limp, overfucked body releases itself after such an intense orgasm, falling backwards into the sheets with her mouth hanging open. From her lips escape a few pathetic whimpers as her body writhes in the afterglow of an absolutely mind-shattering ordeal.
“Now, let’s see if you can do that again~
The prospect is too much for her to handle, but Tia can’t help but smile instinctively, raising her hips for Sarah to stimulate her all over again, the night still only just beginning.

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