The Good Deed (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

The Good Deed

A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

“Hey watch where ya going!”
Cassie winced as the ugly, greasy haired woman stormed past, nearly mowing her down with the battered push chair she was forcing down the street at high speed.

Waiting until she was certain that the woman would not be looking back at her, Cassie turned her head and watched as the scruffy individual paused on her journey to offer some encouraging words of advice to the two children that were trailing along behind, “Get a move on ya little cunts…I am gonna miss my fave tv show!”

She almost cringed as she imagined the lives the poor children had only to sigh and shake her head as the oldest of them; a scraggly haired girl of no more than six extended a finger and told her mother to, “Fahk off!”
As the mother abandoned her push chair and gave chase after the girl, cheered on by the laughs of the other child, Cassie turned away and hurried across the street to the steps of the Dagenham Youth Centre.
She shuddered as she stepped inside, the cool shadows of the old buildings inner lobby wrapping about her, replacing the glaring sun that shone down on the street, before she stepped through into the large hall beyond and joined the throng of people that were filling it.
“Ah Cassandra!” the deep voice of Reverend Danes called out, dragging her attention towards the overweight black man as he sidled his way through the milling crowds to stand at her side, her stomach knotting as she finally noticed the curious looks that the people stood closest to her were throwing her way.

Not that she was surprised at all.

The Downtown area was one of increased poverty and neglect and here she was in her expensive summer dress and sunglasses, with her hair, nails and tan perfect.

No wonder people were giving her hostile looks.
She knew she would if their roles were reversed.

Yet these people were in need of help and she was going to do her best to assist them no matter what, her desire to do the right thing intensified by her own guilt.

Born into a life of privilege, Cassie had known nothing else all her way through school and then college, even her marriage to her high school sweetheart had been an expensive affair as had the home they had moved to.
As the years had passed by they had become lost in their own lives, he with his business and she with her job as an author, yet just two months before they’d had a child together after one of their few and far between moments of passion following a friends wedding.
That had been the moment that Cassie had realised that she and her child had a great life compared to other mums and newborns that she began to see about her.

It was then that she realised that she needed to do more to help out with the welfare of others and had sought out Reverend Danes in the Downtown Youth Centre to see if she could help in any way by volunteering there.
Yet as she stood in the doorway of the main hall with all the faces staring back at her, she began to feel uneasy.
Had she made a mistake coming here?

She stepped back as a woman moved past her, the shoulders of the lady pressing against her large breasts and she winced as she stared down at her chest, for a moment fearing that she had leaked some breast milk.
Even with the pads in her bra it was a common thing.

Maybe she should be back at home with her daughter.

“…glad that you have been able to come!” Reverend Danes continued, embarrassing her as she realised that she hadn’t been listening to him speak, his hand on her arm stopping any plans she might have had of leaving.
Blushing, she allowed the old priest to lead her through the pressing crowds to a larger area out the back, stunned at how many people of ethnic backgrounds were at the hall, more than she had ever seen before.

As the Reverend closed the door behind them, he turned and threw her an apologetic smile, “I will apologise now if any of these unfortunates offer you comments that might offend you…they are living below the bread line”
“And I have come here all dressed up” she nodded in understanding, wishing that she had dressed down.
“It’s no bother” he waved her apology aside, “I just wanted you to be ready for anything that might be said”
With that he was off once more, leading her through into another room where a couple of young black men were handing out soups to the lines of hungry families while another couple cooked more over by the far wall.
“Dwayne, Darrell, Kent, Cecil” he addressed the four young men drawing their gaze from what they were doing, “This is Cassandra, she is here to help you all”

Embarrassed, she cast each of the men an awkward smile, “Please, call me Cassie…pleased to meet you”
“The pleasure is all ours pretty lady” the man called Kent grinned back, and as the other three men chuckled, Reverend Danes tilted his head to one side and frowned.

“You will all treat Cassie right, you hear me?”

“I’d treat her right, all right” one of them muttered beneath his breath drawing laughs from the others.
Reverend Danes crossed his arms, “Now listen…I agreed to let you all work here on the understanding that it helped with your parole…if my help isn’t appreciated then you know what to do…are we clear?”
There was a murmur and the older black man tilted his head, his voice growing deeper, “I said are we clear?”
“Yes Reverend” the four voices chorused and the priest nodded, gesturing for Cassie to follow him to the side.
“Is it safe here…are they criminals?” she gasped, stunned.

“Former” he stated, forcing a smile, “They are good boys, the system just let them down…the key is to be strong with them all…remember you are a forty year old woman and they are in their early twenties…you are in charge!”

“Yeah…a forty year old woman that has just had a baby!”

The Reverend laughed, “I am sure you’ll be fine”

And with that he left, leaving Cassie alone with the men.

For the next three hours she stood at the front counter between Darrell and Cecil, handing out soup and sandwiches to those that had stopped by the centre, finding to her great astonishment that she actually enjoyed the jokes and conversation with the pair.
Several times during the day, fearing that her breasts were leaking she had rushed to the small bathroom, each time relieved to find that she had been mistaken.

Finally, the queues began to die down and leaving Darrell and Cecil, Casssie had head over to where Kent and Dwayne were now standing washing up at a sink.

In no time she had replaced Dwayne, letting the young man head off to sweep the floor while she washed the pots and the tall, muscular Kent dried them and put them away in various cupboards upon the back wall.
“So” he grinned after several minutes of conversation with her, “What on Earth has made a woman like you come down her to the Hell hole to volunteer?”

“A woman like me?” she had nodded, smiling sadly as she turned to meet his gaze, “You mean with money?”
“Whuh?” he seemed puzzled for a moment, brow furrowing, before he shook his head, “Nah, I mean a gorgeous looking white woman like you…what makes a woman like you want to come work here with us?”
Her laugh was nervous as she sent him a sideways smile, her cheeks flushing with colour, “Gorgeous?”
“Oh yeah, you know it” he grinned, tossing the dish drying towel aside as he moved to lean beside the sink where she stood, his muscled form towering over her five foot six inch frame, “You are on fine looking woman”
Blushing even more, Cassie turned to look into the window opposite, her breath catching in her throat as she saw her reflection staring back at her; soft tanned skin, short boyish hair and what she had been told many times were attractive features. She studied her face for second longer then lowered her gaze to study her full breasts and slender waist, her keep fit regime getting her back in shape quickly following her recent childbirth.

Raising her head once more she gasped as she found the reflection of Kent standing behind hers, his eyes meeting hers, “You are downright fucking gorgeous”

“I’m old enough to be your mother!” she laughed, the sound dying as she felt his large hands move to rest on her hips, his breath hot on her exposed neck, “Hey now, Kent, I am a happily married woman…”

“OK” his voice was loud in her ear, his breath burning like lava on the side of her throat as he dipped his head towards her, “But does he make you feel like this…”

She gasped as he lips found the side of her neck, sucking gently and eyes wide she tried to push away, only for his hands to move higher and hold her above the waist, his strength holding her in place as he kissed and hushed her. Heart racing, Cassie turned her face to tell him to stop only to groan as his mouth sucked on hers, his tongue pushing between her lips and his hands moving up to cup her large breasts through her dress.

“Oh yeah” he murmured, moving his face away slightly, his hands kneading her large breasts, his groin in tight behind her, “I knew this was what you really wanted!”

“What?” she gasped as he kissed her again, “No!”

“Yeah” he kissed her neck once more, tongue sliding, drawing a moan from Cassie, “Rich white girl comes down here swinging her big titties around…I knew what you wanted from the moment I saw you…!”
“What?” she groaned, heart racing as she spun to face him, his big hands grasping at her arse cheeks through the thin material of her dress, “I came to help!”

He smothered her mouth with his for a moment then broke the kiss, “Nah, you came for the cock!”


“Big black cock…!”

“What? No…I’ve never had….”

“Black cock?” he leered, “First time for everything!”

“No!” she shook her head, “Honestly, that is not why I came here…not for sex…I have just had a baby!”
“Whuh?” Kent sent her a stunned look, the corners of his mouth creeping up as he suddenly stared down at her heaving breasts, “You breastfeeding this kid?”

“Y…yes?” she stammered, eyes wide, “But why?”

“Hey Darrell!” Kent called out as he turned to where the other three young black men stood, Cassie cringing as she realised that they had seen them kissing, “Keep an eye out for the Rev ok…me and Cassie will be back soon”
“Wait…where are we going?” she gasped as Kent took her hand in his and headed off towards the bathroom.
In moments, the pair of them were inside the small room, she standing back against the wall and Kent standing before her with a lustful look on his face.

“Please” she shook her head, “We can’t do this”

“What?” he grinned, reaching up to drag his tee shirt off, casting it aside as he held her gaze, enjoying the look on her face as she studied his muscled chest and torso, “I got the impression you were enjoying yourself”
“I was…” she sighed and shook her head, “Kent, I…”

“Let me suck your titty milk” he stated, a grin on his face.

“What?” she gasped, her chest heaving as she held his gaze, her mind reeling as she pictured him doing it.
“You heard me” he stepped up to her, one hand stroking her face as he kissed her, the other reaching up to squeeze first one large breast and then the other.

“Oh God” she moaned, kissing him back hungrily as she reached up between their bodies and dragged down the top of her summer dress and her bra, filling his hands with her soft tit flesh, his fingers tweaking her nipples.
As she gasped in a mixture of pain and ecstasy, the large young man bent and fastened his mouth to one of the hard nubs, lips sucking hungrily as he held her still.

With a grunt of appreciation, he straightened, his lips coated with traces of her milk and before she could react he was kissing her once more, before moving his mouth to her other nipple, sucking just as hard on that.
Acting on auto-pilot now, lost in the moment, Cassie reached down and unfastened his trousers, pushing them and his underwear down, a gasp escaping her as she felt the hard thick column that was his cock.

Without a word, Kent lifted her from the floor to sit atop the edge of the sink in the bathroom, his hands pushing up her dress and tearing her panties from her body.

She groaned, the sound low and drawn out as he stepped back between her open thighs and pushed his cock into her dripping depths, his hips swaying as he worked his thick length deeper and deeper into her.
Eyes half closed with lust, she stared up into his big brown eyes as he grinned, “Gimme that milk, mama!”
“Oh yes” she cooed, mind reeling, as she cupper her large breasts, offering the nipples to his face, “Mama has all the milk you need baby…fuck me harder please!”

He did as instructed, pumping his cock in and out of her, driving her from one orgasm to another as he sucked on each big tit in turn, gorging himself on her milk, hands squeezing her soft tit flesh as if he were attacking them.
At some point the ecstasy of it all became too much and with a groan she passed out, the last thing she saw being the leering face of Kent as he sucked on a nipple. She awoke some time later to find Reverend Danes sitting watching her and gasping she sat up on the table in the middle of the kitchen where Kent must have placed her after she had passed out, hands moving to ensure that she was covered, sighing as she saw she was.

“So…had a good day?” the middle-aged black man smiled as he rose and moved over to where she sat.

Cassie winced, “I’m sorry…I must have fallen asleep”

Reverend Danes gave a chuckle, “I caught Kent dressing you earlier and he assured me it had been consensual. Were he lying?”
“No….no it was the truth” she sighed heavily, shaking her head as she raised her head to meet his gaze, “Are you going to tell my husband?”

“That depends” the black man gave a deep chuckle.
“On what?” Cassie gasped, her stomach flipping over.
The smile of the priest was broad, his eyes twinkling with lust, “On whether you have got any milk left for me”

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