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    I finally did it after 6 months of research and self motivation, I finally introduced my desire for ANR to my wife today. Her response was “your not drinking my milk!” Is there anything I can tell her that it’s not just drinking the milk that’s why I’m intested in ANR. She is still breast feeding our 2 year old but we are planning on weaning him off soon. I have sent her this letter to show her my excitement on ANR and why I felt it was something great.

    What if I told you that I have a great idea to help make our relationship stronger?

    What if I told you that my idea will make our relationship more intimate and our bond stronger than ever?

    What if I told you this idea can even reduce breast cancer!

    Intrigued? Keep reading.

    As you can see I’ve put a lot of thought, time and research into this idea. By putting it down on paper I thought I could communicate and explain it better.

    Before reading this, please don’t think that your husband is perverted or crazy by any means rather think of this as me being open minded, passionate and wanting to better our relationship by providing a stronger loving bond between us.

    I’m interested in an adult nursing relationship with you. Since we are trying wean our son from nursing, I thought this would be perfect time to present this idea to you. I would like you to nurse me. Before you jump to any conclusions about this idea, please keep reading. Here’s why this is a wonderful idea for us:

    1. I love you and your breasts turn me on. I’ve always loved holding and sucking on your breasts and nipples and just the thought of it gets me excited. (The most turned on I get is when you are lying on your side in bed and your breasts are against my mouth.) This will enhance our love life.

    2.Although you may think that this is a sexual thing, but it is more than that. I feel that it will provide us with a special bond together, something to look forward too and force us to spend quality time together. Life is sometimes too stressful and we move too fast. Nursing will force us to slow down, relax and enjoy each other.

    3.Breastfeeding helps your body produce oxytocin, known as the love hormone, which will give a bond to mother and child, but it will give a stronger bond to husband and wife.

    4. It will make me and you healthier. Human milk better than cows milk! It’s a scientifically proven fact. Studies have even shown that it reduces breast cancer. See this :

    Although I’m not solely interested in drinking the breast milk but more about the act of sharing an emotional and intimate bond with my wife that no one else can provide. I feel that this will continue to give us a stronger bond for a lasting relationship.

    5. This will improve your breast milk flow and fresher milk will come in, better for child too (if he is still nursing). And if we have another child it will help them too. ?

    6. It will help you burn more calories. ??

    Obviously, I’m very gentle with you and wouldn’t want to hurt you or do anything that makes you uncomfortable. I also want to put my child’s health ahead of mine. All I’m asking is why not try it? It might be something that we don’t like and never do again, but then again it might be something very special to bring us together even stronger emotionally, spiritually and intimately for years to come.

    If this is something you will like to try with me, I have researched this subject and read that many couples do this (read about it online). I feel that it is a natural thing for a husband and wife. It will take a commitment from both of us. Recommendations say to nurse about 2-3 times per day. But with our schedules, we may only be able to do 1-2 times. Here are some web sites that talk about it and are clean:

    Why ANR ?

    ♥️ you!

    Your loving husband,

    Anyone have any ideas to how I can explain to her that ANR is special and not just drinking the milk?


    I believe that you have put it in a loving and positive way. Although milk is not the only a part of the experience it is a big part—because it is the gift that many women want to give to their husbands. The husband worships her breasts and makes the woman feel more feminine and desirable and gives her pleasure of mind, spirit, and body, while the husband holds those wonderful nipples in his mouth while massaging her breasts and receives her gift. It is a time of gift sharing not feeding. Our two stories in Nursing tales brings this out if you could get her to read them.

    Be patient and give it time to sink in to her.


    Thank you Eternalcontentment for your support.
    Update to my letter:
    Well after a few days, my wife flat out told me that she’s not interested in me drinking her milk and that its only for babies and she feels it’s weird. She also explains that she’s planning on slowing down nursing our child so she wants the milk flow to stop. :-(. On the good side she stated that she likes that I play and suck on her breasts and much as I want. I wonder if I suckle during foreplay for a while and milk comes out will she stop me? Will she even know that milk is coming out if it’s small amounts?
    My response was that’s fine and that I respect her answer. I continued to explain how I still felt that there’s nothing wrong but she felt to differ. I figure I’ll have to step back and let her digest it longer. I explained to her of why my desire to nurse and that I never ask much and that our sex life was slow and I felt I finally found a desire I was missing that got my turned on physically and emotionally. That most men have different desires and I finally found mine.

    Any ideas?


    There is one indisputable fact: Cows milk is meant for cows not humans. It is pretty gross that we drink milk from a filthy animal like cows. That is what is weird. It is the most natural thing on earth for a wife to share the glory of her breasts with her husband. If she is willing to let you suckle go with it and don’t say anything if you get some milk and enjoy it for what it is. Maybe over time she will see how wholesome and natural it is to share the gift of her breasts with her husband. It is funny how people are conditioned by society. When we were younger oral sex was considered to be a perversion. Now it is everyday life and people talk about it openly. You could say that the penis was made for the vagina and vice versa and that’s that! That the mouth was made for breathing, talking and eating, not kissing! If the truth was fully made known, without the restraints of society, all men have a need to enjoy the comfort and peacefulness of the glory of their wife’s breasts.
    Best Wishes.


    An interesting fact that your wife might like to know: In our generation many people in the US did not breastfeed their children. It was considered to be nasty, something only people of low birth did, natives in the jungle, etc. and instead of doing something very natural and wholesome–they fed their children cows milk, milk from an animal. So what your wife is doing now by breastfeeding your child was considered to be weird back then. I remember people talking about the few that did breastfeed as being weird. Some people nowadays believe a two-year-old child is a little old to be breastfed. The point is that what is weird for society in general may not be weird at all–Society may have it all wrong.

    Steven Huxter

    Hi, The very fact that you have had to write a letter about it after 2 years of nursing means you have already missed the boat. Her response of “your not drinking my milk” “thats wierd” is so typical of someone who is blinded by the taboos of society. She does not know what she wants. You need to appeal to her natural instincts and show your wife how you love her how you want her how you would even drink her milk. Find a way to arouse these instincts with out talking about it, once she feels flattered and intimiate she will soon come round.


    Great advice, Steven Huxter. You hit the nail on the head. He should show her through acts of helping around the house, treating her like a beautiful enchantress, and making her feel more feminine. It is interesting that a lot of animals work their way up to breeding by building nests together, as the male woos his mate.



    Hi. My wife and I have recently and tentatively started with ANR. A year ago was a different story though.

    She was visiting her sister who had just given birth, and I stayed home with our children. We’d been married over a decade, and it was the first time we’d been apart. I spent a lot of the time she was gone really thinking about how much the relationship meant to me. Early on we’d had some fertility issues, and our sex life had seen it’s struggles, but it’s only gotten better and better to the point that it’s truly great. So when I found myself fantasizing about ANR, I realized it wasn’t just as a kink.

    When we spoke about it when she returned it didn’t go well. I hadn’t thought enough about what she might feel it would mean to her personal and professional life. In her experience, nursing required a lot of her physically and I was essentially asking her to give up much of her time to my desire. On top of all that she might have to give up to make this happen for me, there was going to be real challenges outside of the bedroom. If she re-lactated, her breasts would fill and need to be emptied regularly. There is no socially understood answer for why a woman who doesn’t have an infant is lactating. She might need to return to nursing bras or use pads. When she goes to the doctor without explaining our personal life, it could be appear to them to be a warning sign for possible ailments. That is a lot to ask. And then I hadn’t even thought about the fact that she had just returned from visiting her sister and maybe the difficulties of being a nursing mother were particularly fresh in her mind.

    Plus on the surface, ANR doesn’t seem to square with our sexual dynamic. In porn as a fetish, breastfeeding can suggest “adult baby” and while for some that is their need, for myself and my wife, suggesting ANR to my wife must have seemed like I was flipping the script on her just as things were getting better for her sexually and personally.

    So what’s different now? Well we had another good conversation. We were up late one night enjoying some records, talking about what has been challenging this last year, and future planning. We discussed everything, including the rocky sexual issues that occurred when she’d gotten back the previous year. It was out of that level of deep communication that we tentatively started. What is working now, I think is that I am conscious of her concerns surrounding ANR and I will not push for more than she is comfortable with.

    I joined this forum thinking that other people’s experience might help me. I don’t think I’d be comfortable talking about it without feeling I might be judged.

    When I read your letter and heard your wife’s response, I thought I might share my experience and offer a suggestion.

    While your list of pros could be nice, they don’t necessarily outweigh what she could be experiencing as cons. Be careful not to take her response as rejection or to carry resent for her over this. Perhaps, if you think about other ways you could deepen your relationship with your wife now, ANR might make sense later. The worst that could happen is that you don’t have ANR, but you have deeper relationship with your partner.


    This was a great message. Thank you for sharing this with me. I have basically put my ANR idea to rest at the moment but will bring them up again when the time is right. I just need to work on the basics of our relationship and taking care of our family and toddler. Hopefully one day she will understand that my idea is not just about me but about us.


    You’re welcome! Cheers.

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