The Breastfeeding Trial

The Breastfeeding Trial

 I would never have responded to the advert if I hadn’t been so desperate for cash, but with my student loan repayments due and the rent on the house going up for the third year in a row, there was no way I could ignore an opportunity that paid that well.

“So it’s a medical trial?” I asked on the phone.

“Correct,” replied the receptionist. “But it’s a very safe one. All the drugs have been tried on humans before. This is more of a qualitative assessment. You’ll take a course of nutritional supplements… and then we simply ask that you document the results.”

“Sounds good,” I replied. And it did – especially as they were offering over a thousand dollars for completing the course. There was no way I could turn this down. I booked myself in for an appointment and, after a thorough medical assessment, began taking the tablets.

It wasn’t too bad at first. I noticed some very slight cramps – a bit like an early period – but they went away fairly quickly. Apart from that everything was more or less normal – except for the fact that my breasts seemed to be swelling up. After two weeks on the pills I barely fit into my bras anymore, and both of my breasts – usually C-cups at most – were so swollen and heavy that they barely fit into my hand.

My boyfriend, Ellis, couldn’t get enough of them. “If this is what those pills are doing for you,” he said, fondling my breasts as I lay cuddled up to him in bed one evening, “then I’m all in favour. I think you should ask for more.”

I punched him affectionately on the shoulder and snuggled into his chest. “It’s not just that though,” I said. “They don’t feel quite normal.”

“Hmm.” A worried expression flickered across his handsome face. “Perhaps you ought to call the doctor in charge of the trial. Just to check.”

“I already have,” I said. As I thought back to the call I’d made earlier that evening a blush crept up my face. How was I going to explain this to Ellis? I brushed a strand of blonde hair out of my eyes and bit my lip. “He said it was nothing to worry about. Just a normal reaction some people have.”

“Good,” said Ellis, breathing a sigh of relief. He squeezed my breasts once more, rolling his palm against their weight. “I’m getting to like the new you.”

“That wasn’t all he said,” I said, blushing furiously now. “He said that… sometimes… in certain people… well… it can make you… express.”


“It can make it so that you’re able to… give milk. And he said that if they hurt, then I should get a breast pump, or have them suckled.”

“You’re kidding,” said Ellis. I hid my face, almost overwhelmed by the embarrassment swelling within me. But his voice didn’t sound disgusted… in fact he sounded intrigued. “So… um… you think you could… produce milk?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. That’s what it feels like. They feel… heavy. They feel kind of full.”

“Do they hurt?” said Ellis, deadly serious.

“A little,” I whispered. There had been a dull ache in my breasts all day… a stretched and weighty sensation. The truth was, deep down, I kind of wanted them suckled. At least, that was what my body wanted. I could feel it like a physical urge.

“Well,” said Ellis, propping himself up on his elbow beside me, “we can’t have you hurting, now can we?”

And with that he reached down and eased up the hem of my shirt. It was a little bit of a struggle to get it over the swollen mound of my breasts, but he managed it after a second or two. They lay heavy and full against my chest, the nipples a little distended by their growth. With his eyes locked on mine, Ellis leaned down and engulfed one of my nipples in his mouth.

I felt that nipple harden straightaway. He’d sucked my nipples before while we made love, but this was so much better than that. This felt good and right. This felt like something I’d always needed. I gasped and arched my back as he began to gently suck. I could feel something moving inside of me – a sensation almost of pressure being released. Ellis groaned, partly in surprise and partly in pleasure, and pulled back, licking his lips.

“It worked,” he said, sounding shocked. “There was milk. Sweet, warm milk. It tastes amazing.”

I could feel my breasts aching for his mouth again, and I shifted a little on the bed. “It felt good,” I moaned. “Ellis, please. Don’t stop. Drink from me. Please. I need you to.”

Ellis wasted no time in complying. He lowered his mouth to me again, and I felt the sweet, wonderful sensation of him drinking from me once more. He made a series of long, slow sucks, drawing milk from me each time. As he drank I could feel myself draining – the pain and the pressure in that breasts ebbing away to be replaced by a sense of peace and pleasure and tranquillity.

I don’t know how long it took for him to drink from me. It could have been just a few minutes, or it could have been an hour. I was floating, the whole time, in a sea of absolute tranquillity. When at last he pulled gently back from me, it was like waking from a dream.

“All done?” I asked. “What about this one?” I cupped my other breast – still swollen and full – and offered it pleadingly to him.

“Yes,” murmured Ellis. His lips were shiny with my milk. “Yes. I want that. God, this feels so right.”

He got on top of me then, and slipped between my legs. I parted them for him, offering myself up, and he hooked my panties and pulled them aside. I hadn’t realised before, but I was stunningly wet – my whole body suffused with pleasure already. As he slipped into me, I couldn’t help but moan in satisfaction.

Ellis, for a moment, simply lay on top of me, engulfing me in his warm embrace. Then, with a gentle shiver, he arched his back and took my other nipple in his mouth. As he slowly sucked, he rolled his hips, sliding leisurely in and out of me. My body sang with pleasure, with peace. I lay back against the bed and ran my hands through his hair as my boyfriend made love to me, and suckled my sweet, warm milk. This, I thought to myself, was better than any orgasm. I stroked his head as he fed from me, and lay back on the softness of the bed, and waited for him to finish.

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