New Stories

Empty Crib

Empty Crib Karen had once regarded herself as an exceptionally fortunate person. She met the love of her life in high school and he was strong and smart and kind. She landed her dream job right out of college. By the age of twenty-five she’d already become a sought after interior designer and Mark’s success […]

Finding Communion

Finding Communion ‘That’s a good boy,’ Janet said, stroking her fingers over Clark’s hair. He had such blonde hair, she thought – so fine. Just like a baby’s. The feelings he was giving her weren’t like a baby, though; very much the opposite. This gorgeous man was worshipping at her breast like he’d found the […]

Juliet and Richard

“Juliet ! Where are you going ? I said I am sorry, pardon me Richard apologised .. ” Sorry? I saw you dancing with that bitch, holding her waist ,by the time I came out of the rest room you were all over her, can you let go of my hands, I’m leaving… Juliet struggled […]

Busty Judge

MY BUSTY JUDGE When my neighbor asked me to drive her to the Family Court for a matter involving the custody of her son, I had hesitated, I came up with different excuses. Eventually, I agreed to go with her, after all we had been neighbors since she got divorced and she always shared her […]

Avery and Sarah

Avery and Sarah “Hey Avery, can you come here for a second?” “Yes Sarah, what’s wrong?” Responded Avery “My boobs are full of milk, can you do me a favor and suckle them for me to relieve the pressure?” She asked, groping her giant milky tits with pleasure. “Anything for you babe” Avery walked up […]

Tina:  part two: sick

Tina waited quietly in Olwen’s office with a gaze of excitement and sense of sheer satisfaction as what she longed for in this world had culminated into reality. As she buttoned up her last button, Tina heard the door open. She looked confused as Olwen stepped through the door. “I’m so sorry about that, Chris […]

Tina: part one: to my office

They were of equal age, they both were lovely, Had learned the ABC from the same teachers, And so love came to both of them together In simple innocence, and filled their hearts With equal longing.   Ovid Pursing her lips together in the staff bathroom mirror music teacher, Tina, coloured her pale pink lips […]

Lovely Lucy: part seven – lover’s tears

Her phone screamed at her. She peeled back her eyes and was met with a smiling Kenny, who sat neatly dressed at the end of the bed reading a medical magazine, surrounded by a sea of bags. As she fumbled for her phone, she was roused by a cup of tea on end of her […]

Lovely Lucy: part six – The Rush

Kenny’s big goofy smile said it all, this was a guy besotted by the woman he had grown to trust. He rolled lazily from her bed, almost falling as he reached for his bag. He was in desperate search for his silver phone and his black leather wallet, well, more importantly, his credit card. He […]

Toby and Amanda

Maya ensured the camcorder was rolling as her younger sister Amanda peeled off her oversized red shirt and her giant milk-filled breasts flopped throbbing with her huge dark nipples and surrounded by huge pink nipples. Her boobs are perfectly angled down her small chest and looked fixed in the middle with thumbs up as bowling […]

The Breastfeeding Trial

The Breastfeeding Trial  I would never have responded to the advert if I hadn’t been so desperate for cash, but with my student loan repayments due and the rent on the house going up for the third year in a row, there was no way I could ignore an opportunity that paid that well. “So […]