A Nurturing Woman

For something so eventful in her life, the morning after was completely stale, all things considered.

Carmen woke up after the couple, sitting up to watch them groggily pacing around her room and looking for their clothes in the darkness, passing the articles amongst each other if they found something not theirs. It was almost… juvenile, she supposed.

She felt like she was getting one-night stood, and she’d woken up to discover the… the couple trying to one-night stand her without a word, but when Anna saw her sit up, she walked to the light switch and turned it on, blinding everyone in the room for a split second before she spoke, “Hey, Carmen… Didn’t wanna wake you up…”

Carmen thought she was trying to be casual about ditching, and she was conflicted over feeling hurt about a married couple not wanting to say goodbye properly. It was selfish, of course.

“Jake’s got work in a few hours so we gotta take off..,” she continued, gesturing to her husband taking a seat at the edge of the bed and pulling up a sock on his foot, “Later on, can you tell me if the PayPal went through? We had to cancel the card a few days ago cuz I lost it.”

The younger woman nodded wordlessly, the idea of asking if this would be a recurring thing right on the tip of her tongue. Speaking about money made her feel like a whore, even if this was exactly what she was doing all this for. Maybe that’s why all her boyfriends left her, she was just… too serious about relationships too fast.

“If it didn’t, we’ll just bring cash next time we come over.”

That was Jake, a beautiful and powerful man, relieving a weight in Carmen’s chest with a single sentence. Next time.

“Yeah, wh- I mean, what did you think..? About last night..? It was fun, right..?” Anna asked sheepishly, like she was afraid that they’d ruined their chances with Carmen after the wonderful sex the night prior.

Ironically, Carmen had the same question, but she only chose to answer, “It was… I had a lot of… fun…”

“Great..! So.., we’re thinking maybe… like, next time you got a day off work?” Anna asked, slipping a shirt on that she found on a charming little hanger suspended on the door. It belonged to Carmen, and it was entirely cute that she was wearing it.

The three of them walked to the entrance of the apartment soon after, and Carmen was surprised to have let the couple each kiss her lovingly before leaving, closing the door only after they disappeared from her view, leaving the girl alone with butterflies in her stomach… and aching breasts.

“You’re still taking the Motilium, right?” Anna asked over the video feed a few days later, a cup of coffee sitting on the table by the woman’s side as she spoke to Carmen.

“Yeah, and th- drinking the teas and stuff you guys sent yesterday… It’s..,” Carmen’s hands lifted the heavy weight of her breasts up, covered by the t-shirt she was wearing, two spots dark and wet from where Carmen had removed her bra after work, “I think they’re heavier than last time…”

That just beamed Anna’s eyes with a light, biting her lower lip, swallowing as she nodded positively, glancing at something off-screen before drinking her coffee, “… I know we already thanked you, Carmen… but I really wanna reiterate just how thankful we are, me and Jake… You are thi- this beautiful ray of hope in our lives ever since we got in contact with you…”

Carmen grinned shyly at that. She didn’t know what to say.

“I- Um, well, I think I wanna have you over instead of going over there… Jake’s working some overtime this Friday, and I would really love it if you kinda came over here and… y’know, just help us alleviate some stress… It’d be nice to surprise Jakey, and I know he’s not gonna be against it,” Anna suggested, soon after telling Carmen that she’d pay for the gas money to the upper-side of town for her.

The younger woman agreed. She had no intention of disagreeing, closing the call with Anna with a small teasing peek under her shirt, lying on her bed quietly as she thought of the couple.

She thought of them on Friday, driving uptown to their place of residence, thinking about how they’ve been just as much a positive influence for her as she was apparently for them. It made her wonder about how they were before her… She wondered if things weren’t so amicable.

“Hey..!” Anna answered the door for Carmen, leading the girl inside her two-story home, a beautifully tasteful interior decorum immediately putting a smile on the younger woman’s face, glancing every which way as Anna asked for her to sit as she went to the kitchen for some drinks.

She returned with two glasses, crossed at the stem in one hand, and a wine bottle in the other. Vintage, ornate, and most of all, expensive, a callback to the first night they spent together, where Carmen had drunk herself a buzz as the couple ate off her proverbial plate.

Anna poured her guest a cup, herself another, and relaxed beside the younger woman.

“… How was the drive here..?” She asked, taking a sip, making small talk, barely able to keep her eyes off Carmen’s chest. It moved slowly to the rhythm of her breathing, noticeably bigger than the last time they were together.

Carmen clicked her tongue, smiling timidly as she answered, “Quiet… I don’t come here often so I got lost in one of the blocks…”

“Yeah, ha… It happens,” Anna replied with a chuckle, scooting closer to Carmen, their legs touching now, “It’ll be a half hour before… before Jake gets out, at least…”

The younger woman took a gulp of her wine, looking at her host, at how she looked at her like a starving animal, and nodded. She drank more, and with her free hand, started to undo one of the buttons to her blouse before Anna leaned in, sparing no time in pulling the top open forcefully.

Tiny thumps of buttons landing on the laminated wood floors filled Carmen’s ears, having no chance to argue as Anna savored the flesh of the tops of the girl’s breasts on her lips and chin and cheeks, kissing in the crevice between the two tits, sighing wistfully before glancing up at Carmen, “These are… God, I love them…”

She’d thought it was envy, at first. Some sort of sick desire to enjoy what she couldn’t have, the younger woman never mentioning how her host’s own chest was significantly smaller than her own. They were there… but they didn’t compare.

But seeing how Anna reveled in her lover’s breasts, pulling the bra down to expose Carmen’s hardened soft pink nipples, hungrily taking one in her mouth as she squeezed the other, the younger woman knew this was only out of pure love… not envy. She could feel her nipple squeezed and licked and aching in Anna’s oral embrace, knowing her lover was engorging herself on the literal milk of her labors.

She could see the white clear liquid being rubbed out of her other breast, pinched nipple sore from the week’s work prior, slowly making a mess atop Anna’s finger and thumb.

All the while, Carmen groaned quietly, swallowed nervously, feeling entirely at the older woman’s mercy in the wake of her husband being gone for the time being. Anna was the one to instigate both encounters, kickstart the celebration of Carmen’s bounty, except there was no counterweight in Jake this time.

For whatever the couple were together, Anna alone gave Carmen an unsettling and devious feeling. Alone like this, it felt unfaithful.

The older woman was overbearing, forcing Carmen onto her back, the frantic blonde desperately trying not to spill the wine and failing, quickly apologizing to Anna as she watched the woman switch breast eagerly in her moans.

“Forget about-” Anna began, not bothering to finish as she resumed suckling Anna’s tit, her hands squeezing the pair of breasts together, dragging her shivering tongue along the edge of both nipples and savoring the taste of her milk.

She cared for nothing else but the milk within. It made Carmen wet, the horrible sensation of enjoying this ravenous beast atop her lick her breasts raw, but she didn’t stop her. This was what she was here for, after all. This was what they’d paid her next few months’ rent for, and why Carmen had felt so stress-free for the first time in years.

Maybe she was an indentured servant, in a way. She could hardly see the downside to all of this. Stomaching the abuse of her breasts, of which there was much, was easy. Even with both of the couple together, Carmen’s tits were almost made for the loving they could receive for hours by the two.

Anna dug her face in the crevice of Carmen’s breasts, kissing at the girl’s skin, fondling the tits that surrounded her in an exasperated desire to be engulfed in nothing but this milk-filled flesh. It made Carmen blush slightly when her lover sighed with contentment.

And then, they both heard the sound of the alarm outside. A car had beeped twice to denote that it was locked, and soon after, the lock began to unclasp at the door to the home.

They were both frozen in place, looking to see the very surprised… and very glad Jake standing in the doorway now.

The night had only just begun.

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