Intimacy and lactation

I sat in front of the vanity, combing my long dark hair before bed. I could see Michael behind me on our bed and my eyes met his as I looked into the mirror and caught him glancing up from his laptop screen to admire me from behind. Our eyes locked for a moment and I gave him a little smile. That was all it took for my nipples to perk up in anticipation of his mouth around them, I knew that look and knew exactly what he wanted and my body responded immediately. My sheer, white, button-down blouse showing the dark, round areolas, with my plump nipples hardened in the center of each pushing out on the light fabric. Wearing only satin panties and the sheer blouse, I stood up and walked slowly towards him. I could feel wet droplets forming on the tip of each nipple as my plump, engorged breasts began to release the sweet drops of milk that I knew he craved.
I stared into his eyes as I slowly undid each button on my blouse, pushing it open to reveal my voluptuous breasts. Without a word he slid to the edge of the bed and I stepped close to him, standing in between his legs as he pulled me close, running his tongue up my abdomen to clean up the drip of milk that had trickled down awaiting his suction. He followed the drip all the way to my nipples, licking one and then the other with the tip of his tongue, flicking slightly while staring up into my eyes. I gasped in pleasure and my head dropped backwards as I felt his mouth, finally wrap around one of my plump nipples, more than ready to feed him. I moaned lightly as I looked down at his head against my chest. I lovingly ran my fingers through his thick, dark hair as he sucked away at my breast. My areola disappearing into his mouth. I loved watching the way my skin puckered in and out of his lips as he sucked mouthful after a mouthful down, swallowing it greedily. I could feel wetness forming between my thighs as he drank from me. His fingers trailing up my inner thighs as if he knew how wet he was making me. His fingers pushed my panties to the side and slid inside of me, we both moaned as he drank, milk dripping on his chin as he changed breasts, offering equal attention to the other one.
I felt my arousal and desire for him grow as I watched him sucking and sucking, my hands holding the back of his head, pulling it closer into me as his fingers plunged deeply inside of me down below. The tingling session in my nipples as he sucked and his touch between my legs quickly brought me to orgasm. My knees nearly buckled beneath me as the orgasm took over causing milk to rush into his mouth even more abundantly. Then I felt his hand take my wetness and grab himself wetting his erection as he continued to feed from me. “That’s it baby”, I whispered. “I want to feel you cum all over me as you suck the milk from my hard nipples”. I loved the feel of his hand going up and down on himself as he pulled my nipples deeply to the back of his mouth with intense and draining suction. I pushed by breasts together, squeezing my other nipple and watching milk dripping out as I did.
Finally, I felt him, moaning, grunting and sucking wildly at the same time as I felt large shots of hot cum exploding all over both of us, now we were both emptied. He slid up and kissed me lovingly, milk running down the front of me, mixing with his slippery, hot cum as we kissed deeply before falling asleep satisfied in all ways.

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