Adult Breastfeeding (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

The Beginning of an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship

A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

He was sitting on the couch watching a football game when he heard the door down the hallway open. There was only one person it could be.

“Hey babe, could you grab me something to drink?” he asked. The kitchen was on her way and it was a request he had made a dozen times before. He didn’t hear the refrigerator open but her shadow fell over him. He reached a hand back behind his head expecting to feel an aluminum can being placed there. Instead, his hand came into contact with something soft, firm, and wet. He turned around to see her standing naked.

“How about you drink from me?” she asked.

She moved around the couch and came to stand before him. Her erect pink nipples were perfectly at eye level as they protruded from her round breasts that had always been large but now seemed as if they had gone up a cup size or two. How had he failed to notice that?

She climbed onto the couch straddling him and taking one of her engorged breasts in her hand and holding it before his mouth as an offering. He leaned forward and licked the tip of her nipple. A drop of white milk appeared at the tip of her nipple. He brought his hand up and gave a gentle squeeze making the drop bigger and causing her to moan and throw her head back in pleasure.

He used his thumb to rub the drop of milk around her areola and then he ran his tongue in a circle where his fingers had been enjoying the sweet flavor of the milk residue.

“It feels so good,” she whispered. Her nipple puckered even more and several more drops of milk appeared on the nipple. He leaned forward and took the nipple into his mouth. He used his tongue on the underside along with a deep sucking motion that made her body tremble over him.

As he massaged her nipple with his tongue she let out a moan right before a fast stream of milk shot from her nipple and hit his palate. This milk was thinner and wetter than the droplets but just as sweet. He pushed with his tongue again and more milk shot into his mouth.

He changed to a sucking motion and the milk slowed to a more reasonable drip that covered his tongue and ran into his throat.

He had one hand on her hips and the other gently squeezed her breast. With each squeeze the slow of milk got faster and harder then let up as he lessened the pressure.

She moaned again and bucked her hips.

Suddenly, the milk flowed into his mouth as if he had unplugged some cork and he knew that what he had done had triggered her breasts let down.

He swallowed greedily as her breast continued to empty milk into his mouth. When the milk finally stopped flowing he pulled his mouth back from her nipple being sure to lick off the last few drops.

“Better than anything we have in the kitchen?’ she asked with a laugh.

“Much better,” he agreed putting his mouth around her other nipple intent on emptying that breast just as thoroughly.

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