Alex and Greg (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Alex and Greg

A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

Ever since Alexis had become pregnant, she stayed horny what seemed like 24/7. She had always been a tres’ sexual creature, but her pregnancy brought it to pleasurable fruition unlike any other sensual experience she had ever had. Not only did Alex walk around with a dripping pussy much of the time, her breasts were ultra-tender and felt like ripe peaches begging to be plucked from an efflorescent vine.

In all truth, Alex had always been endowed with some of the most beautiful tits anyone could imagine. Every lover she had ever had made a point to give her buxom accoutrements that extra bit of special attention that many women craved. Alexis did not ever have that craving where it was not met by another. Let’s just say her tits spoke for themselves when they entered the room.

Once she met her new husband Greg, she was immediately certain she had met the man who would fulfil all of her sexual desires, even the secret ones, the fetish ones, like the fantasy Alex had always harboured. The provocatively imaginative one where the lover of her bed made nightly feasts out of cupping her DD breasts in his hands, lapping at her ripe nips, tantalizingly biting the tip ends of her nipples until her breasts sprayed a thin pale stream of the sweetest milk in his mouth while she came wildly under his seductive and influential powers.

Once she and Greg fell madly in love, Alex and he were married. She became pregnant within a few months. Her body began to go through some pretty incredible and very erotic changes. She knew her deepest (and a bit taboo) fantasies had been brewing below the surface of her flesh, but once impregnated, she found out just how much so.

Her already plump, juicy breasts took on a new kind of fullness and even the slightest brush across them made her wince in sensual pleasure. That’s how amazingly sensitive each nipple was. She desired to drink her own milk and have Greg suckle her ever growing buds of ecstasy.

It was making Alexis amorous just reconsidering the whole scenario. The first time her boobs began to let down was an erotic experience like none that could be described in just a few simple words. As a matter of fact, sheer words really are not in the calibre of descriptive devices that are needed to describe her immense elation and pleasure that came from nursing her hubby.

From the second her pregnancy was confirmed, Alex and Greg could not curb their appetite for one another, her mammaries in particular. Every single lick of his tongue, to ever whimper that escaped her lips, it was the most thrilling sexual experience.

As Greg clutched her taut, pink nipples between his fingers, Alex trembled feeling pre-orgasmic, her body quaked with every point of her flesh alive as if a thousand volts of electricity was coursing through every single vein of her pregnant flesh.
During her pregnancy she had made sure to nurture her body and pump up on herbs and healthy foods that would aid in her ultimate release of the sweetest milk in the quickest amount of time humanly possible.

She had learned through her research on the topic, that if she took the utmost of care of her body, sensual satisfaction would follow suit.
About four months into her pregnancy, all of Alex’s hard work paid off. She would never forget the first time her hopeful eyes looked down and saw her ripe, dark areola being nursed by a very aroused Greg.
The way he gently, however firmly, held her ripe globes, turning his head side to side, from the left tit back to the right one, savouring them as if he was partaking of a rare delicacy.
“Mmm.. Yes baby. Suck these juicy orbs.” Alex uttered grabbing a fistful of Greg’s blonde hair, pulling him hard into her engorged boobs. “Yes, right there. Suck my tits ’til I cum …mmmm…fuck yes.”

Alex felt the familiar warmth of an orgasm being born deep within her swollen belly. She instinctively stroked her tummy all the way down to her sodden cunt and began fingering herself furiously as Greg swallowed streams of white creamy goodness. As her orgasm took over her entire body seemingly, the fact her tummy and uterus were larger added with Greg’s suckling, all blended beautifully into the most intensely erotic orgasm Alex had ever experienced. It seemed as if her body quivered under its effects for half an hour as she lay spent in her husband’s arms.

Revelling in the afterglow and bliss of their kinky act, Alex could not help but utter these words to Greg. Looking into his handsome face, after slipping him a French kiss that sensually tasted like her milk she said:

“If we could have such a sexy adventure with me just being four months along, can you imagine how great cumming will be when I am nine months close to delivering our baby?” She said smiling seductively up at Greg.

Those words were all it took and before the pair knew it, they spent the whole evening making love, a bit of naughty fucking and of course Greg sucked every delicious drop of Alex’s sweet milk.

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