A Special Lady

It was nerve-wracking, the wait, glancing over at her laptop, still on the last private message in a long line of messages. She felt her hands trembling in her lap, rereading it in her head, “See you soon!”

Two smiley faces. Heart emoji.

Carmen was new to this, and that was an understatement, to say the least. She was a lower-middle class young woman, in a new town for the past year, barely making ends meet as it was.

All her friends had gotten hitched, lived their best lives taking Instagram videos in their nice homes with their nice families, and it… it depressed the shit out of Carmen.

She was a self-destructive woman. Every relationship she’d had since high school had ended with her driving her boyfriend away with her neurotic personality, with her indecisiveness, and it left her alone.

Not that she had a problem getting men, when the lust was strong. Carmen was a beautiful specimen of a woman, average height on the short side, shaped like a wet dream in flesh with her short blonde hair, plump rump, a pair of sizable breasts that drew the eye of men and women when she quietly walked the aisles of the grocery store for milk.

But she was hurting for money still, and seeing all her friends enjoying life led her on some dark searches, only stumbling on a small forum by chance.

A whole community of breast-lovers, and all that entailed, Carmen spurred on by the prospect of maybe starting an Only Fans to sell her body for money. In a sea of women with the same idea, she felt like another drop in the ocean.

In this forum, after posting an introductory message as the newest member to curiously peruse the site, along with a photo of her modestly sized chest and pretty face, she was flooded with attention, with men willing to pay her for her nudes.

She entertained the thought, but it was honestly just fun to revel in the attention… at least, until she got that fateful DM from a man she’d soon know as Jake.

In it, he very politely introduced himself, his name, and complimented her, adding that he had a proposition for her, if she wanted to hear it.

Carmen didn’t see the harm in hearing him out, but almost regretted it. He told her that he and his wife were looking for a special woman for their interest, and immediately confessed that the interest was… nursing.

She admitted it was strangely attractive thinking about having two people at the same time, but Jake continued and told her that the kink was for actual nursing women, to which Carmen told him that… she wasn’t. She assumed that would end the conversation, but Jake said that there were other ways to induce lactation, using herbs and medication.

That sounded too heavy for Carmen. She was ready to tell him she wasn’t interested, but then he offered the money. An amount so ridiculous, so ludicrous, that within a few days, a first-class package had arrived to her apartment with Mottilium and herbs to brew into a tea.

She was told it would take a few weeks to begin lactating, and throughout, she would constantly communicate with Jake, and pretty soon, with his wife Anna as well. It didn’t take many days to be video calling with the two, drinking the tea on the call as she talked to them about her day at work.

Carmen always got the sense that they were genuinely interested, looking at the couple smiling at her, or conversing with Anna as Jake cooked in the background, their kitchen on the expensive end of the cost spectrum. They looked to be about their late 30s, and gave the impression that they came from rich stock, speaking with such a refined cadence that it truly excited Carmen.

This was still about the money for her, but she never once felt like she was selling her body, not even when she showed the two her breasts and her soaking bra, from where the girl had finally had a breakthrough.

And so, days later, when it was clear that the herbs and medication had taken, the couple made plans to meet her at her apartment at night. Carmen spent the entire day cleaning, but it still looked… slightly rundown.

It wasn’t a bad neighborhood. It just wasn’t the type of place you invite someone you want to impress to, and in this case, two people she wanted to impress. She hoped she wouldn’t just get a message that tried to back out of this the moment they saw where she lived.

Like an answer, the sound of her doorbell drew her thoughts away from her, and Carmen walked to her door, not even bothering to look through the peephole, finding the couple on the other side.

It was like a sigh of relief, for both parties, to know that their tiny little amount of anonymity had been dissolved, and they were together in person now. Timidness turned to smiles, and Anna hugged Carmen before the younger woman let the two in, leading them to the living room where she’d set up the small coffee table for their evening.

“That looks so inviting,” Anna commented on the small assortment of snacks and wine that Carmen had put out, taking her seat on the end of the couch, followed by Jake.

Carmen sat beside Jake, thanking Anna quietly, and the three sat there in short silence before Jake broke through, “I just wanna say… and I know I’ve already thanked you, but really, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us. This has been…”

He glanced at his wife, who was holding his hand, “A dream, basically, knowing that we’ve finally found someone serious about… helping us.”

Helping them. She supposed she hadn’t thought of it like that.

“So… whenever you’re comfortable..,” Anna added, looking at her dear husband, then back at Carmen, “We’d like to… start.”

Carmen swallowed nervously, the absorption pads on her nipples under her bra slowly chafing from the entire day, the white blouse atop her upper body fresh and free of stains.

She reached for the wine, taking a quick little swig, and nodded to the two.

They wasted no time, Anna walking around the couch to flank Carmen as Jake helped the girl unbutton her blouse, the older woman arriving just in time to watch her engorged swollen breasts practically popping out of her dark bra.

It was like meat to starving dogs, both of the couple leaning in to kiss the tops of her tits, Jake fondling her left breast, too big to fit in even his large manly hand. Carmen moaned quietly, looking down at the two, taking another encouraging sip of her wine before she felt Anna reach around and unclasp the one thing between her breasts and their wanting hungry mouths.

Carmen wished she’d closed the blinds to her living room at this point, drinking quietly as she looked out at the other side of the apartment block, a few passing residents confusedly watching the young girl be ravaged by this couple.

But it mattered little now, leaning her head back in tense and slight enjoyment at the feeling of her breasts being levied of their bounty, slowly, drop by natural drop going into the couple’s suckling mouths.

Jake held both breasts suddenly, pushing their heaviness up for his wife to enjoy with just her face, moving herself from the couch to between Carmen’s legs, looking up as she partook of that coveted milk. Carmen looked at Jake, who smiled at her, leaning down to kiss the girl without warning.

She did nothing to stop him, nothing to denote anything but adoration for the affection, reaching up with her free hand to keep his head taut and kissing her, letting him go when she felt the wife mount her, keeping Carmen’s legs trapped between her knees.

Anna said nothing of the two’s kiss, only burying her face in Carmen’s neck, biting and licking lovingly while Jake fondled her breasts and kissed the young woman’s jawline.

This wasn’t part of the plan, but for the moment, Carmen gave little in the way of a crap, half-cut on the wine bottle she’d almost finished, red lips stained and moaning out pleasantly before she found herself leading the couple to her bedroom.

Her fan spun above them, and she watched it dazedly, her two guests helping themselves to her delectable body as she laid flat on her bed, slurping and unrestricted groans of pleasure emanating from them as they sucked and nibbled and drank her breasts dry, and still it continued.

Their hands drifted across her body, groping her breasts, squeezing her thighs, rubbing her clit as a loving team to Carmen’s enjoyment. She was finding a… admittedly very big positive in all this, kissing up at Jake as he mounted her, feeling his cock push inside of her while his wife rubbed his back, encouraging this extramarital adventure.

He fucked her, they nursed from her body as she cried out in pleasure, a half hour of passionate loving bringing the young woman to her most mind-numbing orgasm, all while her lovers clamped her nipples and drank her dry.

Jake pulled out to let his wife swallow his approaching load, masturbating himself into her mouth before he began to come down from his high, and the two laid opposite their third wheel on the bed, panting and sweating and exhausted.

Carmen could feel herself drifting off to sleep while Anna played with the girl’s hair and Jake held her in his arms.

Whatever happened next, whatever they wanted… Carmen was all for it.

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