Belinda and Anna (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Belinda and Anna: Bee-Stung Lips and Victory Rolls

A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

Gently rubbing her lipstick into a set of bee-stung lips, Belinda double-checked that she had everything she needed before her night out. It wasn’t going to be a big night out. It was just a few drinks and a night of local music.

She was thankful, Todd her husband was away for a week for work. Belinda always felt so strongly for him, but often she thought he never truly cared for her as much as she did for him. It was hard to deal with sometimes.

On the outside, Belinda had it all. She had the expensive education, which resulted in the great job, although she was able to get her executive position through her privileged network. She was known at work as ‘La Boss’, as she conversed fluently in French and she always made sure to dress beautifully to compliment her 10/10 body. All she had to do was flutter her gorgeous green eyes and flash her beautiful teeth, everyone in the office came running.

Everyone but Todd. Todd always seemed so far away in the office and at home. He was so busy.

She wanted to let go of the heartache of her rarely affectionate husband. She knew as she walked down the stairs of their Mosman two story house she would forget Todd and she would enjoy tonight.

Her deep chocolate-hued hair bounced up and down in her high ponytail as she walked to the taxi stand.

Looking into the cab’s window, she opened the door and politely instructed the driver to go Palms on Oxford, a gay bar. She’d talk, drink and maybe flirt. She’d have to keep her sexuality a secret. She was bisexual and always wanted to explore this side of herself as she wished just to kiss another woman. She wanted to bring intimacy and wanted desire from the touch of another woman.

These ideas flittered through her mind and only did she come back to reality through the screeching halt of the taxi to signify that she was at her desired drinking spot. She threw a $20 at the driver and dashed out the door.

Traversing up the street, she smiled at the bar staff as she graciously ordered a Singapore Sling. Placing her change into her purse, she felt the slight tap on her shoulder. Turning around, Belinda stared at the curvaceous pin up model, perfect from her victory roll down to the green pumps she wore and the A-line dress she wore in between.

Her name was Anna, a 24-year-old accountant, who wore beautiful winged eyeliner and nude lips. Flopping down on the next stool, Belinda couldn’t help but notice the way Anna’s nipples made an impression against her dress, giving credence that her breasts were not supported by a bra.

The two women spoke at length about life. Each new topic seemed to be marked by a shot of some sort. Something Belinda knew she couldn’t get away with at work or at home, to be honest. Belinda suggested that they move to a secluded corner of the bar, to talk about things more personal without the hovering ears of staff and any particular nosey patrons.

Belinda whispered about her marriage to Todd and how she wanted to end it. At this point in time, Belinda gurgled that she wanted a woman, who would adore her.

At this point in time, Anna would be the person, who would fill Belinda’s needs. Belinda needed a breath of fresh air and stood up. Anna admired Belinda’s perfect figure.

Belinda was a full figured woman with curves to die for. Walking to the ladies bathroom, Anna stared intently at Belinda’s backside. She pondered what it would be like to see Belinda naked and licking her breasts. Soon she would learn.
Sitting back down, Anna whispered that they go back to her place.

They walked out of the club talking about their fantasies. They found common ground in breastfeeding. It was unusual, but it confirmed what Belinda wanted, someone who she could play with and be close to.

Walking through the streets of Sydney, they couldn’t wait anymore and checked into a hostel. It would do the job. Its plain interior lay in stark contrast against the luxury of their luscious desires.

Belinda made the first move as they walked to their hostel room. Her hunger drove her.

Kissing Anna and running her fingers through her hair, Belinda’s right hand slid under the collar of Anna’s dress. Anna forgot the January heat as Belinda started loosening her dress, all the way down.

Belinda pulled away for a split second as she saw Anna, without anything other than her heals and victory roll. Her breasts were, big soft pillows full of milk, with areolas that

Belinda knew she could suckle all night. Anna walked back to the bed and lay on the cotton sheets. She made sure to be spread with her hands inviting Belinda to suckle from her.

Belinda had always been fascinated by the idea of tasting milk form a lactating woman, but just thought it was a dream. This thought turned into action, as Belinda lay on Anna and pursed her lips against the nipples she stared at when they first met.

Belinda found the taste sweet and mixed with the moans of Anna found that the milk flow grew faster and faster. Even though Belinda was still fully dressed, Anna’s fingers slipped inside Belinda, whose milk soaked cries meant that she shuddered for more.

Belinda found herself wanting Anna more and more until she became completely exhausted from this desire and the moment that only they shared.

Anna slipped her fingers inside of herself while Belinda took the last few laps of milk and with cracking pace cried out for her lover to hold her.

Cradling each other, the strangers became lovers and they became witnesses to a bond founded on a secret.



Holly L. Skarsgård 2016

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