Connie and Wil

The collection of candles on the chocolate wood writing desk combatted the falling afternoon light that streamed through the French window of Cornelia Essen’s chambers. Cornelia quickly flicked through a list of mail with anticipationand a hunger that could be statedby a sole source. Her delicate fingers found the one piece of writing she had been pacing for. Unfortunately, she could not read it straight away as she had not been at her parents’manor for a week, she had been away atTramshirevisiting family at their manor.

She sat down on the stool and with baited breath. The cheap blue ink bore her name, Baroness Cornelia Essen 3rd,BarsdenManor. She flipped over the mottled parchment, her stomach also moved swiftly. She fingered the edges and carefully pealed it apart. She peered inside and wondered if she would be met with the desires of her once betrothed and lusted for former suitor, Wilson Broadmoor. She cringed and almost cried when she was pulled away from his chest in an act of defience when Baron Thomas Essen 4thhad discovedered the ill fortunes of the Broadmoors. Would her eyes become damp with the disgusted tears she felt when the relationship fell through via the meddling hands of her own elitst mother, Baroness Helga Essen? Would her eyes become watery with his words of want and wishes, alongside other parts of her very petite body following suit – or- maybe, just maybe, her mouth would grow dry and the urge to end her life would become more apparent? Wilson was thing that kept her sane and the one man she wished to hold again. In her internal frenzy, she felt her heart race and her teeth mash together as she plunged her fingers into reveal Wilson’s writing.

She flicked open the pieces of paper and her heart grew big, her eyes wide and her legs faint.

Dear sweet Cornelia,

When I was at sea under the tutelage of Captain Veller, I would look at the stars and think of you. The balls, the halls, the stalls. All these places we would visit. They radiate your moonlit bathed skin so markedly, especially when we lay in the summer nights without a care in the world. No expectations, no garments – nothing – nothing, my desire – except you and me.

Having been plunged into destitution through father’s estate mismanagement through Mr. Kents and the peacock of your ‘’equal’’ suiter, the disgusting despot in PrinceEdmund of Appelles, may I add with the hand of your mother, I find myself just as hopeful to see you again. I wish to trace the heavenly bodies on your own with my fingers and transform us into divinityitself. Fulfill what was God’s intended duty for us, 20thJuly. I acknowledge that our union will not be recognisedby man, but it will be recognisedby Him.

I have prayed throughout my days to Him to seek answers to fix the heaviness of my heart, Connie. Connie, He has come to me in a dream, gave me His blessing and showed me where we fulfillthis dream. I have read the Holy books, I have traced the very things of Him.

Therefore, I politely ask to see you when our constellation becomes bright, where I first made contact with those sweet lips of yours and we were revealed as perfect for each other. Even in sin.

I also must thank you for your act of charity towards Winnie. Employing her as your maid was indeeda mark of your brilliance. The letters she gives me when we meet for Church see me through the stable hand position I resorted to in order to pay off father’s debts.

For thisI pray –

Our bodies come together with the force of winds that I have seen on the seas and with a fervoryou showed when we are at the balls held at Lord and Lady Buckhorns’ primary estate. Additionally, the heavens radiate for what He has promised us.

A heart that knows only the Heavenly creature of you, Connie,


With Wilson’s words, her mind wondered. How would their bodies meet in divinity this time?There was no boat for them to his. No strange lands for them to express their love. Her mind trailed back to the first time together, when they were first betrothed. On the second shiphe co-captained. One night, he snuck into her quarters during a trade merchant exercise when sending cargo through the Mederterrian. He quietly snuck in, she thought with a smile. He lentover her and kissed her bumble bee lips and gently pulled back her sheet. Then he skimmed her hips with his hands while she reached forward and welcomed him into her bunk. She teased him with little kisses on his face and his neck. She felt his skin flush with desire. She felt her night dress move, to ensure that his fingers brush up against her lips as he circled that sweet little spot that had been carefully entrusted to him by her.

She felt the rumbles of raunchiness rise from in betweenher legs. She pulled his clothes and all before too long, his skin glowed for her, reflected the radiant glow that only a lover knows, the glow thatthe water has when it is met with the moon. He leantover her hips and smiled at her. She felt him carefully explore her lips like a seafarermoving precious cargo. She felt as though he would ride the waves of the moment she became as foamy as the sea in a storm.

The pair made sure to savourevery moment they were together. They knew it was wrong, but this illicitness was furthered by her gasped ‘’Wil… what is the most sinful thing you’ve undertaken?’’
He looked up at her, slowly meandered forward and kissed on the cheek, as he moved his left hand and rubbed his stiff mast against her foamy lips. She felt him plunge intoher with the force of a fleet.

She could not yell out,because if they were to get caught they would be hung. Their wants would cost them dearly if they had not been careful.

So she pulled him in tightly. She made sure to let him know what she felt. In the heat of the moment, she tore her linen night dressas he wanted to trace her shoulders and her décolletage. She felt the waves pick up outside and she felt as though Wilson tried to match that. She gasped in excitement. She closed her eyes and muffled every moan in Wilson’s ear. She tried to shush him, as she felt his hand traced down her left side and she felt him interlock their fingers. As the waves tore through the sea, she felt his frame rise and fall, each movement came faster and faster, especially as he breathed a sigh and she watched him kiss her peaked nipples as if he had been greeted by the grounds he had long missed. Undeniabiliy, a salute to the night that was first theirs.

Longingly, she whispered to him to curl up next to her for a moment and then carefully sneak back to his area. It would be a big day tomorrow and he had to be prepared for the trip.

Cornelia came back to the world around her when her maid, Winnie, carefully rang the brass bell at the end of Cornelia’s room to announce dinner was ready.

Cornelia politely smiled at Winnie’s sweet face and followed her maid to the dining chamber. Although she could not mention his Wilson’s name, Cornelia mentioned that tonight she would go for a walk by herself near the Pineafarms. Tonight was a special event. Cornelia had suspected that Winnie had known about this. Cornelia knew that Winnie was undeniablysmart, although her circumstances were due to an idiot.

Cornelia’s focus at dinner was not to inform or discuss with her family the events of the week, converse with the Count Tohs-Pin, who only seemed to be betrothed to her through her mother’s meddling. Cornelia did not know why they were romantically linked. He was a blanatsocial climber, who always seemed to know Lord X or Princess Y she thought. She knew there would be no ability to actually leave him. Cornelia grew too flustered to talk, even with the ever sweet Mr. Coombs, her family butler. Every thought she ever had danced with every craving she had. Mind overwhelmed, she simply wanted to consume enough to get by and sit around long enough not to raise suspicionsof her loved ones. Her goal was to lay with her Wilson.

The meal of roast vegetables and chicken alongside the swathes of fruits were blurredwith Wilson’s face combined with her thoughts and her ever engorging desires.

From the mythical world she let her mind play in, Cornelia was reminded that she was to rest early tonight. She would be helped by Winnie to prepare for tomorrow morning, the Sunday in which she would travel to the North.

Thanking all those for dinner, she turned to her Count and with a feigned sadness, she wished him a good night. Tonight, like every other night their serious conversationsto turn her sister into the wife of some Prince would not occur. She made sure of it.

She walked back down to her bed chambers and with a big grin, she met Winnie’s petite face. Cornelia knew that Winnie knew. Cornelia reached for her shawl and gathered the basket that Winnie had held out for the walk. She slid out the servants’ door and she nodded Winnie goodnight.

She walked through a chilly night to be held by the one she wished. She walked down the slushy muddy roads and made sure to follow the mental map she drewout to find Wilson’s quarters.

It fell to a sole light to find him as she moved through the falling wooden fence and with the flicker of a bright light, Wilson’s bright light, she trudged her way through the grounds.

She met that bright light with her own as she placed her lamp next to his and gently rest the basket on the ground. There she sat next to him. Quietly, gently. She whispered hello and ran her hand down his back, watching his back arch.

It was at this moment, she simply threw herself at him in an embrace that reflected that she would never leave, even in death. No man tears asunder what they place together of their own accord. She gently positioned herself so she had her head on his thigh and together, theyprayed to God that they would never truly be without each other. She sat up, again. She had something to say.

‘’Wil! Never leave…without me’’, she murmuredwistfullyin his ear. Her body flickered with electricity when she moved her cheek and kissed him. Her fingers brushed his cheeks, smoothing out the tears she felt him cry and his neck as she felt his hands fall onto her back without a heartbeat lost. Cornelia let her left hand wander through his hairline and back down his neck, later resting on his chest. It was at this moment, she felt her fingers slip through Wilson’s shirt buttons – buttons undonewith one hand alone– skin – that desired skin – his desired skin. She tilted her head down slowly and gave him a wicked smile as she felt him pull the shirt away.

She felt her red silken bodice with its lace fall away through his steady fingers and what lay bare now was covered through his lips. Bathed in candlelightand stars, she had shed all thread and he replaced it with steady lingering kisses right downto tracingwhat would be the lines of her underwear. Had she worn her linen.Like an astronomer, she lay under the sky mesmerised. She closed her eyes felt the tightened thighs of Wil encroach on her inner thighs as he lifted her left leg. She looked down at Wil illuminated amongst it all.

“Wil, this is God’s will.”, her strained words carried through the crisp air as she arched against the blanket that lay outside the stable. She sighed when Will’s lips kissed the sweet pinkened lips that only he would ever touch. She felt his broad shoulder jut backwardand forward as he moved two fingers inside. She felt the spoils of his desires. His tongue grazed her sweetest spot. She rewarded him with a sweet juice that he had craved for some time. Her eyes closed and she focused on every moment he lavished her wish. Her heart thudded and her breath grew sharper and sharper. What grew from insideof her was heaven sent. So sinful it would take a lifetimeof prayers to remove. It was worth it.

She felt as though if he stopped, the world itself would end. She would beg, pray and die if he were to stop. It was too much for her to lose.

She gasped as her body ruptured in divine rapture.

She pulled him close and he followed. She felt him slide himself inside of her, with the greatest gentleness and love. It was the thing of pure, unadulterated desires. For a brief moment, she opened her eyes and contemplated what they had together.

She breathed slowly, “Let no man pull asunder what had God created.’’

She closed her eyes luxuriating in him, as she felt his breath, his lips, his kiss on her cheek flushing, her lips melting into his and her left breast as it hardened for him. She made sure to be quiet, as she did not want to scare any animal. However, she made sure to reflect what she felt. She silently begged for every moment they had together, throwing her legs around his hips. She felt the rush of desire, as he sank further into her without shame. Although the cold air swirled around them, it served no match for the heat between them. She felt his quickened breath meld with hers as she made sure to lock lips with him again, his hastened hipscrash into hers and his wandering tanned fingers connect with her own. To silence herself, she held onto the blanket as if it was a muzzle to silence her.

She rejoiced together with him through this, the most wanton act. They both yearned for the neseof togetherness.

Together they would be in desire, in lifeand in death. Watching him heave himself to lay beside her, Cornelia reached for her knitted blanket and covered them both. It protected them from the cold and together they would lay. Under the sprinkled stars and the watch of a Heaven that they had wished to enter.

With a face full of tears, she took out the bottle she brought from the alchemist. Any other time she would have rejected the thought. The anger of the events which transpired when their worlds fell apart was swallowed as she felt black liquid fall through her throat. Holding his free hand, she passed the tiny bottleto him. She would be matched in tears and in pain by her love as he too drank from it. She knew this was a defiant statement to the establishment. She led them in prayersand they lay together for all times.

She knew that they would be found eventually.

Sin is as sin does. It is seldom torn asunder from the sinner.

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