Cooper and Kimberley

Cooper and Kimberley

Easton Cooper looked across the pool at his lovely pregnant wife, Kimberley, and he realised he had a massive problem. A massive problem which was causing his trousers to tighten and tent at his groin area. He gazed over at her, noticing her cute little baby bump and her gargantuan breasts which had started to grow since her second month of pregnancy, almost three months ago now. They seemed to appear overnight, causing her bras, tank tops and bikinis to become way too small for her heavy milk jugs. She didn’t seem to care and simply had stopped wearing bras, which meant that Easton couldn’t spend five minutes around her without his cock swelling to breaking point. The bikini she wore poolside barely contained her growing breasts, and Easton had enough problems on his mind. Not that he minded her ever-growing tits, but his mind was more focused on the fact that she had already begun lactating at almost five months into the pregnancy.

It had happened by accident last week. They were having filthy sex on a blanket in front of their beach-house, and Easton had climbed on top of her, ready to pump his hot seed into her fertile womb. Since getting pregnant, Kimberley seemed to like the sex a lot filthier and rougher, and her sex drive had sky-rocketed to an all-time high. He had been kneading her breasts, pumping into her slippery tight hole, fuelled by her moans and groans to fuck her faster, harder, deeper. He had bent his head to play with her dark nipples, and she mewled with pleasure, practically purring like a little kitten. After a few minutes of teasing her nipples, she had grabbed his head and pushed her chest up into his face, begging him to suckle on them and give her some relief. Easton complied immediately, sucking up his wife’s nipples into his mouth. He suckled and kneaded, nipped and squeezed her breasts, pumping his dick in and out of her soaking pussy. When he began to feel her warm little cunt contracting around his thick cock, he sucked on her nipples harder, and much to his surprise, a stream of hot wet milk flowed into his mouth, and the breast he held in his opposite hand was leaking like a drippy faucet. Feeling her hot, sweet milk in his mouth and dripping onto his skin sent him over the edge. As soon as he pumped the first spurt of his hot baby batter into her little honey-pot, she clamped down tight onto his girthy manhood, her pussy holding his cock in a vice-like grip. It was like her little puss was trying to suck all the cum from his balls, and he gladly let that happen. Afterwards, she seemed a little shy and embarrassed. A week later, and Easton was desperate for it to happen again, yet they hadn’t spoken a single word to each other about the incident.

Coming back to his senses, Easton ventured back through the house, deciding that he would put on his swim shorts and join her by the pool after a small swim.

When he returned, he noticed Kim had turned to lay on her stomach, and her bikini lay a few feet away on the floor. Her perky little ass looked way too inviting, so he dived into the deep end of their pool, letting the cool water refresh his mind for a few minutes as he swam underwater.

Once his head broke the surface, he noticed his beautiful Kimmy was now sat by the pool, her feet and calved in the water. She tossed her hair over her shoulders, pushing out her breasts while she smirked at him.

“Oh dear,” Easton smiled playfully as he waded over to her. “It looks like someone has stolen your bikini top.”

“Mmhmm,” She nodded her head and bit down on her luscious bottom lip, acknowledging in her naughty girl voice. “I think so.”

Easton spread apart her legs, settling between them to press a soft kiss to her bump.

“We’ll have to fix that,” He smirked at his wife. “Maybe you should lose the bottoms, too.”

“But I might get a little cold,” she whined.

“Take them off,” he ordered. “And I promise, I’ll keep your cute little pussy warm. I’ll be sure to keep those luscious tits warm in my mouth too.”

“Hmm,” she bit her lip again. “You don’t mind the milk?”

“Nope,” Easton smiled like a Cheshire cat, and began to undo the bows of her bikini bottoms. Finally, they were talking about it. “It’s fucking hot, and it makes your wet little cunt grip my dick so fucking tight.”

She groaned and leaned back onto her elbows, her legs spread slightly.

“What’s wrong, my little baby?” Easton dotted over her, smiling like the devil. He started to kiss her inner thighs slowly and softly. “Just lay back and let me give you a special kiss.”

She complied, and let her head fall back. He slowly removed her bottoms and tossed them away, his eyes feasting on the masterpiece between her legs.

She was already so wet. Her swollen clit just about peeked out from between her glistening labia. He continued his slow tormenting kisses up her inner thighs. Soon her breathing became laboured, and her muscles were shaking slightly. He decided to tease her for a few more minutes, before he planted a soft, feather light kiss to her sticky pussy lips. She whimpered loudly, and he ascended the stone steps out of the pool, helping her to her feet. He dragged her inside and pushed her down onto the soft couch cushions in their lounge.

“Please,” she begged, looking up at him with puppy-dog eyes. “I’m so wet, please just give it to me!”

“Hmm,” He tapped his chin, contemplating for a few moments. He settled once more between her legs, and gently started kneading her breasts and tweaking her nipples. “I think you can wait a few more moments. I want to play with you a little more first.”

And with that he took her right nipple deep into his mouth, suckling gently and flicking his tongue across her nipple, every so often lightly biting it. She moaned and groaned, pressing her chest high up into the air, desperate to get her aching breasts deeper into his mouth. She was grinding her hips, with nothing but air to hump. He very gently removed his heavy, thick cock from his trunks, letting it gently rest against her clit. She moaned deeply, only momentarily sated at finally having a thick cock to rub up against.

“Oh my goodness,” She moaned, her perfect teeth clamping down hard on her bottom lip.

He finally allowed himself to lift her heavy breast and squeeze, suckling gently on her nipple. It took mere moments before he felt the hot, sweet milk fill up his mouth. He suckled for a few minutes before moving onto the next nipple, mercilessly teasing her body as she writhed and panted underneath him, desperate to be filled so that she could take her satisfaction. His cock twitched with the effort of his restraint, but he could bare it no longer.

The novelty of pushing his bare cock into her pulsing little cunny never wore off. He remembered the first time he really felt it without a condom. It still felt the same right now, if not better. It was like sheathing his cock in hot wet silk.

He’d worked her up so bad that her pussy was already split wide open, desperate for a fat pole to fill her up. Usually, unless he was able to make her dripping with wetness, she couldn’t always handle it when he bottomed out deep in her pussy, and he always made sure to go a little easier on her.

“Do you think you could take it all baby?” He whispered as he kissed and sucked on her neck. “Think you can take my big dick?”

“Fuck,” she whimpered. “Yes, please put it in me. I need it now!”

In that moment she felt like his possession, his perfect slave. Mindless as she was, all she could think about was getting Easton’s cock inside her. She needed it more than anything.

He suddenly slammed into her, impaling her pussy with a quick pump of his hips, bottoming out immediately as she screamed aloud. He began pumping his hips roughly, shaking the sofa with the force of his thrusts, and loving every second inside her throbbing warm cunt.

“Please! Easton!” She screamed, lifting her hips to meet him thrust for thrust. “Suck on my milky tits, and make me cum!”

He bent down to suck her breast into his mouth, and the orgasm tore through her in a flurry of blissful ecstasy. He sucked up the warm milk greedily, squeezing her other breast, the milk squirting out, hitting his cheeks, neck and chest.

He rammed into her once, twice, three times more before finally emptying his hot nut into her womb.

After, they collapsed onto the floor, Easton cradling Kim and suckling on her milky big naturals until she had nothing left to give. She smiled in perverted bliss as she felt his semen leaking back out of her.

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