James and Betty

James and Betty

Twenty-two year old Betty Shawn had always longed to be a mother. She had often fantasized about nursing her baby, feeling his warm tongue grazing her tender nipples. Her nipples had always been too sensitive and she often came from merely touching them. Her pussy creamed each time she thought of nursing, and she looked forward to the day she would have her own baby. Her Husband, John Shawn was not a loving husband. He never tried to pleasure her whenever they had sex, he was always after his own pleasure. Betty often begged him to take her aching nipples into his mouth and to suckle her but he thought it was an emasculating act.

Despite all these, Betty continued to love her husband and the couple were doing fine until Betty lost her pregnancy. She lost two more pregnancies after that and John could no longer find her pleasing. He started staying out late, openly cheated on her and one day he packed his bags and walked out of her life. Few weeks later Betty was served with divorce papers.

“Hello Betty,” James, her neighbor said, peering into her yard. “You seem lost in thought.”

He was shirtless and his muscles rippled as he placed his arms on her fence.

“Hello James,” Betty replied, almost swallowing her tongue. Her last pregnancy had left her so horny and her breasts were constantly squirting milk.

“You want to come in for a drink?” He offered, giving her a kind smile.

“Yea,” She said, absentmindedly massaging her aching breasts.

She followed him into his apartment, wondering if she should bare her heart to him. He had been so nice to her in the past and he seemed like someone who would understand what she was going through.

“I have a problem.” Betty said.

“A problem shared is half solved.” James replied kindly, his gaze dropping on the wet patches on her shirt.

“I long to nurse a baby.” Betty said. “My breasts are heavy with milk and I wish…”

“I could be your baby.” James replied, kissing her softly on her lips.

“What?” Betty asked in surprise.

James was a good looking guy with broad shoulders, toned abs and a body to die for. But she had never thought he was interested in her.

“Yes, let me be your baby.” James replied, “I will suckle the warm milk out of your breasts, I will massage your tits as I drink your milk. I will take care of the ache in your tits.”

“But…” Betty said weakly as she felt a tingle in her milk filled breasts. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her luscious, heavy breasts.

James drew closer to her, slowly massaging her tits. He unclasped her bra, taking both breasts into his palm. He squeezed it gently as warm milk trickled out of her nipples, he licked the milk which was dribbling down her belly. He clasped his warm tongue around one taut peak, nibbling on it. James groaned as his mouth was filled with warm, sweet milk. Her nipples tasted salty, and he licked them hungrily. She pushed her chest into his mouth while caressing his neck. He teased, bit and licked her nipples, as her milk squirted down his throat.


Betty cried out in ecstasy, her hands fisted in his hair, pulling his head closer to her breasts. James blew on her nipples softly, nibbling and gently biting on it. His mouth was once again flooded with milk, he gulped it down hungrily, licking every inch of her aching boobs.

“Baby, suck mummy’s breasts.” Betty moaned, “Relieve mommy of this ache…”

“Yes mummy,” James groaned, interchanging between Betty’s squirting nipples

“What is going on here?” A voice asked as the door was suddenly opened.

Dan, a black hunk stood at the door with his mouth wide open. He was James’s friend and he was quite surprised at the scene before him.

“Mummy is nursing me.” James replied, thirstily.

Dan gulped, stroking his long, massive cock. He unzipped his pant, bringing out his engorged seven-inch dick.

“Come,” Betty beckoned him with a hand. “Make mummy feel good.”

Dan was a sucker for breast milk, he loved its unusual sour-sweet flavor and its warmth. He took one of Betty’s breasts, caressing the tip between his thumb and middle finger. Warm milk slowly trickled out of the puckered nipple, he took the nipple into his mouth, circling his tongue around the tip. Sour-sweet, warm milk filled his mouth again as he gently caressed Betty’s soft ass. He lifted up her skirt, pulling her panties down her feet.


James continued to tease her nipples, leaning forward to take the right one into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around it before sucking it tenderly. He groaned, gulping down the warm milk which had pooled into his mouth, hungrily.


Dan spread her legs, exposing her puffy, shaved pussy. He poured the milk he had stored in his mouth on her wet, dripping pussy. The milk dribbled down her thighs, he kissed his way up her thighs, licking the milk off her creamy, soft thighs. Betty cried out as Dan settled his mouth on her clit, licking and blowing on it. She felt a tingly ache in the pit of her belly as her nipples became taut. A gush of breast milk flowed out of her nipples, and the two men eagerly lapped up the milk. Betty stroked their cocks until both men came.


James stood up and went into the kitchen. He returned with two feeding bottles and a breast pump. He latched the breast pump on Betty’s nipple, filling the bottles with her milk. While Dan shoved two fingers into her sopping pussy, the more she groaned in ecstasy the more milk her tits produced.  Betty moaned as she came on Dan’s fingers, she picked up the bottles of milk and cradled the head of each man in her arms. She smiled warmly, feeling euphoric as she lifted the bottles to their mouths. Tears of happiness streamed down her cheeks, as the men greedily drank the milk. Her breasts squirted milk, bathing the faces of the men. James and Dan licked the milk off their chin, trying to catch some of it with their hands.


“I’m wondering if I can feed more babies apart from the both of you.” Betty moaned as Dan parted her legs again, using his finger to separate her pussy lips and then slipped his index finger into her moist slit.


James stood up and picked up his phone. He texted three of his friends.

Betty’s eyes welled up with tears of joy as the door opened again and three handsome men walked in. She opened her arms, welcoming them. The five men gently laid her down on the sofa, two of the new comers made love to her breasts with their tongues. She cried out as she felt the milk flowing out of her, James and Dan were taking turns to lick and finger fuck her dripping cunt. Betty massaged their hard cocks, stroking it gently and then taking each into her hot mouth. Their heavy breathing and moans filled the room.

The men also took turns to suckle her breasts, they all said her milk was the tastiest and juiciest they ever had. She sent each man home with a bottle of warm milk. She and James spent the night in each other’s arms, she smiled contently each time he sleepily reached for her breasts. She breast-fed him, letting him occasionally fuck her pussy with his long fingers.

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