I had made up my mind that I was going to be a virgin till I marry. Luckily for me, my environment provided enough room for me to make my dream a reality. High School was not difficult. It was in fact how I had planned – give no guy no room to come close. I had turned downed at least 20 different juicy offers, trust me twenty. They just couldn’t resist my big boobs and blonde hair. I too was a bit afraid of how much my tits had increased. You shouldn’t blame me, I am determined to be a virgin till I marry.

When I gained admission into the university, I felt so alive and happy; I joined a reputable cheerleading squad, remained beautiful, and sweet with zero worries. My roommate was Janiya and she was as sexy as me, had a blue eye, and had a sweet sized 35A breasts, one that sits comfortably on her chest.

She saw reasons in my dream of being virgin till I married and that made me like her the more. I always felt more connected to my dad, after his death, my mother always stressed the need for her to get remarried. I was never in support of this, my father deserved respect and her remarrying was a disrespect to him. She persisted and I made sure I was absent the wedding.

Janiya had always teased about my massive boobs, and that it was capable of nursing kids and adults too. She would ask me to hold them in my hands and feel. I would touch my nipples gently and try to weight my tits, I will feel a wave pass through my spine and stop.  I sometimes agree with, and sometimes choose not to.

I think someone stepped into the room as soon as I stepped into shower to get myself ready for cheerleading at tonight’s game, Janiya  too was a cheerleader, but it didn’t occur to me if she wanted to shower too before the games, she was not even in the room. As I washed slowly, I noticed a sharp presence at my back. Someone hurried into the shower, naked! The shock made me trip and fall into her arms, I could feel my tits shake as if it was loaded. I intuitively wrapped my legs around her waist to keep from falling. Before I could layoff, she pressed her lips against mine and pressed her body against mine. Breast to breast, mound to mound. I shaved bare, and so did she; It caused a sweet friction as she slowly started grinding against me.

I began to feel strange and weird at first, I tried to pull away, she persisted and I gave in. I returned her kisses. She pulled away, kissing down my neck, pausing shortly at the juncture of my neck and shoulder, sucking enough before continuing her sojourn to my huge breasts.

The rate at which the water pour out of the shower was not enough to stop me from noticing the wetness down my thigh. I could keep my legs together. It was heat up and I felt like I was going to be consumed. My breast seems full and waiting to explode. I think she noticed that too.  So, she attended to them. She could barely hold them together, so she took it one at a time and licked softly, for best reasons known to her, she ignored my hardened large nipples and licked its surrounding. I was lost already, running my hands through her hair with her face buried in my chest. I lurked for her lips but they were unreachable because of the way we had positioned.

“Please don’t tease me anymore.” I pleaded

She finally closed her lips on my nipple and so gently bit down on it. I so moan, I couldn’t even control the rhythm. She bit harder and my tune went higher. No sooner had she bitten hard than milk began to pour out my huge milk-saturated sagging tits. The sensation was overwhelming, I had reached climax but still wanted more, and she too won’t stop.

“So rich!” she exclaimed.

I could barely respond, I was completely off, it felt like I was in another world entirely different. She placed my other feet on the floor and continued the kissing, lower and steady, she reached my stomach; circled her tongue on my naval, she was already on her kneel. I held my huge boobs in my hands and fiddle the tip of my breast and used it to touch my tongue, I too wanted to have a taste of my milk.

I could feel my wet pussy, she raised and placed my leg over her shoulder, and kissed it. I felt an electrocution round my body; I felt a release again, stronger than I had felt before. She sucked me all up. She continued; I began to feel a different sensation in me as she slid her finger into my centre, I gripped her hair and pulled her tight against me. My boobs dripped some liquid, and before they hit the ground she had swallowed them like an expert, and hurriedly took in everything that came out of both nipples.

“Please, don’t stop. I’m so close.” I said silently. Only for her to replace her finger with her tongue. I kept moaning her name, exclaiming nasty things. I cum fully in no time and she had me all in her mouth. I shivered and fell in her arms kissing her passionately. I buried my face in her neck. I missed the match that night, I guess that was obvious. I drifted into sleep so empty. In the morning she made breakfast. I noticed her pre-emptive look at me for my reaction against last night, she was not sure how I had welcomed our new level of intimacy. I simply smiled. It was fun, it was nasty, and more, I am still a virgin.

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