Nursing till eternity

Day-to-day life had been getting in the way of their love-life, both of them holding onto a deepset kink that they had yet found the proper time to reveal, not wanting to potentially ruin one of their few free evenings by scaring their partner. This selfless act shared unknowingly between the two of them had postponed the realization that they shared the same pleasures for long enough, their tensions building to a boiling point, during one of their sparse encounters, he couldn’t hold himself back.

It had already been a week since they last had sex together, but with a single glance, they both knew what was about to happen. There was no wasted effort, no fumbling about, they both practically tore off their clothes and pounced on each other.

What she hadn’t told him was that she had begun lactating recently, not quite sure how it started, but it refused to stop. He didn’t notice at first, a few idly groping left his hand a bit wet, but he thought nothing of it, it wasn’t until the heat of their passion, his cock buried deep in her pussy before he realized. Staring down at his partner, naked beneath him as his thrusts slowed down, he noticed the pearly-white beads of milk forming at her nipples, his breath quickening to a desperate pant within moments.

It was as if a shark had smelled blood, his lips lovingly caressing her nipple, squeezing the other with his free hand as he desperately suckled on her tit. She opened her mouth to question what he was doing, but having finally had her hidden desire realized, the only thing that escaped her lips was a squeal of absolute ecstasy. Through his shallow thrusting and relentless assault on her tits, she begins spasming beneath him madly, jolting up against him as she tries to wrap her arms around his neck, not wanting, but needing him to continue.

Despite no words being shared between them, one look at her face reveals all he needed, the look of absolute pleasure crashing over her like a wave, a gentle squeeze of her tit, forcing a stream of her milk to spray across his chest solidified his thoughts. As her nectar sprayed across him, her face was lost once again, eyes hazed over completely as she rode out the blissful feeling of giving him her milk.

With both of them now fully aware of their desires lining up, he stares down at her quivering body, taking it in before laying across her completely, sinking his face against her tits as he begins thrusting inside of her with force. Each slap against her crotch elicited desperate whimpers from her lips, her hands softly encouraging him as he nursed on her milk, stroking his hair as a steady stream soon filled his mouth. He kept his lips sealed around her nipple as long as he could, clinging to every breath before his lungs finally gave in, forcing him to pull back and gasp for air. Reluctantly pulled away from his divine pleasure, he settles for making her squirm instead, gripping her tits tightly in his hands, squeezing them in just the right way to force a steady flow of milk from her breasts.

She struggled with the sudden rush of pleasure forced onto her, not just her pussy overstimulated beyond reason, but her tits being hand-milked by her partner, who was watching intently with each stream, smiling at the sight of her face completely lost in the sensations.

Without giving either person a chance to come down from this high, he speeds his thrusts up again, churning his dick inside of her as she squeals out to the ceiling, trying desperately to grasp at his neck to force him back to her tits. Despite her efforts, he easily guides her through several earth-shattering orgasms, the years of urges finally unleashed in a single night, frying her brain in the process.

The rhythmic sound of their bodies slapping against one another filled the room, the wet sounds of their sex mixing together between their legs had his mind reeling towards another orgasm within moments. As his cum began surging inside of her, her own body began spasming beneath him as she screamed in orgasmic bliss into his mouth, her entire body quaking as she came beneath him. With her body trembling beneath his grip and her pussy overflowing with his load, the couple couldn’t help but slip further into that pit of depravity.

His thrusting doesn’t stop, not a single pause as he had recently cum inside of her, instead his pounding into her hole only continued, and she wraps her arms around his back in response. Whilst her mind is overwhelmed with the feelings of having her loving partner finally give way to his pent-up feelings, her legs instinctively wrap around his back to ensure he never lets a drop of it go to waste.

She tightens her grip around his back, pulling him in closer as he continues fucking her, his mouth having moved back down to her tits as he allows her to moan into his ear. His tongue circles around her nipples whilst he eagerly suckles on them, tasting the sudden flow of sweet milk filling his mouth. The sensation of it flowing across his tongue was mind-melting, as if he had tasted the sweetest nectar imaginable! What started as idle suckling began a frantic feeding, his suckling getting increasingly more rough with his mouth to increase the flow as he swallowed the streams of milk as it passed across his tongue.

He couldn’t stop himself, feeling her body quivering in response. All the while their bodies continued to writhe against one another. After they had spent so long hiding their desires, they were finally able to let it show, giving into their unsatiated lust and let their feelings for one another free.

“I love you!”

Yes Baby, I love you too~!

The rest of the night became a haze of lust, both of them grinding aimlessly against the other. Continuing long into the night, the only reprieve they claimed was as they slowed down progressively before finally passing out in each other’s arms, covered in the wet mess they had made between them, soaking the sheets in their passion, and igniting a new chapter in their lives.

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